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If you were not yet a fan of Rock and Metal music, after this playlist you will surely be. You will go through 13 hard-hitting songs with inspiring stories behind. Metal Rock from different eras, countries, and genres (yes, Heavy Metal has a lot of variants). Let your hair down, if you have it 👨‍🦲, and bring out the beast in you!

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Heavy Metal & Rock Music | Stories behind 13 amazing songs

You know how much we love music stories, and when it comes to rock and heavy metal bands, even more, because they usually have very lively lives 😉. These are songs that generations of rockers have screamed along to and new metal tunes with guitar riffs that will knock you out 🎸


Album ‘Beautiful Lie‘ | USA | 2005

  • Jared Leto, well-known actor, and his older brother Shannon Leto, drummer, formed in 1998 ‘Thirty Seconds to Mars’, a band that has moved between Rock and Post-Hardcore.
  • With their 2nd album, named after our song, “Beautiful Lie”, they reached international success. It took them almost 3 years to record the album. Jared was shooting movies and they ended up going after him across 4 continents to finish the recording 🌎
  • The video, shot north of the Arctic Circle, is a cry against climate change.

What is Post-Hardcore?

It is a subgenre of heavy metal dating back to the 80s. It has a bit of hardcore, because it uses fast tempos, and a bit of punk, with distorted guitars and repetitive riffs. In the 2000s it was updated by adding melodies with dissonance to some tracks.

2. AMARANTHE | Archangel

Album ‘Manifest‘ | Sweden | 2020

  • Critics said about “Manifest” album that it is a Metal roller coaster 🎢.
  • The truth is that the guys from Amaranthe, which was called Avalanche when it was founded in 2008, have carved a niche in Heavy Metal for themself, thanks to:

1) They introduce something that other bands don’t have, 3 singers with very disparate voices: clean female vocals + clean male vocals + growling male vocals (what my mother calls screams 😵)

2) They wisely mix metal sounds with EDM (electronic music) and Pop.

  • Archangel” tells the story of the fall of angel Lucifer, a story of greed, betrayal and pride.

3. BARRICADA | En Blanco y Negro (In Black and White)

Album ‘Por Instinto‘ | Spain | 1991

  • En blanco y negro” is a song by the legendary Spanish band Barricada, which is somewhere between heavy metal and punk.
  • The singer, who is an institution in Spain, is known asEl Drogas (The Drugs)”, for his taste for joints 🚬
  • El Drogas said about the cut:

The song is about those night dwellers who see life without nuances, installed in self-destruction and in the daily fight as a redeeming resource.

  • Barricada appeals to both die-hard metalheads and those who are not into metal rock. It sounds (or used to sound) in any kind of radio station, which is an amazing merit. Not to mention that there isn’t a party in Spain where this song is not played, and everybody starts shouting: quiero ser más rápido que ellos… (I want to be faster than them…)”.


Album ‘Human Contradiction‘ | Holland and Finland | 2014

  • Martijn Westerholt, former Within Temptation keyboardist (you can listen to them in our Relaxing Playlist), founded Delain in 2002. It’s a symphonic and gothic metal band, whose members, after 8 albums, left the group. It was because Martijn didn’t want to tour anymore, and they did 👀.
  • Heavy metal bassist and vocalist Marco Hietala situation is similar. In 2021, after reaching the top of heavy metal with Nightwish, he announced that he was retiring from public life. It is a great loss for the metal community, but we hope that, after a break, he will return.
  • Sing to Me” is the perfect definition of symphonic metal: catchy choruses, spellbinding melodies, and a good dose of guitar riffs.
  • By the way, this is not the only time Delain and Marco Hietala work together. They already did it on ‘Lucidity‘ album.

5. FINGER ELEVEN | Paralizer

Album ‘Them vs. You vs. Me‘ | Canada | 2007

  • “Paralyzer” has a different feel to the rest of songs by the great alternative rock band Finger Eleven’s music, because it introduces a bit of funk making it even more danceable.
  • The song is the group’s first and greatest hit. It gave them the No. 1 on the Rock charts in 2007. In addition, Finger Eleven is among the top 25 best-selling Canadian bands.
  • Funnily enough the tune has 3 versions. The video contains the original CD version, but there are 2 more radio edit versions 📻 where the word “shitty” is either censored or changed by “shady“.
  • By the way, if you are into music video games like Guitar Hero or Band Hero 🎮 you are bound to find this song.


6. HEART | Barracuda

Album 'Little Queen' | USA | 1977

  • Do you know what a “Barracuda” is? It's a species of carnivorous fish that lives in deep waters and attacks very fast 🐟
  • It's the perfect name for an aggressive track. The wrath can be felt both in the lyrics and the way the Wilson sisters (Ann and Nancy Wilson), leaders of Heart, play it.
  • The song was crafted by Ann to release the anger she felt when a man approached her after a concert, asking her what her lover was like. The question was offensive, but Ann thought he was talking about her boyfriend, the band's manager, and didn't pay attention. The man insisted and told her he was talking about her sister Nancy Wilson, insinuating that the 2 of them were sleeping together, which made her explode with rage
  • Out of that fury came the guitar riff 🎸 that you can hear throughout the track. It's brutal, like a herd of horses running at you, it's simply hard rock.
  • Ann and Nancy Wilson are considered the first women to front a hard rock band, pioneers!

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Album 'Haven' | USA and Canada | 2005

  • Alissa White-Gluz is the vocalist of Arch Enemy, famous for her deep growling voice (you know, that sounds like a roar 🦁). You can hear it in the second part of the song, in addition to her clear voice, which she uses sheldomly.
  • Alissa collaborates regularly with the Progressive Power Metal band, Kamelot, which has more than 10 albums to their credit.
  • In this song, Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy)”, a dystopian world is created where the citizen is worthless and only the privileged have a life of luxury. The song calls for a revolution against that status quo. That's nothing! 😅

What is Progressive Power Metal?

It is a heavy metal subgenre that began in the late 70s. It is characterized by the speed at which it is played, by epic or orchestral melodies and choruses and, in its American branch, also by strong guitars and drums.

8. S•I•L•V•E•R | Creep

Album 'Gold' | Germany | 2005

  • Silver is a German band that between 2001 and 2005 released 5 albums. Its singer and best-known member is the British Gary Barden. He had previously been in 4 other bands, the most popular being Michael Schenker Group, and after Silver, continued singing solo.
  • Silver's albums are a rarity, you won't find them on Spotify or any other streaming platform, but we have found them for you, just in in case you feel like getting to know them better:
  • Personally, I think they are worthwhile, so start by 'Creep' and then you'll see 🤤

9. THE PRETTY RECKLESS | Make Me Wanna Die

Album 'Light Me Up' | USA | 2009

  • Make Me Wanna Die” was the first single of the first album by The Pretty Reckless. A rock band formed by the actress, model, and most of all, musician, Taylor Momsen, when she was only 16 years old.
  • Momsen described the track as:

It's tragic love song focused on Romeo and Juliet and a passionate love that might've not been appropriate.

  • A tip for series lovers: Taylor became popular for her participation in “Gossip Girl”.
  • The Pretty Reckless, who in their early days toured with Guns N' Roses, continue to play their hard rock actively, having released four albums by 2021.

10. TREMONTI | Leave It Alone

Album 'All I Was' | USA | 2012

  • Mark Thomas Tremonti is a musical prodigy who has played in 3 legendary rock bands: Creed, Alter Bridge and Tremonti.
  • The one that concerns us today is his Tremonti project. He started it in 2011, applying a more powerful sound than in his previous adventures, close to trash metal.
  • The song 'Leave it Alone' belongs to his first album 'All I Was'. In it you will listen to his magnificent guitar work (there is a solo in the second part that makes your hair stand on end).

 What is Trash Metal?

Borned in the 80s in San Francisco, Trash Metal is the closest Heavy Metal subgenre to black or death metal (the most extreme variants), due to its fast and strong percussion, its aggressive vocals and the use of distortion in electric guitars, in addition to the use of the scratching technique (scraping the guitar with the pick). Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax are considered precursors of this genre.



11. IN FLAMES | Stay With Me

Album 'I, The Mask' | Sweden | 2019

  • 'In Flames' is one of the pioneer bands of melodic death metal.
  • It was formed in Sweden in 1990, so they have been playing for more than 30 years, but it is in these last years when they have received more recognition.
  • We have chosen this song from their 13th album called 'Stay with me', because we think it's fantastic and also for its meaning. The video is dedicated to all music workers 👷 who were left unemployed and without any income during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • It's time to join the 'Jesterheads', which is the way the fans of this great metal band are known.

12. LORDI | Hard Rock Hallelujah

Album 'The Arockalypse' | Finland | 2006

  • I bet that with the title of the song you can already tell me what kind of music this band plays 😂. Yes, Lordi is a Finnish hard rock and heavy metal band founded in 1992.
  • There are many factors that make this band super interesting: They are always dressed up like monster; the singer, who named himself Mr. Lordi, makes the costumes with his wife; they make a new set for each album, and they have already released 10! The costumes cover their whole body except their fingers and cost about 1,000 € each.
  • They became incredibly famous when they won with 'Hard Rock Hallelujah' the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens.
  • It was Finland's first victory in the contest and unleashed the madness in the country, they were given the keys to the city of Helsinki, more than 80,000 people gathered to sing the song at once breaking the Guinness record for karaoke, etc.
  • As you will notice in the video that they used quite a lot of pyrotechnics in their performance, but it was not within the Finnish public TV budget, so they made a collection among their fans to pay for it 💰.

13. METALLICA | Whiskey in the Jar

Album 'Garage Inc.' | USA | 1998

  • I know, Metallica must be on any Heavy Metal songs compilation.
  • Their track 'Whiskey in the Jar' is a famous Irish traditional song, which tells the story of a highwayman who is betrayed by a woman.
  • There are lots of versions of the song, but the first rock cover, which is the one Metallica's is based on, is by Thin Lizzy in 1972.
  • The most emblematic part of the song is when he sings “Musha ring um a do um a da”. In case you have ever wondered what it means, here is the answer:
    • Musha = M'uishe = My whiskey
    • ring um a do = rinne me don = made me the
    • um a da = amada = fool

“Whiskey made me the fool” 🥃



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