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MYRATH Karma | Metal from the burning desert

Myrath’s new album mixes the best Progressive Metal with the folklore of their country, Tunisia. ‘Karma’ is an exercise of vocal maturity and instrumental mastery that will hardly find any competitor in 2024.

Who are Myrath?

Myrath was formed in 2001 in Ezzahra, Tunisia, as a cover band by guitarist Malek Ben Arbia, then only 13 years old.

The band would grow, vocalist Zaher Zorgati would join and they would start making their first progressive metal compositions under the name ‘Xtazy’. In 2005 they released in their country, their first demo called ‘Double Face‘.

They would change their name to Myrath which means ‘Legacy’ and start mixing power metal with the intoxicating music of the Middle East, which gave them a distinctive touch.

‘Hope’, Myrath’s debut album, was released in 2007. Since then they have been growing musically and in international presence, headlining festivals like Sweden Rock or playing at Wacken surrounded by dancers, magicians and fire eaters 🔥.

Myrath has released 5 more albums: Desert Call in 2010, Tales of the Sands in 2011, Legacy in 2016, Shehili in 2019, and Karma in 2024. With all of them they have continued to play what they call Blazing Desert Metal.

who are Myrath

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Myrath Believer

A highly melodic, heavy and cinematic-sounding pushing the boundaries of metal. ‘Karma’ is the result of relentless dedication and passion.

Myrath (sobre ‘Karma’)

Myrath Karma | New album review

Although with a lesser presence than previous albums, the folk details found in almost every song on ‘Karma’ still make the difference. But the album is much more as the powerful guitar riffs and the fantastic voice of the ‘Prince of Persia’ 🫅, as Myrath’s vocalist, Zaher Zorgati, is called due to his resemblance to the character of the famous video game.

Zaher is a very sensitive person. In this sixth album he wanted to address issues such as discrimination, war in the world and climate change. That’s right, Karma is a committed album:

  • ‘Wheel Of Time’ deals with depression and addiction, something that has affected Zaher’s life a lot in recent years.
  • ‘Into The Light’ is a motivational track that tries to imbue us with strength to move forward.
  • ‘Child of Prophecy’ speaks of a world heading towards the precipice of change, where a prophetic child emerges as a light of hope against the growing darkness.
  • ‘Heroes’ is an anthem of empowerment and self-confidence.

Two of Karma’s tracks deserve special mention. Both are part of the best songs of 2024:

  • ‘Let it go’, a progressive track with a melody that sticks with you at the first listen.
  • ‘Carry on’, the EdlS. With symphonic touches and a slower tempo, it’s a perfect track to end a great album.

‘Karma’ has instrumental virtuosity, vocal expressiveness and a great production, which is not surprising if we think that Myrath is one of the most exciting and innovative bands in the Power Metal genre.

2024 is the year of Myrath!

Video | Myrath Carry On

Myrath 'Carry On' Lyrics

But I will carry on, I will be the one
To end it all this time
But I will carry on
I will be the one
I’ll find a way
A never-ending trial lies beyond

Hid in the darkness
A shadow watching
A heavy presence threatens our lives
If you deny, you don’t step forward
You let it grow, it swallows you whole

But I will carry on, I will be the one
TO End it all this time
But I will carry on, I will be the one
I’ll find a way
Our never-ending trial has come

It’s ever stronger
A shadow stalking
The aura of its evil, it thrives
But you can find a new way forward
And you must fight it from the inside

But I will carry on, I will be the one
End it all this time
But I will carry on, I will be the one
I can lead you in the night
It’s never-ending

But I will carry on, And I will be the one
On through the night

Never-ending trial has come

Myrath 'Carry On' Lyrics in Spanish

Pero seguiré adelante, yo seré el que
Para acabar con todo esta vez
Pero seguiré adelante
Seré yo
Encontraré un camino
Una prueba sin fin yace más allá

Oculto en la oscuridad
Una sombra vigilando
Una pesada presencia amenaza nuestras vidas
Si lo niegas, no das un paso adelante
La dejas crecer, te traga entero

Pero yo seguiré adelante, yo seré quien
Para acabar con todo esta vez
Pero seguiré adelante, seré el único
Encontraré un camino
Nuestra interminable prueba ha llegado

Es cada vez más fuerte
Una sombra que acecha
El aura de su maldad, prospera
Pero puedes encontrar un nuevo camino
Y debes luchar desde dentro

Pero yo seguiré adelante, yo seré el que
Acabar con todo esta vez
Pero seguiré adelante, seré el único
Puedo guiarte en la noche
Es interminable

Pero seguiré, y seré el único
En la noche

La prueba interminable ha llegado

Author | JC Trembol

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