The Weeknd Starboy

The Weeknd heard a base that Daft Punk (electronic music duo) had in their laptop while recording ‘I Feel It Coming’ (another hit) with them. He got absolutely thrilled and composed the biggest hit of his career, Starboy, in 30 minutes.


The Weeknd Blinding Lights

We and the whole world are passionate about “Blinding Lights (more on this post). The Weeknd’s voice with the 80s music is an irresistible combination.


The Weeknd In Your Eyes (ft. Kenny G)

Listening to The Weeknd and Kenny G was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. When Kenny plays his sax towards the end of the song is awesome. Discover more about this collaboration and other “In Your Eyes” versions.

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starboy the weeknd

From shoplifting to supplement his ecstasy and oxycodone use 💊, to becoming today’s biggest pop star with more than 2 billion views on YouTube. Take a walk through the life and music of our Starboy, The Weeknd.

The Weeknd Trembol Card

  • 🗿 Name: Abel Makkonen Tesfaye
  • 🎂 Year: He was born on February 16, 1990 in Scarborough (Ontario, Canada). 
  • 👫 Music Genre: Mainly Pop and R&B.
  • 😎 Nickname: Starboy.
  • Logo: “XO (Kiss and Hug)” is the logo The Weeknd used in his first YouTube channel and years later for his music label.
The Weeknd Icon

Once I feel like the world knows me for anything else but my music, then I feel like I failed.

The Weeknd

The Weeknd albums and life

The Weeknd 2020 Facebook Image

the weekend records

The Weeknd at a record studio. Facebook Image

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Starboy The Weeknd | Life and Music

The Weeknd discography

The Weeknd as a kid. Facebook Image

Abel (The Weeknd) had a difficult childhood. His father abandoned them when he was 2 years old, although he has no grudge against him. He grew up with his mother and grandmother, who were Ethiopian immigrants.

  • At only 11 years old, he started smoking marijuana. Over the years he would switch to stronger drugs, even committing petty shoplifting to pay for them. The Weeknd stated in Rolling Stone:

I never needed detox or anything. But I was addicted in the sense of ‘Fuck’ I don’t want to spend this day without getting high

  • He left school at 17, he went to live (or badly live) with friends, but in 2010 he would start a YouTube channel using ‘XO‘ alias. It would be the beginning of his way to stardom.

The Weeknd What You Need

2011. First Mixtape, House of Balloons

  • After the excitement generated by his first single “What you need”, he released a mixtape (self-produced album with samples that is usually released for free and underground).

The Weeknd High for This

The Weeknd said:

I went from starin’ at the same four walls for 21 years, to seein’ the whole world in just twelve months.

The weekend albums

The Weeknd in concert (Facebook Image)

2011. The same year The Weeknd would release 2 new mixtapes: Thursday and Echoes of Silence

  • After reaching 8 million downloads of the free mixtapes a commercial album including the 3 mixtapes came out in 2012. It was called Trilogy”.
The weeknd first album

The Weeknd mixtapes covers. Facebook Image

2013. Kiss Land, The Weeknd’s debut album

  • The single “Belong to the World” features his great friend Drake, with whom he had previously shared a tour.
  • This year, our Starboy, The Weeknd, releases several extremely successful singles before his 2nd album: Devil May Cry (“The Hunger Games” soundtrack), Love Me Harder (ft. Adriana Grande) and Earned It (“50 Shades of Grey” soundtrack)

The Weeknd Belong to the World

The Weeknd The Hills

The Weeknd famous haircut at the beginning of his career (Facebook Image)

2015. He punches a police officer in Las Vegas and is sentenced to 50 hours of community service. Can you imagine finding The Weeknd cleaning your park 🚮?

2015. His first number ones came with “Beauty Behind the Madness” album

  • It was the most-streamed album throughout 2015 with over 60 million.
  • His well-known and alternating relationship with the model Bella Hadid began this year.

The Hills and ‘Can’t Feel My Face, along with ‘Earned It‘ held at the same time the top three positions on the Billboard Hot R&B chart. The Weeknd is the only male artist to achieve this milestone 🥇

The Weeknd The Hills

The Weeknd Can’t Feel My Face

2016. “Starboy”, 3rd album. It is his best record, mostly due to these 2 magic collaborations with Daft Punk: Starboy and I Feel It Coming.

  • As of this album he starts being known as The Starboy‘.
  • Starboy” is such a popular character that it has become a Marvel comic (more of it on ‘Google most searched questions’ section).
  • Starboy” video is about to reach 2 billion views on YouTube.
  • He got his hair cut for this album. It made a great impact on his followers 😱!

The Weeknd False Alarm

The Weeknd Call Out My Name

  • In one of the hiatuses in his relationship with Bella Hadid, he would date Selena Gomez for a short time in 2017.

2018 After the great success of “Starboy”, he featured in some albums (Kendrick Lamar, Lana del Rey, …) and released his only EP (Extended Play) called “My Dear Melancholy”.

  • He also released his first greatest hits, “The Weeknd in Japan

The Weeknd Power Is Power (Game of Thrones)

The Weeknd Hardest to Love

2019. The Weeknd composes a song for “Game of Thrones” album, ‘Power Is Power‘, featuring SZA and Travis Scott. He is big fan of the series.

2020. We reach his biggest international hit: “After Hours

  • Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) became the first artist to lead the Billboard 200, Billboard Hot 100, Billboard Artist 100, Hot 100 Songwriters and Hot 100 Producers charts simultaneously.
  • This album includes the mega-hit “Blinding Light”, which we tell you separately about, and another astonishing tune that he would cover later with Kenny G: “In Your Eyes”.
The Weeknd After Hours

The Weeknd Facebook Image

  • The Starboy co-writes and appears in an episode of the cartoon series American Dad.
  • We can hear him singing in Spanish another 2020 worldwide hit: The Weeknd & Maluma “Hawái”

The Weeknd American Dad

2021. The Weeknd releases his 2nd greatest hits album “The Highlights”.

The Weeknd Super Bowl LV Halftime Show

The Weeknd headlined the American Superbowl halftime show in 2021, something only a few artists have the privilege of doing.

The year of coronavirus, Abel spent $7m of his own money on the set, a city full of neon signs and vertical layers, and focus on the songs rather than the show, developing an awesome performance.

In April 2021 he released a remix of Save your tears‘ with Ariana Grande. Great collaboration.

The Weeknd story

Starboy The Weeknd Facebook Image

It couldn’t be otherwise, The Weeknd ‘Starboy’ has a star ⭐ in the Canadian Walk of Fame for “his positive impact on music, performing arts and philanthropy (he has donated millions to causes such as ‘Black Live Matter’, ‘Ethiopic Studies’ or ‘MuisCares Coronavirus’)”.

The Weeknd’s music impacts and excites. Long live Starboy!

Do you want to listen to the best songs by the Weeknd? Check our playlist.

🤔 Google most searched questions about The Weeknd

What is The Weeknd Blinding Lights TikTok challenge?

In the challenge, you have to record yourself dancing the main melody of The Weeknd Blinding Lights tune. You must follow a simple choreography that you can perform alone or with family and friends, at home or any other place.

Usually videos with a group of people dancing receive more “Likes” than those that dance alone.

To learn the dancing steps, just go to TikTok and search for #blindinglightschallenge or #blindinglights. There are thousands of videos to learn from. Then you simply record yourself and upload the video with the same hashtag.

Here you have a compilation of videos from users of the Social Network doing the Blinding Lights challenge.

What is The Weeknd name?

The Weeknd name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye. He was born on February 16, 1990 in Ontario (Canada).

Why is he called The Weeknd and why is it written without and “e”?

Abel (The Weeknd) chose the name commemorating the day he left home when he was still at high school. It happened at a weekend and he never came back home.

When he decided to be called “The Weekend” he found that there was another Canadian band with the same name, so he removed the “e” and got his final name “The Weeknd”.

Is there a The Weeknd Starboy comic?

As you know Starboy is the name of the fourth album by The Weeknd and the first single with which he introduced the album in 2016 featuring Daft Punk.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Weeknd started a partnership in 2018 with Marvel to develop a new comic book with Starboy as its superhero.

Starboy The Weeknd

Cover by Eric Nguyen | Image from Fandom

What is The Weeknd height?

I am always amazed by the questions we have about the bands and artists we like. One of the things that millions of fans of The Weeknd wonder about is his height. Well, The Weeknd is 1.73m (5’8”) tall.

What is XO from The Weeknd?

XO is an expression that means “Kiss and Hug”. It’s also said that it is a reference to his recreational use of ecstasy (X) and oxycodone (O).

The Weeknd founded in 2012 his own record company called XO under Universal Music Group label.

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starboy the weeknd
starboy the weeknd

I always talk, it’s your turn 🙂

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