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Jax Jones Biography [1987-2022] The DJ’s path to deep joy

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Jax Jones is a British DJ who has a long list of hits with top artists, but his life has not always been a bed of roses.

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3 Songs to know Jax Jones



You Don’t Know Me (ft. RAYE)




Jax Jones Trembol Card

  • 🗿 Name: Timucin Lam, even though his birth name is Timucin Fabian Kwong Wah Aluo 😲
  • 🎂 Year: Born July, 25, 1987 in London.
  • 👫 Genres: Dance and some of its subgenres like House or Dance Pop.
  • ☮️ Logo:
Jax Jones symbol

I did a lot of soul searching, I became a father, and faced down my past demons.

When I broke through the other side of my darkness, I found joy. Happiness is rooted in circumstances, but joy is unwavering

Jax Jones

Jax Jones biography

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Jack Jones DJ

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Jax Jones | Biography and music

Jax Jones kid

Jax Jones (Facebook Image)

Timucin Fabian Kwong Wah Aluo was born in the UK in 1987. With that name you can imagine that he comes from a multi-ethnic family. His father is Turkish, his mother is Malaysian and he grew up with a Nigerian stepfather.

  • All that cultural mix influenced him musically in his youth, and still does.
  • Although he started studying classical guitar, at the age of 15 he switched to mixing boards and music production software like Cubase 🎛️
  • He would soon start playing in clubs in London.

His parents convinced him to go to college, but he didn’t give up music, even though he had to drive 2 hours a day 🚘 to get to the recording studio where he rehearsed.

  • He used to upload his beats to MySpace. One of the first was ‘Yeah yeah yeah‘.

In 2014 he became independent, well! his parents pushed him a little bit telling him he couldn’t go back home 😅.

Jax Jones Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Rose to fame with I Got U

In 2014 he wrote a song as a birthday gift for his girlfriend. The tune was ‘I Got U. At the same time, he met Duke Durmont, a popular House DJ. Together they finished shaping the track, which would become a mega-hit.

At the end of the day, I started making beats on a four-track, so it feels right to put that DIY energy into my music

Jax Jones ft. Duke Durmont I Got U

What is the character that appears in almost every Jax Jones video?

It is simply a representation of himself. It is so popular that there is a website where you can create your own version of the character.

Jax Jones began to release hit after hit:

  • 2016. You Don’t Know Me featuring RAYE: The song has accumulated more than 260 million views and 500 million streams.
  • 2017. Instruction ft. Demi Lovato and Stefflon Don: It makes me want to throw myself around the dance floor 🔝
Jax Jones character

Jax Jones character  (Gif property of jaxjones.co.uk)

Jax Jones ft. Demi Lovato & Stefflon Instruction

All this success led him towards his first EP, which would soon become his first album, ‘Snacks‘, in 2019.

  • The record came with wonders like Play feat Years & Year or One Touch with Jess Glynne.
  • The most stunning cut is Breathe, which we analyze in detail in the link 🧐 and which he sings alongside Ina Wroldsen.

Did you know that Jax Jones formed a group called ‘Europa’ with the famous DJ Martin Solveig? In fact, they still play sometimes together:

  • Among their most popular tracks we find ‘All Day and Night‘ ft. Madison Beer.
  • In 2020, they released with Raye ‘Tequila‘.

Jax Jones & Martin Solveig ft. Madison Beer All Day and Night

Jax Jones became father for the first time in 2020. That would change his outlook on life completely towards what he calls “Deep Joy“. He even wrote a manifesto which we’ve included for you here (🖱️ click on the image for a larger view).

So much so, that in 2021 Jones released Feels, a song to express all that happiness, which is followed by his second EP, Deep Joy.

To end the year and kick off 2022, Jax released several great tracks::

  • Out Out (ft. Charlie XCX, Saweetie y Joel Corry)
  • Get me Higher (ft. Georgina)
  • The Don (ft. System Inc. y Stefflon Don)

Don’t miss the best Jax Jones songs 🎧

Manifesto Jax Jones

Jax Jones Manifesto (Facebook Image)

jax jones
jax jones

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