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Jubël plays sublime melodies steeped in summer tinges. They released in 2020 our fave song so far, Weekend Vibe, as a follow-up to a gorgeous first EP, Strawtown. They are back in 2021 with another good vibe hit, ‘Dumb 😉

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Jubël Dumb

Dumb, released in May 2021, is the latest single of this amazing Swedish pop duo called Jübel. An uplifting song despite the fact that it talks about a boy who is too shy and doesn’t dare to ask the girl he likes out, ending up just staring at her like a fool.

Jubël Weekend Vibe

Close enough, in 2020, they published Weekend Vibe. A celebration of summer, bathed in an ElectroPop rhythm that makes it impossible to stay still while listening to it.

This Swedish duo composed by Sebastian Atas (vocalist and producer) and Victor Sjöström (instrumentalist and composer) has managed to create their own sound with less than 10 songs on the market.

Jübel explained their intention when composing “Weekend Vibe”:

We were like, ‘Let’s do something we would never do’. We didn’t overthink it, and we tried not to copy ourselves.

We took a lot of inspiration from producers like Bruno Mars, Pharrell and ourselves and just tried to make something fresh.

Jubël Dancing in the Moonlight

Back in 2018 Jubël had decided to cover the well-known 70s song ‘Dancing in the Moonling’ by Boffalongo, which was popularized by King Harvest and revamped to worldwide success in 2000 by Toploader.

  • Jübel teamed up with singer NEIMY to give ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ its beach pop vibe, peaking charts, albeit somewhat belatedly, in 2020, in Sweden, UK and Australia.

Jubël Strawtown | A perfect record (2020)

While triumphing with ‘Dancing in the Moonlight‘ Jubël released his debut album in 2020, “Strawtown”, an EP (short record) with 6 songs that are all hits:

Our favourite track is ‘Someone’, a perfect song to get us out of boredom and dreaming of fun in the sun 🌞. Jubël described it like this:

‘Someone’ is a feelgood summer song with melancholic undertones. A longing for warmer days and a lost love. The significant guitar hook in combination with rising chords and longing vocals created the vibe we wanted. ‘Someone’ is the song that frames the summer.

Jubël is going to become an international top band, you’ll see. We’ll keep celebrating with them!

Jubël Someone

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