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When Javy Ramírez said that he wanted to be a musician, everyone told him that only 1 in a million makes it. We can safely say that he is that 1. His 3 first singles ‘La Frase (The Sentence)’, ‘Tu Nombre (Your Name)’ and ‘Quién Robó Tu Luz (Who stole your light)are simply wonderful 🖤 and we already have his 1st album out “Lo Que Nunca Te Pude Decir (What I Could Never Tell You)”.

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Javy Ramírez La Frase (The Sentence)

🎙Javy Ramírez Lo Que Nunca Te Pude Decir (What I Could Never Tell You)

Spain | 2021
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  • From Cadiz (Spain) to the TV show Operacion Triunfo 2020 and from there to the beginning of a promising career, that is the path followed by Javy Ramírez, who has begun laying the foundation of his career with 2 songs where he spits his soul in every word: La Frase (The Sentence) and Quién robó tu luz (Who stole your light).
  • Javy dropped out of high school due to an existential crisis and went to work as a waiter while he composed and had small gigs. It was the time when he was told that only one in a million make a living from music, to which he replied: “Why can’t I be that 1“.
  • Then, he joined the music TV show where he stood out for his ability to compose, even releasing a single called ‘Qué sabrá Neruda (What will Neruda know?)’.
  • Javy Ramírez has published his first album, ‘Lo que nunca te pude contar (What I could never tell you)‘ in 2021, including 11 songs composed by himself, where he tells his experiences of the last 3 years.

Javy Ramírez Quién Robó Tu Luz (Who stole your light)

  • Javy is remarkable for the passion he puts into singing and his beautiful lyrics. Here is a fragment of ‘Quién robó tu luz‘ lyrics:

Que sobran recuerdos que nublan tus sueños…
Que nada es negro o gris, es como quieras verlo!

There are plenty of memories that cloud your dreams …
Nothing is black or gray, is the way you want to see it!

  • Javy Ramírez described the meaning of ‘Quién robo tu luz’ as follows:

It’s a song with a strong message. The truth is that I wrote it thinking of another person and ended up feeling many times the protagonist of the story.

  • This man from Cadiz, who learned to play the guitar and piano in a self-taught way, is an innate talent and will lead the new generation of Spanish melodic pop.
  • He wrote his latest single ‘Tu Nombre (Your Name)‘ while he was in the music TV show. It unfolds his feelings of loneliness while being apart from his girlfriend for a long time.

Javy Ramírez Tu Nombre (Your Name)

  • To wrap up, we share a beautiful snippet of ‘La Frase (The Sentence)’ lyrics:

Dime la frase, el conjuro que pronunciaste para volverme un idiota, que sólo sigue el ritmo de tus botas.
Córtame el aire, ahora vivo de la brisa que te atraviesa el traje y el viento que se mueve de entre tus tacones.
Sólo te pido que no me abandones, que yo ya no tengo el corazón pá mal de amores.

Tell me the sentence, the incantation you cast to turn me into an idiot, who only follows the rhythm of your boots.
Leave me breathless, I only live on the breeze that passes through your suit and the wind that moves between your heels.
I only ask you not to abandon me, because my heart can’t stand lovesickness anymore.

Javy Ramírez Quien robo tu luz

Javy Ramírez Facebook Image

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