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We are back with another playlist full of rhythm and good vibes. Perfect tunes for holidays and to brighten up your day to day. As always, we bring you all the fun facts about these songs, so you know everything about them 🥳

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Discover the story behind 13 song that play at every party

Shall we dance? If you have something to celebrate (although it is something we should do every day) we invite you to discover these 13 party songs that have been part of the life of several generations. As always on Trembol tunes of all styles and eras. Come have a good time with us! 💃🕺🏽

1. LMFO Party Rock Anthem

Sorry for party rocking‘ | USA | 2011

  • This worldwide hit was released in January 2011, as part of the album Sorry for Party Rocking, by the American duo LMFO.
  • For this song, the duo collaborated with British singer Lauren Bennett and producer GoonRock. The original idea was for the song to go to American rapper Flo Rida, but in the end they kept it.
  • Loaded with drums and synthesizers, ‘Party Rock Anthem’ is a catchy electro pop song that will definitely make you dance for hours 🎧
  • The original chorus of the track read:

I feel it in my soul tonight, everybody’s gonna have a good time.

  • However, they changed it at the last minute to the memorable:

Party rock is in the house tonight, everybody just have a good time.

  • The song invites us to enjoy the moment.

2. PAOLA & CHIARA Vamos a Bailar

Television‘ | Italy | 2000

  • The legendary Italian female duo formed by the sisters Paola and Chiara, began their career at the Sanremo Festival in 1997, where they won the revelation award thanks to the song “Amici come prima” 👩👩🏽
  • In 2000 they released ‘Television‘, their third studio album, which included Vamos a Bailar‘, a song that opened the doors to the international market.
  • Released in Italian, Spanish and English, this party song with dance and Latin pop overtones was rejected in the 2000 edition of the Sanremo Festival, although it ended up becoming the song of the summer of that year ⛱️
  • Number 1 for several weeks in Italy, the single is Paola & Chiara’s biggest hit. So much so, that today it is still remembered and danced everywhere.

3. ALCAZAR Crying at the Discoteque

‘Casino’ | Sweden | 2001

  • Alcazar is a Swedish group originally formed by Andreas Lundstedt, Annikafiore Kjaegaard and Tess Merkel.
  • Although they officially debuted with the song “Shine on”, it was with “Crying at the discoteque” when they began to sound throughout Europe 🪩
  • Of Disco genre and with the typical electronic touches of the 2000s, the song mixes the passion for partying with the nostalgia that it can sometimes provoke. Have you ever cried with joy in a discotheque?
  • ‘Crying at the discoteque’ uses “Spacer” by the group Sheila and B. Devotion, released in 1979, as its base.
  • Many artists have done their version of “Crying at the Discoteque”, among them Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears.

When disco spreads like a bacteria
Those lonely days are out
Welcome the passion of the groove


‘Gia‘ | Greece | 2004

  • Need more music for a party? Surely ‘Opa Opa‘, by the German singer of Greek origin Déspoina Maléa, sounds very familiar to you.
  • This song screams party, beach and desire.
  • After a few years of musical career, Opa Opa elevated Despina Vandi to the top of the charts.
  • Published in English, it is a version of an original song by Notis Sfakianakis, with which the artist even performed in the United States.
  • Despina was offered to perform at Eurovision representing Greece, but she refused.

5. WALK IN THE MOON Shut up and dance

Talking is hard‘ | USA | 2014

  • “Shut up and dance” is one of those party songs you won’t forget. I’m sure you recognized it when you heard the first notes.
  • This song, which invites you to jump on the dance floor, is part of “Talking is Hard“, the third studio album of the American-born group, formed by Nicholas Petricca, Eli Maiman, Kevin Ray and Sean Waugaman.
  • It is a single with a catchy and energetic rhythm that made Walk In The Moon achieve worldwide fame.
  • By the way, the band continues to release new music and tour from time to time. Who knows, maybe you will get the chance to dance to ‘Shut up and dance’ live! 😆

6. MARC ANTHONY La gozadera 

Visualízate‘ | Puerto Rico | 2015

  • After a lot of music from the eighties and the 2000s we now move on to Latin rhythms with “La Gozadera”, one of Marc Anthony‘s many hits 🕺
  • What hides behind its famous lyrics? The well-known ‘King of Salsa’ shared this project with the Cuban duo Gente de Zona. Together they made a hit which did not stop playing for months in all Latin radios.
  • La Gozadera is a song to the diversity and union among Latin American countries, highlighting in its lyrics elements of the culture of all of them, such as the famous rice with beans, very typical of the singer’s native country, Puerto Rico.
  • Undoubtedly, the track invites you to enjoy, to go out and dance and to always think positive, all in the midst of a clear fusion of rhythms.
  • Marc Anthony was already well known around the world. However, for Gente de Zona this song was the beginning of their path as true international music stars. Miami confirmed it for them!

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7. TOM JONES It’s not unusual

Along came‘ | UK | 1965

  • You remember Carlton Banks dancing to this song in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, right? Although this gave an extra touch to the iconic song, the truth is that the song had already been a hit when Tom Jones released it.
  • It was originally intended for singer Sandie Shaw. However, upon listening to the demo recorded by the Brit, Shaw clearly saw that the song actually seemed to be made for Tom.
  • ‘It’s not unusual’ was the first number one in the extensive career of the Welsh tiger 🐅, Tom Jones, at the age of 24. Previously, Tom had already been part of Tommy Scott and the Senators, a group he didn’t hesitate to break away from when he saw the opportunity to succeed as a solo artist.
  • Are the lyrics as happy as the music? Well, the truth is that it is not. The tune is about that feeling of sadness that floods us when the person we like is dating someone else.
  • This is a little piece of a song that must be part of every celebration:

It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone
It’s not unusual to have fun with anyone
But when I see you hanging about with anyone
It’s not unusual to see me cry
I wanna die

8. FARRUKO Pepas 

La 167‘ | Puerto Rico | 2021

  • Puerto Rican Farruko, already a recognized artist, broke the sales and dance charts with ‘Pepas’.
  • The song, which invites you to jump like crazy at the disco all night long, was released in 2021 as part of “La 167“, the singer’s eighth album.
  • Do you know what this upbeat electronic guaracha track means? Although the meaning of the word “Pepa” varies from country to country, in this single it refers to synthetic drugs, such as ecstasy or methamphetamine 💊
  • The lyrics, in fact, incite its consumption, something Farruko ended up apologizing for later.

Pepa y agua pa’ la seca (Pill and water for the bored)
To’ el mundo en pastilla’ en la discoteca (everyone in the discotheque with a hard-on)

  • Controversies behind, “Pepas” is the most listened song of Farruko’s entire career.

9. MADCON & RAY DALTON Don’t Worry

‘Don’t worry‘ | Norway & USA | 2015

  • Don’t worry” is a mantra.
  • Sung by Norwegian duo Madcon and American vocalist Ray Dalton, it teaches us to live life without worrying too much about anything.
  • Whether partying or any other time, it’s important to put aside those thoughts that take away our smiles and let go for a moment. Positivity is key!
  • Launched in 2015, it was a big seller, both in Norway and beyond.
  • In 2017 the Argentinian Loan was accused of plagiarizing this song, from which he took the rhythm and melody without Madcon’s permission for his track “No llores más”, which was removed from YouTube 🤯

10. CHAYANNE Torero 

‘Grandes éxitos’ | Puerto Rico | 2002


  • Mythical! I still remember shouting in the car with my partner every time “Torero (Bullfighters)” came on the radio 🐂. More than 20 years have passed since then, 2002, but the song still sounds like the first day.
  • ‘Torero’ was written by Estéfano and Marcello Azevedo, regular collaborators of the Puerto Rican. It was a huge success worldwide.
  • Part of the artist’s third compilation album, it turned Chayanne the star of the moment in Spain.
  • In addition to the great sales figures, “Torero” earned Chayanne a Latin Grammy nomination in the Best Music Video category.
  • In 2024 he would be back in fashion thanks to Tik Tok 📱

11. MILK INC In my eyes

‘Apocalypse cow’ | Belgium | 2002

  • We return to Disco music with one of the best dance songs of all times, “In my eyes“.
  • During its beginnings, the Belgian group Milk Inc. underwent several changes, name, members, even the language of composition, finally staying with English.
  •  The vocalist, Linda Mertens, began her career in the band in 2000 by chance, after an informal conversation with Milk Inc. founder Regi.
  • “In my eyes” became a revolution in electronic music, a new style that the band adopted for their subsequent works.
  • It broke the charts in Belgium and beyond.
  • The song talks about the fact that no matter what happens, there is always some light inside us.

There’s a part of me,
that I forgot to be
Take a look and see,
the light still shines in me


Undercover‘ | Germany and UK | 2017

  • With a style that comes out of his classic tune “You’re beautiful“, James Blunt surprised everyone in 2017 with a collaboration that hit very hard that summer.
  • We’re talking about “OK”, a track in which the Brit joins forces with German DJ Robin Schulz, giving us more than three minutes of the best electronic music 📀
  • Deep House genre, ‘Ok’ talks about someone asking for help in a bad moment, about needing a hug and someone to tell us that everything will be okay.
  • The song was part of Robin Schulz’s third studio album ‘Undercover’.


‘Enrique’ | Spain | 1998

  • We finish this playlist of music for a party with ‘Bailamos (Shall we dance?)’, another of those songs that take us back to the past.
  • We dive right into the late 90’s with this song by Enrique Iglesias who, at the time, was only 23 years old.
  • Composed in English and with some touches of Spanish in the lyrics, Julio Iglesias’ son pushes us to the dance floor with “Bailamos”. He would later do so with a song with a very similar title, “Bailando (Dancing)” 👯
  • The song, which unites flamenco and pop, is part of “Enrique“, the Spaniard’s fourth studio work and first singing in English.
  • ‘Bailamos’ reached the first position on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • The song would be featured in Will Smith’s movie ‘Wild Wild West’ in 1999.
  • We hope you enjoyed these 13 stories of some of the best party songs ever 🎉

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