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In more than 30 years of career Laura Pausini has released 20 albums sung in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German and even Catalan, selling more than 75 million records and winning numerous awards worldwide, while overcoming major breakups and finding the love of her life. Discover the complete biography of one of the most important Italian artists of all time, Laura Pausini.

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Trembol Card Laura Pausini

  • 🗿 Name: Laura Pausini
  • 🎂 Year:She was born on May 16, 1974 in Faenza, in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.
  • 👫 Genres: Pop
  • ✍️ Autograph:
autograph Laura Pausini
  • 🎺 Instruments: Along with her voice, Laura plays the flute, the piano and dabbles with the bass.
  • 💿 Discography:Laura Pausini has released 15 studio albums by 2024, most of them in Spanish and Italian.
  • 🌐 Laura Pausini Official Website:
  • 🗣 Laura Pausini Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

Happiness is not found on a stage but in our passions and in our ability to love ourselves whatever our destiny.

Laura Pausini

Laura Pausini today

Laura Pausini (Facebook Images)

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Laura Pausini | Biography and Music

Chapter 1 | In a small Italian village

Laura Pausini baby

Laura Pausini in 1976 (Facebook Images)

Laura Pausini was born on May 16, 1974 in Faenza, in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, although she grew up in another nearby town called Solarolo.

Her father, Fabrizio Pausini, is a singer and musician, which meant that she spent a lot of time away from home, while her mother, Gianna Ballardini, was a teacher. She also has a sister named Silvia Pausini.

  • Laura says she inherited her talent from her father.

The truth is that she always loved to sing, that’s why she signed up for the church choir ⛪ where her talent could already be perceived. Laura, who is Catholic, spent much of her youth in that church in her hometown, Solarolo, which she adores.

Laura Pausini with her parents

Laura Pausini with her parents and sister Silvia (Facebook Images)

In 1982, at the age of 8, as a birthday present Laura asked her father to sing with him in the piano bar where he worked called Bolonia Napoleone.

  • It was a great success, so from the age of 12, the owner of the restaurant hired her to sing there every weekend.

She also sang with her father in hotels in the area where they spent the summer, although there were days that Laura spent the whole day at the beach and the salt water affected her voice not reaching some notes, so her father scolded her saying that if she wanted to be a singer she would have to make sacrifices.

The first two songs she composed were called: ‘Lasciami dormiré (Let me sleep)‘ and ‘Le stelle (the stars)‘, both played with the instrument Laura was studying, the transverse flute 🪈 and recorded with a homemade recorder.

  • At the age of 13 she would record a first album with the help of her father, ‘I sogni di Laura (Laura’s dreams)‘.

In one of Laura’s performances with her father when she was a teenager, a manager from a record company came to see her. At the end he told her that this was not her thing, advising her to quit 😩. A few years later that same record label would be the one to offer Laura her first contract.

  • Laura and her father played for almost 10 years, in winter in Bologna in a pizzeria and in summer in the square of a nearby town called Cervia.

Her father was so confident in her talent that he recorded her on a cassette and entered her at the age of 17, behind her back, in a local talent contest in which she came last. A manager named Marco Marati took notice of her and began to move her around record labels. All of them rejected her until one in the middle of her cover song would stop her and offer her a contract.

Laura Pausini piano bar

Larua Pausini playing with her father as a teenager (Facebook Images)

Chapter 2 | Most famous person in Italy

After finishing school, at the age of 18 she graduated as a ceramics and restoration teacher 🥮, she wanted to become an architect, but something was going to stand in her way… music.

Laura had entered the regional preliminaries of the San Remo festival in 1992 winning them, which allowed her to go to the final of the festival in the “youth” category, but she was not called.

  • Although her father was very angry, it was a stroke of luck, because the following year Laura would receive a song called “Anna, which said: “Anna has left not to return, the morning train arrives without her…“.
  • Laura changed the name to that of her first love, Marco, with whom she had lived exactly the same as the song said.

This is how ‘La solitudine (Loneliness)‘ was born. Laura felt she had enough courage to present it on television before all the Italians in the biggest music contest in the country. So they sent the song to the San Remo organization and it was accepted.

Laura Pausini would win the San Remo festival in 1993 at the age of 19, which would be the end of her career as an architect, but the beginning of her path to international stardom in music. Laura recounted

I sang on Friday and on Saturday I was the most famous person in Italy. A lot of singers congratulated me, like Eros Ramazzotti. It was all very strange.

Laura Pausini young

Laura Pausini in San Remo (Facebook Images)

Laura Pausini La Solitudine (San Remo)

In 1993 she released her first album under the name ‘Laura Pausini’ with ‘La solitudine‘ as the first and successful single. In addition to selling half a million units in Italy, it topped the charts in Europe and reached 3 million worldwide.

Laura remembers how excited she was to do a mini-tour in Italy singing 4 songs and how people stayed to listen to her even in the rain.

  • While she was recording her first video, her suitcases were stolen from her car🧳, but still the recording is a great memory for her.

‘La solitudine’ became a hit all over Europe, Holland, France, Belgium, which made Laura start traveling every week to a different city.

As her hometown was not well connected, she had to move to Milan when she was 18. Her parents did not want to leave her alone, so they hired an assistant, who more than that, would be a friend who still lives with Laura today, Mati.

Laura Pausini first album

Laura Pausini debut album (Facebook Images)

Laura Pausini La Soledad

Laura would participate again in the San Remo Festival in 1994, this time as an established artist, coming third with ‘Strani amori (Strange loves)‘, later releasing her 2nd studio album called ‘Laura’, which surpassed the sales of its predecessor reaching 4 million.

  • Strani amori ‘ talks about all the letters that Laura received that first year from her fans telling them each one her particular love story. It is undoubtedly one of the favorite songs of Laura’s fans of all her discography 📀.

Laura Pausini Strani Amori

Chapter 3 | Laura starts singing in Spanish

In 1994 Laura Pausini would publish her first album in Spanish called like her, ‘Laura Pausini‘. It compiled the greatest hits of her first two albums sung entirely in Spanish, which opened the doors of Latin America to Laura. Her songs: La soledad, Amores extraños and Se fue, are authentic myths of the time.

  • The album reached number one in almost all Latin American countries: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, El Salvador, Ecuador, among others.
  • The success in Spain was of another level, she received the diamond disc 💎 becoming the best-selling album both by a woman and a foreign singer in Spain, besides being the second best-selling album in the history of Spain, only behind ‘Más’ by Alejandro Sanz.
  • The same would happen in Brazil and almost all Latin American countries. For it she was named female artist revelation of 1994, only behind Mariah Carey.

The album ‘Laura Pausini’ is her 2nd album with more sales, 8 million copies worldwide.

laura pausini's first album in spanish

Cover of Laura Pausini’s first Spanish album ‘Laura Pausini’

Laura Pausini Se Fue

Laura Pausini’s first great love and heartbreak

In 1995, at the age of 21, she started living with her partner, the representative and producer Alfredo Cerruti. Laura was a rather innocent young woman, she was quite dependent on him and let him manage almost everything, so when they separated in 2002 due to his infidelity, Laura found herself lost and went to see a psychologist. That made her lose some of her sweetness and become stronger 💪

best Laura Pausini album

Laura Pausini ‘Las cosas que vives’

Laura Pausini Inolvidable

At the end of 1996 her third album was released in more than thirty countries, sung in both Italian and Spanish, ‘Le cose che vivi / Las cosas que vives (The things you live)’, perhaps the favorite album of her fans.

  • For this album Pausini decided to change her work team alleging that her former producers only saw in her “a gold mine”.
  • Laura, who recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra, included a song composed by her called ‘Il mondo che vorrei / The world I dreamed of‘, in favor of the United Nations Children’s Fund.

‘Las cosas que vives‘ sold more than 10 million copies, being the best seller of Laura Pausini’s entire discography. It is not surprising if we look at the songs included: Las cosas que vives, Escucha a tu corazón and Inolvidable, one of our favorite songs by Laura.

  • Laura would publish this album also in Portuguese.

With this album Pausini went on her first world tour stopping in 1997 at the International Song Festival of Viña del Mar in Chile, which made her a figure of Latin pop.

  • The first 5 years of her career, Laura always traveled with her father, it was the condition that her mother put her, who wanted Laura to be a pharmacist, if she wanted to pursue her dream of being a singer.

In 1998 she released ‘La mia risposta / Mi respuesta (My answer)‘, her most mature and complex album to date.

  • It was recorded in more than 11 studios with most of the tracks composed by Laura.

The songs ‘La mia risposta / Mi respuesta’, ‘Un’emergenza d’amore / Emergencia de amor’ and ‘In assenza di te / En ausencia de ti’, topped the Italian and Latin charts selling 4 million copies.

Laura Pausini Emergencia de Amor

laura pausini one more time

Laura Pausini (Facebook image)

First participation in a soundtrack

In 1999, Laura would sing ‘One More Time‘ as part of the soundtrack of the movie ‘Message in a Bottle‘ 🍾. It was David Foster who called her directly to ask her to sing it. Laura flew the next day to Los Angeles and recorded it live in a few hours singing with an orchestra in the background. quite an experience!

During her musical career, Pausini has joined many solidarity and charity initiatives:

  • In 1999 she participates in the benefit concert Pavarotti & Friends, created in support of the children of Guatemala and Kosovo.
  • In 2001 she supports the victims of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, performing the song ‘Todo para ti (All for you)‘ written by Michael Jackson.
  • The following year she attends a benefit concert in Los Angeles for the same cause.
Laura pausini solidarity

Laura Pausini live (Facebook Image)

Chapter 4 | Between you and a thousand seas

Laura Pausini Entre tú y mil mares

One day the composer Biagio Antonacci came to Laura’s house in Milan and began to play a few chords of a song called, ‘Tra te e il mare / Entre tú y mil mares (Between you and a thousand seas)‘. Laura instantly fell in love with the song and begged him to give it to her. He agreed and in 2000 would see the light of day Laura Pausini’s new album, ‘Tra te e il mare / Entre tú y mil mares’ 🐳 With that song as the first single that would become one of the biggest hits of her career.

  • It was the second album in which Pausini participated as a producer and the first in which she no longer played teenage themes.
laura pausini greatest hits

Laura Pausini Greatest Hits

Laura Pausini Volveré Junto a Tí

The album included a tribute song to Laura’s father ‘Viaggio con te / The goal of my journey‘, in which he speaks of the paternal absence when Pausini was a child, while playing in different parts of Italy. The album would exceed 5 million copies worldwide.

  • Laura would return to interpret a theme for the cinema, ‘The Extra Mile’ for ‘Pokémon the Movie 2000: The Power of One‘.

After that, in 2001, came the first greatest hits of her career, ‘The Best of Laura Pausini: E ritorno da te / Lo mejor de Laura Pausini: Volveré junto a ti’. For this album Laura re-recorded some of her previous hits to give them a more modern sound. The album included three new songs: ‘Una storia che vale / Two equal stories, ‘Dime’ and ‘E ritorno da te / Volveré junto a ti’.

It turned out to be another international success with more than 7 million records sold. In Italy alone it sold more than 1 million copies, making it the best-selling compilation album in the history of that country, and in France it is the best-selling album by an Italian singer.

Laura started a new world tour ‘Laura Pausini Live 2001 World Tour’ from which she would release a DVD with her concert in Milan. In this tour Laura went for the first time from theaters to sports centers, a leap in spectators that gave her respect for the fear of not filling it, but the opposite happened, the entire tour was sold out.

  • Although she was doing great professionally, personally she was going through a very bad time with her partner 😔

In 2002 Laura would release her first full-length album sung in English, ‘From the Inside‘.

  • The first single, ‘Surrender’, reached number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. The same happened with the second cut, ‘If That’s Love‘.

Both tracks were released by the American label in a Dance remix version, contrary to what Laura wanted, which was its original Pop version, so the artist decided to go back to Italy and stop promoting the album 🛫.

  • The album did not work as expected and that sold 2 million copies worldwide. Still it is one of the albums that Laura likes the most of her discography.

Laura Pausini Surrender

  • While promoting this album, he performed a duet with fellow countryman Nek on the song ‘Sei solo tu (So only you)’.
  • She also collaborated with French singer Hélène Segara on ‘On n’oublie jamais rien, on vit avec (We never forget anything, we live with it)‘.

In 2003 Laura participated for the second time in the Pavarotti & Friends concert, to raise funds for Iraqi refugees fleeing Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship.


  • She would also donate the rights to her song ‘Il mondo che vorrei‘ for the NPH shelter home for orphaned and abandoned children.
  • He would collaborate with the association Intervita of Miami for the campaign in favor of the needy children of Latin America together with Gloria Estefan and Shakira.
  • He received a letter of thanks from Kofi Annan for having contributed to the charitable causes of the United Nations.
laura pausini and nek

Laura Pausini (Facebook Image)

Chapter 5 | Happiness and a lot of loneliness

It was 2004 and Laura felt very angry, she was very afraid, she had never been like this before, and all because she was alone after 10 years of a relationship where she had found a lot of support. With the help of psychology, her family and new friends, Laura got out of the hole.

  • At that time, between 2002 and 2005, she would have a relationship with producer Gabriele Parisi.

Laura Pausini would return to Italy in 2004 to work on her next album, in which at the age of 30 she left behind her romantic style giving way to more aggressive and mature songs that reflected her own personal history, after breaking up with her partner Alfredo Cerruti.

laura pausini first love

Laura Pausini and Alfredo Cerruti (Facebook Image)

laura pausini and gabriele parisi

Laura Pausini and Gabriele Parisi (Facebook Image)

‘Resta in ascolto / Escucha (Listen)’ was written entirely by Laura including great songs such as: ‘Vivimi / Víveme’, ‘Benedetta passione / Bendecida pasión’, ‘Like a Flower / Mi abbandono a te / Me abandono a ti’, composed with Madonna.

  • ‘Escucha’ would go on to win the Latin Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Album, and the Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album, making her the first and only Italian female singer to achieve this distinction.

Despite all the success Laura still felt lonely, without love ❤️‍🩹 and it was then that she decided to redefine her priorities and give more importance and time to her friends and family.

The album sold over 6 million copies taking Laura on a new international tour in 2005 which would be reflected in a CD and DVD called ‘Live in Paris 05’.

  • That same year Laura would continue her philanthropic work with Amnesty International’s arms control project Amref Health Africa, for the improvement of health in Africa.

Laura Pausini Escucha Atento

Laura Pausini and Paolo Carta

Laura Pausini and Paolo Carta (Facebook image)

Laura meets the love of her life, Paolo Carta

Paolo Carta, guitarist, musical director and Laura Pausini’s great love, came into her life after being hired by Fabrizio, Laura’s father, as a guitarist for the 2005 musical tour. At first they didn’t spark, but as time went by they fell in love. Paolo had 3 children from a previous relationship (Jader, Jacopo and Joseph Carta Galli) and Laura was not sure about becoming a stepmother, but love always triumphs and they started dating, becoming a couple since then.

Laura Pausini Yo Canto

In 2006 Laura Pausini would join Marc Anthony and Marco Antonio Solis on a tour of the United States to support Hispanic culture.

All this while preparing her next album, ‘Io canto / Yo canto (I Sing)’, which also had its French version.

  • ‘Yo canto’ includes 16 songs by the most outstanding Italian authors of the 20th century.
  • Laura had the collaboration of Juanes (Mi canción libre), Tiziano Ferro (No me lo puedo explicar) and Johnny Hallyday (Come il sole all’improvviso).
  • The first single was the great song ‘Yo canto’.

Laura would win her 2nd Latin Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Album for this album.

In 2007 she sang with Andrea Bocelli ‘Dare to Live / Vivere / Vive ya’, which won Pausini her fourth World Music Awards.

Even more important was her concert at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan, being the first woman to fill its 70,000 seats.

  • Laura dedicated the concert to her nona (grandmother) 👵, recently deceased.

In 2008 she dropped ‘Primavera in anticipo / Primavera anticipada (Anticipated Spring)‘, an album completely contrary to ‘Resta in ascolto / Escucha‘. Laura was simply happy.

  • It was released in 47 countries at the same time.
  • The single of the same name was also released in English ‘It is my song’, sung with James Blunt.
  • The album spent 9 weeks at number 1 in Italy giving Laura her third Latin Grammy for best album, selling more than 3 million copies.

Laura Pausini En Cambio No

Laura would set off on a new world tour called ‘Laura Live World Tour 09‘, stopping again in Milan together with several Italian singers to raise funds with the live ‘Amiche per l`Abruzzo‘ for the reconstruction of Abruzzo, a region heavily affected by an earthquake 🌋.

  • To commemorate the tour she would release a live album entitled ‘Laura Live World Tour 09‘ with 3 unreleased tracks: Con la musica alla radio / With the music on the radio, Non sono lei / She I am not, and Casomai / Less bad.

During the tour Laura’s neighbor and great friend Giuseppe Amico died. For Laura, who was giving a concert during Giuseppe’s last hours, it was very hard.

  • Laura would compose the song ‘Ti dico ciao / I say goodbye’ in his honor.
Laura Pausini te digo adiós

Laura Pausini (Facebook Image)

Chapter 6 | A pending debt… motherhood

Laura would take a well-deserved break of 2 years. Her boyfriend, Paolo Carta took the opportunity to propose to her for the first time in 2012, after signing the divorce from his first marriage.

Laura, who had just become pregnant with their daughter Paola, thought it would be nicer to do it when the girl was older. That way they postponed it for 18 years until they finally got married on March 22, 2023.

One of Laura Pausini’s greatest desires was to be a mother, however, it took her almost 5 years to get pregnant. That frustrated her a lot and she almost got sick because of it, starting the adoption process.

  • Her luck changed in 2012 when she became pregnant 🤰

On February 8, 2013 her daughter Paola was born. The name is a combination of her parents’ names (Paolo + Laura).

Laura lives with Paolo and her daughter, between Rome and Castel Bolognese, a town near her native Solarolo, in Italy. The first 6 years of the child always traveled with them, but when she started kindergarten Laura decided to stop doing it so that she could go steadily to school, create a group of friends and live a normal life, although for her, who would eventually add to her musical career the participation in television music competitions, it was harder to travel without her daughter.

laura pausini daughter

Paola, Paolo and Laura Pausini (Facebook Image)

After those 2 years of rest would come the most awaited album of his career, ‘Inedito / Inédito (Unreleased)’.

  • The first single was ‘Benvenuto / Bienvenido‘, a song dedicated to all those people who are afraid of feeling different.
  • Then came ‘Non ho mai smesso / Jamás abandoné‘.
  • ‘Inédito’ has Italian and Spanish versions, as well as a song in Portuguese (No primeiro olhar) and another in French (Dans le premier regard).

Larua Pausini Bienvenido

The album was a success being one of the best sellers between 2011 and 2012, which led Laura on a new world tour called ‘Inedito World Tour’. Her second most successful tour with 75 dates and more than half a million spectators, even though she had to cancel part of the tour due to her pregnancy.

  • She would publish a live album of the tour presented with the songs ‘Celeste’ and ‘Las cosas que no me espero’, a duet with Carlos Baute.

Unfortunately in one of the concerts in Italy, one of the technicians of Laura Pausini’s team died when a structure of the stage where he was working collapsed. Laura cancelled the concert and was shocked.

In 2013 she would sing with Josh Broban ‘E ti prometterò‘ and commemorate his 20 years on stage with the single ‘Medley 2013‘. She also collaborated with El sueño de Morfeo (Lo mejor está por llegar) and Gloria Estefan (Sonríe).

Later she participated in the charity concert to help children and women of the world in 2013 along with Beyoncé, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Rita Ora, seen by more than a billion people worldwide 🌍

In 2013 she would release a new compilation under the name ’20 Greatest Hits’, presenting it with ‘The Greatest Hits World Tour’.

  • The first single was ‘Limpido / Limpio’, together with Kylie Minogue, which debuted as number 1 on the Top Digital Download.
Laura Pausini and Paolo playing together

Laura Pausini in concert with her husband Paolo Carta (Facebook Image)

Laura Pausini Regresaré (Con calma se verá)

In 2014 the idyll between Laura Pausini and the program La Voz (The Voice) would begin in Mexico and Spain, turning Laura into a television star for her self-confidence and naturalness.

In 2015 Laura would receive the “Premio a la Trayectoria (Lifetime Achievement Award)” at the Premios Lo Nuestro for her career of more than 20 years of success.

Laura Pausini’s next studio album would see the light in 2015, ‘Simili / Similares (Similar)‘, selling 1 million copies worldwide and including a tour that included 2 consecutive sold-out nights at the San Siro Stadium in Milan.

In 2016, Pausini released her first Christmas album, ‘Laura Xmas / Laura Navidad’. Recorded with orchestra, it was launched with a performance at Disneyland Paris.

Laura Pausini and Paolo playing together

Laura Pausini in concert with her husband Paolo Carta (Facebook Image)

Whenever Laura needs a break she goes to her childhood village, Solarolo 🏘️, where her parents and her sister Silvia, whom she adores, live, not to mention her friends, the ‘Sincronette’ with whom she says she is synchronized.

In 2018, she would release a new album ‘Fatti sentire / Hazte Sentir (Make yourself feel), to celebrate her 25 years in music., starting her ‘World Wide Tour 2018‘ at the Circo Massimo in Rome, being the first woman to give a concert at the historic venue.

  • That same year Laura would be appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).

Chapter 7 | Laura Pausini today

In 2019 she was embarking on the Laura Biagio Stadi Tour 2019, a tour of Italian stadiums with her colleague and friend Biagio Antonacci. Together they put on an all-Italian show, with three hours of music, more than thirty songs in total arranged in various medleys for a total of thirty-three pieces, referring to each singer’s career.

Laura, who started in music in the cassette era, would pass through the CD era and reach the current time of streaming. For this last phase her label, Warner Music Italia, did not trust that Laura could work and decided to terminate the contract and Laura has been working independently ever since.

  • In 2020 Laura released on all digital platforms the EP ‘Io sì (I do)’, which contains the song in five languages as the soundtrack of the film ‘La vita davanti a sé’.
  • She would win the Golden Globe for Best Original Song, being also nominated for an Oscar 🏆

Laura Pausini Yo Sí

laura pausini yo sí

Laura Pausini, Golden Globe winner for ‘Yo sí’

In 2022 Laura reaches an agreement with Amazon Prime Video to make a documentary film telling her story, ‘Laura Pausini: Piacere di conoscerti / Laura Pausini: A pleasure to meet you’. The film traces Laura’s real life and a fictional life if she had not been famous.

That same year Laura presented the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy and a little later the Latin Grammy Awards 2022.

In 2023, after 30 years of career, the record label Warner Music paid tribute to Laura for being the most listened to and awarded Italian singer worldwide, with almost a thousand concerts behind her.

  • Two unique concerts were held in exceptional locations; St. Mark’s Square in Venice and Plaza de España in Seville.

He also embarked on the adventure of giving three free concerts in 3 cities, singing 10 songs per city, in 24 hours. From New York, to Madrid, to Milan.

laura pausini at present

Laura Pausini (Facebook Image)

Laura Pausini Un Buen Inicio

In 2023 she was named Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year at the 2023 Latin Grammy Awards.

  • To celebrate she would release her fourteenth album, ‘Anime Parallele / Almas Paralelas (Parallel Souls)‘.

Presented with ‘Un buon inicio / A good start‘ and includes ‘Frente a nosotros / Davanti a te‘, the song Laura sang with Paolo Carta, on their wedding day, as their first wedding vows pronounced in song form.

Laura pausini live

Laura Pausini live (Facebook Image)

Laura has always said that she would have been happy without being a world star, opening a pottery workshop and singing with her father in the piano bar at night, but life had other plans for her and although she now looks with tenderness at the 18 year old girl who rose to stardom overnight, no one can be as great as she is without talent and talent, both things that the great Laura Pausini has plenty of.

biography Laura Pausini
biography Laura Pausini

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