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eurovision 2024

Switzerland won the 68th edition of the world’s most important music festival, Eurovision, with the song ‘The Code‘ sung by the young non-binary Nemo. Held in Sweden under the slogan “United for Music”, the ceremony was shrouded in controversy due to the participation of Israel and the expulsion of the representative of the Netherlands.

Eurovision 2024 Winner | The Code Nemo

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Artist: Nemo
Song: The Code

This young Swiss born in 1999 describes his participation in Eurovision 2024 in a vindictive way:

Breaking the code for Switzerland at Eurovision 🐰💕 them/them.

Nemo started playing violin, piano and drums at a very young age, but success wouldn’t come to him until 2016, when his appearance on the show ‘SRF Virus (#Cypher)’ went viral.

‘The Code’ is about the journey in which Nemo began to realize that he felt neither male nor female.

Finding myself has been a long and complicated process for me, but nothing makes me feel better than the freedom I have gained from being aware that I am non-binary.

Nemo won Eurovision 2024 for Switzerland being the most voted country by almost all jurors and one of the most loved by the public vote reaching 591 points.

Eurovision 2024 Winner Betting Odds 💰

Eurovision Song Contest Croatia


Artist: Baby Lasagna
Song: Rim Tim Tagi Dim

Baby Lasagna is a project created by singer-songwriter Marko Purišić to compose the kind of songs he wanted to release.

Lasagna’s experience writing for different types of artists allows him to mix absolutely incompatible genres and create absurd catchy and exciting sound concoctions.

With a catchy rock beat ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’ is one of the most acclaimed songs of Eurovision 2024 because Baby Lasagna has decided to make us smile 😂

Eurovision Song Contest THE NETHERLANDS


Artist: Joost Klein
Song: Europapa

Joost is a Dutch rapper, writer and youtuber who has 8 albums behind him.

With a combination of pop, punk and hardcore he has managed to conquer the critics by rising to number 3 in the charts.

Last summer, Joost reached number one in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with his song ‘Friesenjung’. The song has had over 100 million streams worldwide and won the award for best song at the 1LIVE Krone radio awards in Germany.

Eurovision Song Contest Italy


Artist: Angelina Mango
Song: La noia

Although we think that Annalisa’s ‘Sinceramente’ would have won Eurovision 2024, the truth is that her compatriot Angelina Mango is also a favorite in the betting with ‘La noia’.

Angelina is one of the breakout stars of 2023 in Italy. Her music fuses Italian rap and instrumental music.

Eurovision Song Contest Ukraine


Artist: alyona alyona & Jerry Heil
Song: Teresa & Maria

Teresa and Maria talks about those women who carry a heavy weight on their shoulders.

  • alyona alyona is the most popular female rapper in Ukraine.
  • Jerry Heil has become an incredibly popular artist thanks to YouTube.

The Ukrainian women remind us that everyone is capable of achieving great things and that “all divas are born as human beings“.

Best Eurovision 2024 Songs (for Trembol 😙)

Eurovision Song Contest United Kingdom


Artist: Olly Alexander
Song: Dizzy

The British representative is well known for being the voice of the group Years & Years, with whom he has been singing since 2010.

‘Dizzy’ is an energetic pop song with which Olly can win Eurovision 2024 with what he calls:

representing the UK in the most authentically gay way possible

Eurovision Song Contest France


Artist: Slimane
Song: Mon Amour

Since Slimane won ‘The Voice France‘ in 2016 he hasn’t stopped growing: 2 million albums sold and almost 2 billion streams.

‘Mon Amour’ will proudly represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 as a tidal wave of strength, vulnerability and love.

Eurovision Song Contest Azerbaijan


Artist: Fahree e Ilkin Dovlatov
Song: Özünl? Apar

The song “Özünlə Apar” is written by Fahree himself with the aim to conquer Eurovision again, after the 2011 victory of Ell & Nikki with ‘Running scared‘.

Azerbaijan has a short but successful history at the festival, including one win, one second place, two third places and one fifth place. Fahree and Ilkin Dovlatov are sure to leave the flag flying high.

Eurovision Song Contest Denmark


Song: Sand

Saba is proud to be the first brown, gay woman to sing for Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest. Saba speaks openly about her own struggles with mental vulnerability and bipolar, making her an inspirational symbol of hope and perseverance that she hopes many can relate to.

Eurovision Song Contest San Marino


Artist: Megara
Song: 11:11

The Spanish group Megara will represent the republic of San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

The Madrid-based rock band presents ’11:11′, a song sung in Spanish that mixes heavy metal with electronica and a surprising flamenco bridge.

Will Megara be the big surprise of Eurovision 2024?

Eurovision Song Contest Belgium


Artist: Mustii
Song: Before the Party’s Over

Thomas Mustin is the real name of the author, songwriter, singer and actor known as Mustii.

With two albums to his credit: 21st Century Boy and It’s Happening Now, Mustii continues to seduce with a captivating pop voice, powerful and fragile at the same time.

Surprising tunes in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024

Eurovision Song Contest Albany



Besa is known for her catchy songs and exuberant performances, always full of surprises, suspense and excitement.

She has a strong and passionate fan base that will support her to the death this ESC 2024.

Eurovision Song Contest Germany


Always On The Run

Since he was 12 years old when he started playing in the street Isaak has come a long way.

His voice is unique, powerful yet clear and soulful. His versatile songs will surely get the attention they deserve at the festival.




The Armenian representative at Eurovision 2024 is a multicultural band that creates world music with a fresh touch of Armenian folk and other traditional forms, such as Maloya, Balkan, reggae, Arabic, African.

An ethnic touch for ESC 2024.

Eurovision Song Contest Australia


Electric Fields
One Milkali

Electric Fields is a powerful and unique force with which Australia is aiming to conquer Eurovision.

These two female siblings create a surprising and haunting fusion of living traditional Aboriginal culture with electronic music.

Eurovision Song Contest Austria


We Will Rave

Kaleen is an Austrian pop singer-songwriter whose vibrant music manifests the most exhilarating sides of life.

As an award-winning professional dancer, she feels most herself on stage, dancing and sharing her passion with her audience.

Eurovision Song Contest finland


No Rules!

Windows95man is a well-known entertainer, radio host, dancer and model, nicknamed Finland’s funniest DJ.

“No Rules” is a guideline the singer has followed throughout his entire artistic career and adult life.

Eurovision Song Contest Georgia


Nutsa Buzaladze

In 2019, Nutsa released her debut album to much success in Georgia, which eventually led her to represent her country at Eurovision 2024.

Nutsa describes herself as a self-motivated, active and energetic girl, a hard worker and sometimes even a bit of a workaholic.

Eurovision Song Contest Italy


Bambie Thug
Doomsday Blue

Ireland’s Eurovision representative for 2024, Bambie Thug, is a force of nature, an independent artist with a unique style and self-described “Ouija Pop”.

With a rich and varied repertoire and an equally eclectic fan base, there is no stopping Bambie Thug.

Eurovision Song Contest Latvia



Dons is an icon of Latvian pop being one of its most awarded artists of the last decade.

Today, after decades of successes and sold-out stadium and arena concerts, he continues to find his happiest moments as an artist in front of an audience, sharing the magic of music.

Eurovision Song Contest Lithuania


Silvester Belt

Silvester Belt will represent Lithuania at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

Silvester’s latest tracks are full of innovative and unexpected electronic sounds. With his smooth voice and the infectious rhythms his music radiates, this elegant performer is not to be missed.

Eurovision Song Contest Poland


The Tower

Luna will represent Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with ‘The Tower’.

The young vocalist and songwriter was the first Polish woman to be invited to Spotify’s Equal campaign. Her image was displayed in New York’s Times Square.

Eurovision Song Contest Lithuania



You can hear Andalusia in his music, fado without being fado, in a portugality of fusions. You can feel in her music the brilliant mix that combines pop, R&B, without forgetting the roots of someone who grew up listening to traditional Portuguese music, but also Iberian.

Iolanda is an undeniable talent.

Eurovision Song Contest sERBIA


Teya Dora

Teya Dora is an exceptional artist based in Belgrade (Serbia), who as a child accompanied her father with her voice on guitar, discovering Serbian folk music, western rock and pop sounds.

Teya Dora moves millions of fans around the world, especially among the Z generation, with her unique and characteristic style.

Eurovision Song Contest Sweden


Marcus & Martinus 

Marcus & Martinus rose to fame as two of Scandinavia’s biggest pop sensations after winning the 2012 “Junior MGP” singing contest at the age of 9 in their home country.

After coming second in 2023, in 2024 they won Melodifestivalen and represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision Song Contest ICELAND


Hero Björk
Scared of Heights

Hera Björk gained international attention when she represented Iceland at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with her hit song Je Ne Sais Quoi.

Her talent has shone brightly at various competitions and events, and she will do so again at ESC 2024 with ‘Scared of Heights’.

All ESC 2024 songs (the remaining 10)

Eurovision Song Contest Czech republic


Dreamy melodies, neon, energetic performances and a unique atmosphere. That is Aiko.

Silia has been performing since the age of 4 and has received extensive training with elite artists at the top of their respective fields.

Eurovision Song Contest Slovenia


Raiven is a musical alchemist who masterfully fuses pop and opera. Displaying her artistic versatility, she thrives as a mezzo-soprano singer, songwriter, composer and harpist.

Nebulossa is an electronic pop band formed by Maria Bas and Mark Dasousa.

The mood matters. Everything else can wait. Suitcase, korea, lancelot, day dog. Musu. 🧨

Marina Satti will represent Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with the song “ZARI”.

Eurovision Song Contest Malta


Tali is a singer-songwriter and actress from Luxembourg. She embodies a cocktail of cultures, the result of her life’s journey through various corners of the planet.

Sarah Bonnici has always had a passion for music, and began attending singing lessons with a former Eurovision representative.

Since her debut, Natalia has released four studio albums and twenty singles. Despite her active participation in the creative life of Moldova and Romania, she manages to be a wonderful mother and a loving wife.

Eurovision Song Contest norway


Gåte burst onto the national scene in early 2000 with their captivating performances and innovative blend of traditional folk and modern rock.

eurovision 2024
eurovision 2024

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