SARCASTIC SOUNDS Change Ur Mind (ft. Claire Rosinkranz & Clinton Kane) | Melancholic and Emotional Lo-Fi


Lo-Fi music is in fashion. That is a fact (we tell you what LoFi is below, just in case 😉). One of its greatest exponents is the young Sarcastic Sounds who dedicates 24 hours a day to his music. The result is “Change Ur Mind” a track that feels like a caress.

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Sarcastic Sounds ft. Claire Rosinkranz & Clinton Kane Change Ur Mind 

🎙Sarcastic Sounds Change Ur Mind

Canada | 2021
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  • There are plenty of 24-hour Lo-Fi (Low-Fidelity) music channels on YouTube, but in case you are wondering, What is Lo-Fi?, Lo-Fi is a phenomenon associated with Japanese anime that, although it started in the 50s related to music made with few means and low fidelity recording instruments, it is not recognized as such until the 90s. The genre is identified with music made at home and characterized by a soft and enveloping tone that conveys a sense of nostalgia. It is becoming more and more popular because it’s easy music perfect for relaxation.
  • One of the emerging representatives of the genre is the young Canadian Jeremy Fredryk (2000), also known as Sarcastic Sounds 🍌.
  • He started when he was just 14 years old making beats with FL Studio and selling them online, until 2017 when he discovered LoFi music and fell in love. Since then, he accumulates more than 500 million streams with his particular LoFi hip-hop style and his mastery with the sample, very characteristic of the genre.

He became known for his collaboration with rapper Lil Wayne on the beat that became “Mahagony

Sarcastic Sounds LoFi

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  • Almost all his songs, like: Jealousy, I Can’t Help, I Don’t Sleep, Frankee, I’ll come back to you, Scared of the World… last less than 2 minutes (very typical of Spotify these days 🎧) and use a melancholic melodic approach.
  • One of our favourite songs from Sarcastic Sounds is “Laugh”. The video shows an anime image in a loop, something very characteristic of the LoFi genre:

Sarcastic Sounds Laugh

  • Sarcastic Sounds released ‘Change Ur Mind’ featuring Claire Rosinkranz and Clinton Kane in early 2021. The lo-fi tune is about loving someone even though it’s not enough to save the relationship.:

“Change ur mind” began as a voice note over a year ago. I recorded it last March, but let it sit around for a while not thinking much of it. My manager sent it to Claire, who did an amazing verse for it and made me realize the song could be really special. Then my label suggested getting Clinton on it, who killed it and made the song complete.

As Sarcastic Sounds has stated, he spends 24 hours a day producing music. In fact, in May 2021 he released with Powfu and Sara Keys a beautiful tune called ‘the long way home that you can find in our Playlist with the best of 2021.

By now, you are bound to be one more of the Lo-Fi fans legion, so we have prepared a LoFi playlist for you enjoy and relax.

Sarcastic Sounds Lo-Fi Playlist