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troye sivan something to give each other

The model, actor and designer of South African-Australian origin Troye Sivan has become one of the latest sensations in the world of music. Fearless, in 2023 he releases ‘Something to give to each other’, his third studio album. We dive into its 10 songs to discover the evolution of the artist.

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This album is my something to give you – a kiss on a dancefloor, a date turned into a weekend, a crush, a winter, a summer. Party after party, after party after after party. Heartbreak, freedom. Community, sisterhood, friendship. All that.

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan began his career in music by uploading videos to YouTube. Today he is one of the most internationally recognized artists.

After 5 years of musical hiatus he is back with Something To Give Each Other‘, a provocative album that invites you to let go, to enjoy yourself and others, to live in freedom ⚧.

The album opens with Rush, a most danceable track and with which the singer celebrates those parties that last all night, the wildest ones. This first single, moreover, clearly evokes the need for acceptance and liberation in the sexual realm.

  • Rush surpasses 200 million plays on Spotify

The rhythm does not falter with What’s the time where you are, inspired by some messages he exchanged with another person, in which he was asked what time it was in Tokyo, the place where he was and which has already been the protagonist in more than one of his songs. A sweet reminder of everyday life that for Troye was even something romantic, being a way to engage in conversation in an easy way.


analisis nuevo álbum troye sivan

Troye Sivan


We continue with One of your girls, a somewhat calmer track where the singer talks about his relationships with straight men, something that genuinely piqued his interest. Bringing the title to life, in the video for this third single, Troye creates his own female version, the one that many men would love to spend a night with.

A lot of the boys that song is about, I feel like they probably would’ve bullied me in high school, and now here they are paying me attention. So, at the sacrifice of my own self-worth, I’m throwing myself at them, and then you’re really just at their beck and call, and that can sometimes not feel so great.

In my room is the Spanish touch of the album. Troye collaborates with the great Guitarricadelafuente to tell us the story of the first guy who made the young singer fall in love and broke his heart for the first time💔

We jump to Still got it, a ballad in whose three and a half minutes he tells us how it was that moment when he coincided with his ex at a party and how he would have liked to have that relationship back in his life.

Troye Sivan continues his emotional journey with Can’t Go Back, Baby, another ballad that is gaining intensity and in which he sings about the end of a relationship that he still longs for.

  • For this track, he samples Back Baby by Jessica Pratt, a well-known Australian singer.

Perhaps our favorite cut from Troye Sivan’s new album is Got me started, a song that hooks you and invites you to go out and dance. The song talks about meeting someone at a party, someone who attracts you, someone irresistible with whom sparks fly.

  • The fantastic opening melody is a sample of the song Shooting Stars by the Australians Bag Raiders 🪩

You just got me started
And I don’t think I can stop it
And I don’t wanna go home alone, alright?
Oh, baby, baby
Boy, can I be honest?
Kinda miss usin’ my body
Fuck it up just like this party did tonight
Oh, baby, baby

The eighth cut, Silly, is a track where the singer uses for the first time his falsetto register as lead vocal, making a kind of duet with himself. Silly talks about the chemistry that exists between two people, a connection he doesn’t know if he can escape from.

Another fun song that will make you jump off the couch is Honey, a deep look at love and desire where Troye talks about the courage it takes to express yourself and to be able to be authentic and true to yourself🍯

We finish the review of Troye Sivan’s latest album, ‘Something to give each other’ with How to stay with you. A saxophone beat takes us through the desire to start a relationship that is out of our reach.

If you like sexually charged and provocative lyrics and pop, house and electronic styles, Troye Sivan’s music will end up among your favorite songs 🎶


troye sivan something to give each other análisis

Troye Sivan ‘Something to give each other’

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