Zoe Wees Golden Wings | A dark but hopeful album from a German rising star

zoe wees

Zoe Wees is a young up-and-comer with a prodigious voice. She suffered from epilepsy as a child, but far from defeating her, it made her stronger. She has translated the darkness of the disease and the hope of recovery into lyrics in her first album, Golden Wings. Discover the meaning of each of the 5 songs.

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Zoe Wees Girls Like Us

Zoe Wees was born on May 13, 2002, in Hamburg (Germany). She suffered from epilepsy, which in her youth did not allow her to relate normally with her peers, feeling helplessness and in some cases exclusion and loneliness 😪

But those feelings did not overcome her, her family and one of her teachers supported her and guided her towards music. Something she already carried inside her innately.

For Zoe music is magic, the way to tell her story and more importantly, the way to help others who are going through the same thing.

That raw and deep emotion is reflected in every track on her first EP, Golden Wings. Zoe’s mom told her: “The ones who leave are looking down at us with golden wings”, so that’s why she called her album like that.

These are the 5 songs with their stories behind:

1. Zoe Wees Control

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Control was Zoe’s debut single, charting at number 1 in several countries. She opens her heart in the song describing the anxiety and loss of control she suffered due to the epilepsy. She explains it this way:

I didn’t have the opportunity, like many other children, to go out, to do normal things, I was always at home because the lights and all that could affect me.

I was a normal child, but when I was at school, I didn’t have so many friends, the kids didn’t know what rolandic epilepsy was, I was always alone.

2. Zoe Wees Girls Like Us

Girls Like Us talks about self-esteem inviting women to forget about their physical appearance and what others can think about it.

The music video shows the reality of what many girls feel about the way they look 👩🏽‍🦰, that’s why you’ll see Zoe taking off her makeup while crying. Something, which by the way, has become a TikTok challenge.

Zoe commented:

For me growing up in a world that doesn’t accept you has been really hard. We all have insecurities and that’s what make us beautiful.

It’s not always good to think about how you look in front of others, it’s much more important to think about how you feel inside.

3. Zoe Wees Hold me like you used to

Hold me like you used to is a song dedicated to her great-grandmother who was so supportive. Zoe talked about it:

This is a song about losing someone you really love and feel close to.

It’s dedicated to my great-grandmother, who sadly passed away. She was a very strong woman and the funniest person I’ve ever met, and I can still feel her great energy. She is my inspiration and I know she is still here.

4. Zoe Wees Ghost

Ghost is about letting someone get too close even if you know they can hurt you, and about being vulnerable to that person in a way that could essentially destroy your life.

  • If you notice, the song starts softly on piano and there’s a heartbreaking burst in the chorus with the strings 💥 It’s a blast! 

5. Zoe Wees Overthinking

Overthinking talks about those thoughts that eat us up inside, that makes us feel bad and that we must discard to move forward.

It is a perfect closure to the 15 minutes of the album, which leaves us wanting more. Don’t worry, Zoe will come back with new music, but it will be next year.

To ease the wait, you can enjoy these 2 awesome cuts where Zoe Wees has collaborated with other artists: Wait for you (ft. Tom Walker) and Hibernating (ft. Moonbiotica); and also a Q&A ❔ (questions and answers) she did for her fans.

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