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Apollo LTD

Soldier On’, the hit featured on the latest Apollo LTD album, ‘Nothing is Ordinary. Everything is beautiful‘, is one more sample of the positives music of this great American duo, whose songs make you feel as if you belong.

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Apollo LTD Soldier On

Who is Apollo LTD? | Short biography

sSome say it is Christian Pop-Rock, others that it is Alternative Pop, what is clear is that Apollo LTD began to take shape when Jordan Phillips and Adam Stark were paired as roommates at Nashville’s Belmont University in 2004.

They started to write and play music while doing assorted jobs: gardening, swimming coaches, substitute teachers; until they were able to put together their first band, The Kicks, with which they released 4 albums between 2010 and 2014, being ‘Hawk Eyes‘ their most popular song.

The band broke up, but the pair stayed together only out of their love of Pop music, eventually leading them into a new formation. Then, it was time to name it.

Jordan Phillips’ uncle had been an astronaut in the 1990s. Exploring the unknown fascinated them, so the duo decided to call themselves after the NASA program that sent the world’s first astronauts to the Moon, Apollo, to which they threw in some legal advice to add some letters, the result, Apollo LTD.

In 2015 they released their 1st EP, Apollo LTD, with 4 songs among which What are you waiting for stood out, although their first success would come from their 2019 album ‘Out of Body‘, with the magnificent tune One in a Million.

Both confessed on the song:

We came home from a great vacation with our wives and in 2 hours had “One in a Million”…. we should vacay more often. its a love song…. we don’t do too many of those things…. if you say I love you too much it means less.

The album was full of good songs like: Drive, Walk or the acoustic version of Heaven (All around you), which you simply have to listen to:


Apollo LTD Nothing is Ordinary. Everything is Beautiful | New album 2021

Much of Apollo LTD’s second and new album, Nothing is Ordinary. Everything is Beautiful, was created during the months in isolation by COVID-19.

It’s an exhilarating pop album, about endurance and resolve, that invites us to come together rather than pull apart. They explained:

That’s a narrative we always weave into our music, which is the desire to believe that things are going to get better.

2020 was a year that created a lot of anxiety in all of us, but with these songs, we’re choosing joy in the midst of chaos. Things can still be beautiful, even if they aren’t ordinary. The thread is hope.

From the synth-pop sweep of “Soldier On” to the dance-floor dynamism of “Tears to Diamonds”, going through the audacious sound of “Just what I needed” or “Heart Believes”, the album is a swirl of pop melodies, mixed with electric guitars that keep this duo going strong.


Apollo LTD soldier on

Apollo LTD (Facebook Image)

As they say:

A song can make you feel as if you belong. We know that feeling so well. Transcendent art creates empathy and inclusion. We’re all trying to figure out this ‘being human’ thing. We all wrestle with doubt and darkness, but there is joy to be found in our circumstances and immeasurable beauty that surrounds us every day.

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