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The story of David Guetta | The DJ who turned electronic music into a multi-million dollar business

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David Guetta has taken electronic music to the top of the charts around the world, bringing DJs out of obscurity to expose them at major festivals, but his road was not easy receiving the hatred of EDM fans and feeling the loneliness after every session.

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David Guetta Trembol Card

  • 🗿 Name: Pierre David Guetta
  • 🎂 Year:He was born on November 7, 1967 in Paris, France.
  • 👫 Genres: House, EDM, Dance Pop and Future Rave
  • ✍️ Autograph:
David Guetta autograph
  • 🎺 Instruments: David plays piano, synthesizer and any mixing board he can get his hands on, although he mainly composes with a program called Pro logic.
  • 💿 Discography:By 2024 he had released 7 studio albums.
  • 🌐 David Guetta Official Website: davidguetta.com
  • 🗣 David Guetta Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

I don’t do it for money, I don’t do it for record sales, I don’t care about that, I just want to make beats.

David Guetta

David Guetta bio
David Guetta music

David Guetta (Facebook Images)

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David Guetta | Biography and Music

Chapter 1 | Born to be DJ

David Guetta little

David Guetta as a kid (Facebook Images)

Pierre David Guetta was born in Paris on November 7, 1967. Son of Pierre Guetta, a sociologist turned restaurateur and Monique, a psychologist, he soon found himself with separated parents.

  • David has 2 siblings, the well-known French journalist named Bernard Guetta and the French-Italian actress Nathalie Guetta. He also has two half-siblings from his mother’s first marriage, Dominique and Joëlle Vidal.

David’s vocation was precocious, at the age of 13 he bought a mixing board 🎛️ and transformed his room into a disc jockey booth, to the despair of his father, with whom he lived.

David was not very good at math. His teacher told him he needed to study the multiplication tables, to which Guetta replied that the only table he was interested in was the mixing table.

david guetta first show

David Guetta young (Facebook Images)

At 14, he started organizing school dance parties with his classmates, at which he of course played. At the age of 15, David Guetta became a DJ and music event manager at the Broad Club in Paris 🗼

As he got older, the more professional he became, working as a disc jockey in bigger clubs, mostly gay clubs where he played 8 hours 6 days a week.

  • He mixed the electronic music he liked with all kinds of styles like new wave, reggae, etc.
  • At that time you didn’t see DJs in the clubs, they were anonymous characters that you didn’t even see inside their booths. David would change that.

Guetta said that his parents were the opposite of those of the rest of the kids, all parents want their children to be respectable businessmen; his parents, on the contrary, were only proud when he started his artistic career. And his parents were extreme leftists, so everything was against the system. At the age of eight he walked barefoot in the streets of Paris and when he started DJing, they hated him, because for them discotheques and all that life were terrible and false.

David started studying law at the university 👨‍🎓 although he was still sure that being a deejay was for him. A trip to London would change everything for him. During his stay in the British capital he discovered house music and with it a whole new world.

  • He invested all his savings in electronic music records, even stealing some when he ran out of money.
  • He reached an agreement with the owners of the nightclub that employed him, a gay club in Paris: he would give up his cache and in exchange, he would make and play acid house.

In 1987, he would release a first production of his own ‘Nation Rap‘, a hip-hop collaboration with French rapper Sidney Duteil.

At that time he became friends with Giuliana Rizzi, who organized parties in big clubs. With her he would organize the ‘Unity nights’ at the Rex-Club in Paris. These were sessions with up to 8 guest DJs, such as Didier Sinclair, from whom David learned a lot.

  • Already then, David Guetta began to mix electronic music with hip-hop. A formula that would later lead him to success.
how did David Guetta start?

David Guetta performing as a young man in a Paris club (Facebook Images)

Chapter 2 | From businessman to disc jockey

In 1988, at the age of 21, he started mixing house music at Radio Nova. He would do it for 2 years until 1990.

His first TV appearance took place in 1991 on France 3 channel in a comedy show called ‘La Classe’ playing Nation Rap with Sydney.

Together with his friend Kien, David started to organize a night party called ‘Princess of the World‘ in the old discotheque ‘Queen’, as well as other house music nights.

In early 1990 David Guetta and Kien took over the artistic direction of the new club ‘Folies Pigalle‘, a former cabaret formerly dedicated to prostitution. They turned it into the trendy dance floor, especially for alternative music and new sounds. Their house sessions became very famous.

David Guetta ft. Sidney Nation Rap

David Guetta married in 1992 with Cathy Lobé 💒 whom he had met 2 years earlier in a club where she was a waitress.

  • In addition to his partner for many years Cathy also became the director of his career and the brain of the musical empire they would build.
  • But it didn’t stop there, David never gave much importance to aesthetics, his thing was the laptop and the beats, so Cathy was also his beautician, she chose his clothes and even advised him on the faces to put in the video clips.

Cathy and David lived with almost no money in a small apartment in Paris. The two shared a passion for electronic music and were convinced of what they were doing, which made them a very powerful and in tune couple.

Given the good results with their club, David and Kine were entrusted with the artistic direction of the popular club ‘Queen’ on the Champs Elysées. Shortly after, in 1994, together with David’s wife, Cathy Guetta, they transformed the great discotheque ‘Bataclan’ into the club of the moment. It didn’t stop there, as David and his wife would become directors of other clubs such as Sweet Bar, Pink Paradise, Palace…, and even expanded to Marrakech with the ‘Tanjia‘ restaurant.

David Guetta and Cathy

David Guetta and his first wife Cathy Lobé (Facebook Images)

In 1994 David Guetta released his second single, a collaboration with American house vocalist Robert Owens entitled ‘Up & Away‘. It was a moderate success in Parisian clubs.

  • In 1996, David would also start performing in Berlin.

In 2001, at the age of 34, Guetta founded Gum Productions.

That year his path would cross with that of American gospel singer Chris Willis. Upon hearing him David thought he would be perfect for his first single. He had a hard time convincing him because Chris knew nothing about electronic music, but he did and together they would release David Guetta’s first hit, ‘Just a Little More Love‘.

David Guetta ft. Chris Willis Just a little more love

The following year, 2002, David would release his debut album of the same name, “Just a Little More Love” released by Virgin Records.

  • Interestingly enough, it would be the famous EDM duo Daft Punk who after meeting David in a club and listening to his album were blown away and introduced him to Virgin, who quickly signed him to a contract 📄
  • Guetta’s first album contained great tracks like People Come People Go and Give Me Something, but the track that really turned things around for David was Love Don’t Let Me Go, featuring Chris Willis. Eighties-inspired, it had a cover version by the group The Egg that blew up in the UK market.

‘Just a Little More Love’ sold over 300,000 copies despite the disinterest that the first album provoked among electronic music lovers for considering it too fusion.

David, tired of running so many clubs and dealing with problems with toilets, staff, police summons for customer fights and much more, decided to sell the shares of all the clubs he was a shareholder of to focus on his career as a record producer.

david guetta beginnigs

David Guetta (Facebook Images)

Chapter 3 | F*** Me I’m Famous

David Guetta’s name began to sound strongly in the international circuits. The success of his first album was followed by ‘Fuck Me I’m Famous‘ in 2003, a compilation of his remixes played in Ibiza that summer ☀️

In the compilation ‘Just For One Day (Heroes)‘, a version of David Bowie’s Heroes, stands out.

  • Since that year, and under the same title (F*** Me I’m Famous), Guetta would publish an annual compilation with the best of his sessions in Ibiza. To this day they are a classic of electronic music.

The first time David and his wife went to Ibiza was like a dream for them, everything was full of electronic music clubs, it was paradise!

  • David became a regular on the island, being invited to play for the first time in 1995 at Space in front of 200 people.
  • Soon after Guetta and his wife Cathy would start organizing parties and promoting them themselves on the beaches of Ibiza by handing out flyers.
  • When his success grew he started to play regularly at the Pacha Ibiza nightclub.
f* me I'm famous

David y Cathy Guetta. Poster promoting F*** Me I’m Famous

David Guetta’s song titles

David titles the songs at the beginning with the name of the city where he starts composing them. Once finished he chooses the final name, although with songs like Glasgow and Paris, he kept the original title😃

David Guetta ft JD Davis The World Is Mine

David Guetta’s second album, ‘Guetta Blaster‘, was released in 2004. In addition to the house style compositions, there were several electroflare genre tracks.

  • The four singles that introduced the album were: Money and Stay, featuring Chris Willis; and The World Is Mine and In Love With Myself, featuring JD Davis.
  • ‘The World Is Mine’ reached number one on the dance charts across Europe, also being used in a L’Oréal commercial where David played the lead role.

David and his wife Cathy would become parents for the first time in 2004 of a baby boy they named Tim Elvis Eric Guetta. Three years later in 2007 they would give him a little sister, Angie Guetta 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

In 2007, Guetta released the third album, Pop Life. It was a success in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as in continental Europe.

  • That same year, David Guetta was inducted into the French Order of Arts and Letters with the rank of Chevalier (knight).

The first single ‘Love Is Gone‘ reached #1 on the Dance charts and debuted at #98 on the Billboard Hot 100, the first time David landed on an American chart.

David Guetta ft. Chris Willis Love is Gone

David Guetta Pop life

David Guetta (Facebook image)

David Guetta’s nerves

David has always been more nervous about playing in Paris than anywhere else, whether it’s for stadiums with 80,000 people or small clubs, the responsibility of playing in his home country has always made him nervous.

David says he likes to have nerves because it means you care about what you do.

After promoting the album all over the world, in 2008 he and his wife Cathy organized a big event for 40,000 people at the Stade de France, under the name “UNIGHTED”, where Tiësto, Carl Cox, Joachim Garraud and Martin Solveig also performed. What a line-up!

  • In 2009, he ranked third in DJ Magazine’s “Top 100 DJs” poll, and was voted “Best House DJ” by DJ Awards in 2008.

Since 2009, Guetta has had his own radio show on the internet radio station RauteMusik on Saturday nights. Subsequently, the show moved to Radio 538, where it is broadcast every Friday night after Tiësto’s Club Life.

david guetta radio

David Guettta live (Facebook Image)

Chapter 4 | ‘When Love Takes Over’. David takes off

David Guetta When Love Takes Over

David Guetta Sexy Bitch

In 2009, David Guetta would create one of the biggest hits of the group The Black Eyed Peas, the hit ‘I Gotta Feeling. Another great milestone in his career and that of the American band, which again shook the Pop world.

  • David would also participate in a tribute to Michael Jackson, ‘Tribute to Michael Remix’.

The fourth studio album, One Love, would arrive in 2009.

  • The first single ‘When Love Takes Over‘, together with Kelly Rowland, would definitely make him take off 🚀
  • It reached No. 2 on the charts in France and No. 78 in the US.

David was already playing ‘When Love Takes Over’ in some sessions, but only instrumentally. One day Kelly Rowland attended one of these sessions and was smitten by the song and suggested David to write lyrics for her to sing it. The mix of Kelly’s soulful voice and David’s House mix was an unstoppable explosion.

  • When love takes over‘ would win a Grammy that year. As David went up to collect the award he said: “Dance music is finally taking off in America, today is a happy day!

Another big hit from the album was ‘Sexy Bitch‘ with Akon. This track showed something completely new, a fusion of hip-hop and electronic music that would break the market and inspire millions of tracks later.

David Guetta best dj

David Guetta (Facebook Image)

But the album did not stop there, ‘One Love‘ with Estelle, ‘Memories‘ with Kid Cudi and ‘Gettin’ Over’ with Chris Willis, made the album reached 1.4 million copies worldwide.

  • Due to the success, he would re-release the album under the name ‘One More Love‘, with versions such as ‘Gettin’ Over You’, with Fergie, LMFAO and Chris Willis, being number 1 in UK and ‘Who’s That Chick?‘ with Rihanna.

David had attracted the world’s attention to electronic music like no other DJ had done before. With so much success came a lot of work, so Guetta spent his life traveling back and forth playing all over the world. David has always said that he is happy because he does what he loves, playing electronic music and making dance music more and more respected and popular.

In 2010, Guetta co-wrote and produced Kelly Rowland’s “Commander” from her third album ‘Here I Am‘. He also produced the singles “Acapella” and “Scream” for Kelis, and the single “Club Can’t Handle Me” by American rapper Flo Rida.

  • In 2011 he is named the best DJ in the world, by DJ Magazine.

Guetta would continue to work as the main DJ at Pacha Ibiza on Thursdays at the famous party F*** Me I’m Famous.

In August 2011, would come the fifth album ‘Nohing But The Beat‘, his most successful album, composed of a vocal and an instrumental version. Guetta included rock touches for the first time in his productions.

  • The first single was ‘Where Them Girls At’, featuring Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj.
  • It would be followed by ‘Little Bad Girl’ featuring Taio Cruz and Ludacris, ‘Without You’ featuring Usher, ‘Titanium’ featuring Sia, ‘Lunar’ featuring Afrojack, ‘Night of Your Life’ featuring Jennifer Hudson, and
  • ‘The Alphabeat’.
    The album also includes the fantastic track ‘Sweat’, featuring Snoop Dogg who he convinced to collaborate with him by promising to produce a worldwide number 1, can you guess? He got it.

On most of these tracks, such as ‘Little Bad Girl’, David uses an unusual structure, introducing the rap in the second verse and incorporating that second verse into the bridge, making his tracks sound different from the typical song structure.

David Guetta ft. Usher Without You

David Guetta ft. SIA Titanium

In 2012 he releases in the UK the re-release of the album under the name ‘Nothing But The Beat 2.0‘. On the first single ‘She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)‘, Guetta would again collaborate with his fetish singer, Sia.

  • The next single was ‘Just One Last Time’ featuring vocals from Swedish duo Taped Rai, followed by ‘Play Hard‘ with Ne-Yo and Akon.
  • Also included was a Spanish version of ‘Titanium‘ with Mey, plus a previously unreleased track called ‘What The F***‘.

David would record a documentary under the same name as his latest album ‘Nothing But the Beat‘, where he tells the story of his rise to fame.

david guetta concert

David Guetta live session (Facebook Image)

Guetta has never liked shooting video clips 🎥 he is comfortable in the studio and on stage, but the camera makes him panic and he feels a bit of a clown when he shoots his videos.

Chapter 5 | Guetta’s personal and musical revolution

In 2011 Guetta becomes ambassador of the energy drink Burn 🍹

  • David would go on to produce Rihanna’s album, Unapologetic, performing as her opening act on the European leg of her tour.

In 2012, Guetta, who had already been a DJ for 20 years realized that he missed the creative freedom of his early years, the parties where he would play improvised sounds for hours in Ibiza, something that the pressure of releasing one commercial hit after another had robbed him of, so he decided to create a new record label called Jack Back Records, with the intention of returning to his origins, focusing on what makes him happiest, electronic releases.

  • The first single produced by this new label was in collaboration with Nicky Romero, ‘Metropolis‘.

In 2013, David would release the single ‘Ain’t a Party‘ featuring Glowinthedark and Harrison. Shortly after, he would release ‘One Voice‘ featuring Mikky Ekko in support of the UN.

After producing songs for Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, in 2014, David Guetta would release ‘Shot Me Down’ featuring vocals by Skylar Grey. This song, which is an adaptation of Cher’s song “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)“, would mark the beginning of Guetta’s first extended play (EP), titled ‘Lovers On The Sun’.

  • The EP included ‘BAD‘, featuring Showtek and Vassy, and the eponymous song ‘Lovers on the Sun‘, featuring Sam Martin and co-produced by Avicii. The EP was completed by ‘Blast Off’, featuring Kaz James.

David Guetta ft. Sam Martin Lovers on the sun

david guetta girlfriend

David Guetta and Jessica Ledon (Facebook image)

David Guetta’s divorce and the appearance of Jessica Ledon

After 22 years of marriage and only 2 years after renewing their wedding vows David and his wife Cathy divorced in 2014. They split their fortune in half, Guetta staying with the brand ‘F**k Me I’m Famous’, which without the presence of his ex-partner has considerably lowered its income 💸

The reason for their divorce is unknown, although it was David who took the first step of the separation and in 2015 rumors began to circulate about a relationship with Cuban model Jessica Ledon, 24 years younger than him.

David and Jessica maintained a solid friendship for more than two years, starting a romance that was not made official until after Guetta’s separation. As of 2016 the couple did not hide their relación👩‍❤️‍👨

David Guetta Dangerous

Listen‘, Guetta’s sixth studio album, was presented in 2014 with ‘Dangerous‘.

  • As in other occasions, Sia, Afrojack, and Nicki Minaj would sing on the album, although David would also introduce new collaborators: Emelie Sande (What I did for love), Ryan Tedder, Bebe Rexha (Hey Mama), The Script and John Legend on the track ‘Listen‘.

A few minutes before taking the stage for the first night of his new world tour, “Guetta Life”, David Guetta announced that he was canceling the event because he had lost the USB stick that contained his entire set. He always thought it was stolen.

David was the first to create a show of lights, colors, dancers, spotlights, streamers … around the DJ booth 🎊 and his jump to large venues such as festivals, stadiums, etc., had made him a bigger star than the big Rock bands.

  • Guetta has always moved like a master on these stages, raising his arms, talking to the audience and creating a unique party atmosphere that makes his concerts a once in a lifetime experience, makind David Guetta the best DJ in the world.
best dj in the world

David Guetta playing at a festival (Facebook Image)

In 2015 Guetta became the third artist to reach 2 billion streams on Spotify. To celebrate he decided to re-release his latest album under the title ‘Listen Again‘, including new tracks, such as ‘Clap Your Hands‘ with Glowinthedark, ‘Pelican‘, ‘The Death Of The EDM‘ with Showtek, and a new version of the song ‘Bang My Head‘ with the collaboration of singer Sia and rapper Fetty Wap.

Guetta would become the ambassador of the Euro 2016 soccer championship, making the official song, ‘This One’s for You‘ with the voice of Swedish singer Zara Larsson. Guetta would play it at the opening and closing of the tournament.

  • David would be named “Best Electronic Artist” at the Billboard Music Awards that year.

David Guetta ft SIA & Fetty Wap Bang my head

Chapter 6 | Avicii’s suicide shocks David Guetta

In 2016 David would not stop releasing great tracks such as: ‘No Worries‘ with Disciples, the remix of ‘Pelican‘, the remix of ‘All The Way Up‘ by Fat Joe and Remy Ma, the remix of ‘How Else‘ by Steve Aoki, ‘Would I Lie To You‘ with Cedric Gervais and Chris Willis and ‘Shed a light‘ with Robin Schulz and Cheat Codes, certified Gold and Platinum in several European countries.

Arrived in 2017, Guetta returned with two of his fetish collaborators. He released ‘Light My Body Up‘ with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne, and ‘Another Life’ with Afrojack.

  • Another of her big hits of the time was ‘2U‘ with Justin Bieber. It achieved number 1 in 78 countries, including the United States, in less than 24 hours.

The same 2017 Guetta headlined one of the most important electronic music festivals in the world, Tomorrowland, performing on the main stage.

  • Guetta has become a regular at the festival, where on certain occasions he premieres tracks such as ‘Complicated‘ with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.
David Guetta festival

David Guetta playing at a festival (Facebook Image)

David Guetta earns an estimated $37 million annually 🤑

In 2018 Guetta dropped ‘7’, his seventh studio album. It included a pop side and an underground house music one, recalling his early days as a DJ. For the second side of the record he would use Jack Back pseudonym, the same name of his label, with which David calls himself when he composes more experimental and underground tracks, those that make him feel completely free 🕊️

Among the main singles were: ‘Dirty Sexy Money‘ with Charli XCX and French Montana, ‘So Far Away‘ with Martin Garrix and ‘Say My Name‘ with Bebe Rexha and J Balvin.

In 2018 would appear the sixth and seventh collaboration of David Guetta and Sia, first with a remix of ‘Helium’ by Sia along with the Dutch DJ Afrojack and later with the track ‘Flames’.

David Guetta ft. Bebe Rexha & J Balvin Say My Name

David Guetta is known as the Grandfather of EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

Avicii was a good friend of David Guetta. When he committed suicide in 2018 David was petrified. That event made him rethink his life completely to try to escape from that which had killed Avicii, depression.

Guetta has always been a happy person, but he admitted that life from hotel to hotel brings a lot of loneliness and that you have to know how to say no to promoters who urge you to play a thousand times everywhere because physical and mental health comes first.

Therefore, since that year he changed his diet, following a routine whereby he goes to the gym every day after breakfast 🏋️‍♂️

David Guetta Avicii's death

David Guetta and Avicii (Facebook Image)

david guetta future rave

David Guetta ‘Future Rave’ (Facebook Image)

David followed up in 2018 by releasing ‘Mad Love‘, alongside Sean Paul and Becky G; and ‘Like I do‘ with Martin Garrix and Dutch DJ Brooks.

David has always said that music has to have dynamics, you can’t have people up all the time, it has to create tension until the moment when the high comes and the audience goes crazy.

David, who is not only a composer but also a producer, uses a program called Logic Pro for production, in fact there are videos of him on YouTube explaining how he does it.

David says that his favorite place to compose is in the air 🛩️, in fact, many of his hits came out of airplanes, although nowadays he enjoys producing more in his mansion in Ibiza where he spends most of the year.

  • It is called Villa Titanium, one of the 11 most expensive homes in the world with a value of 30 million.

There he spends all summer playing every Friday at the prestigious ‘F*** Me I’m Famous’ party at Ushuaïa, and every Monday, with ‘Future Rave‘, the electronic music session he offers with Morten at the exclusive nightclub Hï.

The rest of the year he moves between his homes in Paris and London where he also has a mini-studio, something simple, a good screen and his laptop. David doesn’t need any more 😆

Although his DJ work is done at night, David Guetta doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs 💊 he just enjoys the music. He says his only drug is the connection with people.

David Guetta ft. SIA Let’s love

In December 2019, Guetta led a DJ set at an Avicii tribute concert where he previewed a previously unreleased collaboration with Avicii, Giorgio Tuinfort and Afrojack, ‘Before I Say Goodbye‘ featuring Amanda Wilson.

In 2020, David Guetta and Sia reunited for the single ‘Let’s Love‘, produced and recorded during the isolation by COVID-19.

Chapter 7 | David Guetta sells his entire discography for a fresh start

In the summer of 2020, Guetta and Morten, who had already started a new movement called ‘future rave sound’ the previous year, released an EP under the title ‘New Rave‘.

  • Its four tracks amassed more than 110 million streams combined: Kill Me Slow, Nothing, Bombardment and Odyssey.

Their collaboration would be extended with new singles: ‘Never Be Alone’ with Aloe Blacc, ‘Make It To Heaven’ with Raye, and the tribute remix of Avicii’s ‘Heaven‘, as well as ‘Detroit 3 AM’.

David Guetta & MORTEN Kill Me Slow

  • In 2020 he would perform in Miami to raise funds for the World Health Organization.
  • He would also perform from Rockefeller Center in New York to a virtual crowd of over 24 million people to benefit COVID-19’s relief efforts.
  • Finally he would perform a virtual New Year’s Eve concert from the Louvre Museum in Paris, donating the proceeds to UNICEF.

That same year David Guetta would win DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 DJs poll for the second time, nearly a decade after he first held the No.1 spot in 201, receiving DJ Mag’s World’s No.1 DJ 🥇 award.

  • In 2021, Guetta released his new single ‘Heartbreak Anthem‘ in collaboration with Little Mix and Galantis, as well as ‘Remember’ featuring Becky Hill.
David Guetta philanthropy

David Guetta (Facebook Image)

Surprisingly in 2021 David would sell to Warner Music the complete rights to his entire catalog of music from the last two decades. Guetta said that for him it was like starting from scratch, but in this case with 100 million euros in his pocket.

David has never been a nostalgic person. He has always said that he looks to the future and, as much as he has enjoyed the journey so far, he is more excited about the new music he has yet to compose.

David Guetta ft. Bebe Rexha I’m Good (Blue)

  • Guetta and Morten would continue to collaborate on their ‘future rave’ concept with a US tour and a residency at Hï Ibiza.

In 2022 Guetta dropped a new bunch of great tracks: ‘Crazy What Love Can Do‘ with Becky Hill and Ella Henderson, ‘Living Without You‘ with British DJ and producer Sigala and British singer-songwriter Sam Ryder, and ‘Big FU‘ with Nigerian singer Ayra Starr and American rapper Lil Durk.

Also in 2022, Guetta released ‘You Can’t Change Me‘ with Morten and Raye and topped the Hot Digital Songs chart alongside Bebe Rexha with ‘I’m Good (Blue)’.

He appeared on multiple charts in 2023 with ‘Baby Don’t Hurt Me‘. a collaboration with British singer Anne-Marie and American rapper Coi that sampled Haddaway’s 1993 hit ‘What Is Love‘.

  • He also reunited with Rexha for ‘One in a Million‘, which cracked the Top Ten on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart.

David Guetta who turned 56 years old announced at the Latin Grammys 2023 that he is expecting a child with his longtime partner Jessica Ledon and to celebrate he has bought a $69 million home on an island in northern Miami-Dade County, called the “Billionaires’ Bunker”. A development with 35 houses considered the most luxurious in the United States, with golf course and exclusive sea access 🏡

David Guetta live

David Guetta in concert (Facebook Image)

David Guetta has sold over 45 million records and accumulated 2 billion streams on Spotify (the third biggest artist on the platform). He has worked with the biggest Pop and Hip-Hop stars, but all that pales in comparison to what he has achieved culturally, David has created a bridge between Europe and America, between electronic music and urban culture, between black and white 🤩

david guetta
david guetta

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