PALAYE ROYALE Fever Dream | Fashion Art Rock you have to hear!

palaye royale fever dream
Fashion Art Rock or Indie Rock, whatever you call it, Palaye Royale is a band you have to know! Since their beginnings they have defined a unique visual and musical identity, which they take a step further on their latest album ‘Fever Dream‘.
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Palaye Royale Punching Bag

Who is Palaye Royale?

Introducing one of the best Indie Rock bands of today. Their sound will make you want to listen to more. Their name is Palaye Royale, although they were originally called ‘Kropp Circle‘, because that is the real surname of these 3 American-Canadian brothers:
  • 🎸 Sebastian Danzig: guitar and keyboard | Alias: The Gentleman. As the older brother, he is the brains of the band.
  • 🗣️ Remington Leith: vocals | Alias: The Vampire. He is the frontman and the heartbreaker.
  • 🥁 Emerson Barrett: drums and piano | Alias: The Pirate. Is the heart of Palaye Royale.
Palaye Royale members

Palaye Royale members

  They started in 2018 when Sebastian was 16, Remington 14 and Emerson 12.
  • The older brother, Sebastian, was classically trained in piano from the age of six, picked up the guitar around twelve, was almost a chess grandmaster at fourteen and played ice hockey until he was fifteen, but that dream ended due to injuries. He started playing the guitar seriously at the age of fifteen.
In 2011 they changed his name to Palaye Royale.
  • What does Palaye Royale mean? It’s the name of the dance hall in Toronto (Canada) where their grandparents met in the 60s, ‘Palais Royale‘.
  • A year later Palaye Royale released their first single ‘Morning Light reaching 20 million views on YouTube.
That success prompted them to self-publish their first 6-track EP, ‘The Ends Beginning‘, which they accompanied with ‘art films‘, and a series of episodes telling the day-to-day life of the band, ‘No. Series‘.
  • Since then they started paying a lot of attention to their Tim Burton-influenced style, from their clothes, to their videos and even their attitude.
  • They call that style Fashion Art Rock.

What is Fashion Art Rock?

As described by Palaye Royale’s own drummer, Emerson, fashion-art rock is about going beyond the boundaries of music, exploring the worlds of fashion, film, art, poetry and philosophy.

At the end of the day, it’s good rock and roll.

Palaye Royale | First albums

It was 2015 when Palaye Royale finally signed to a record label, Sumerian Records, and with it, came the release of their debut album,Boom Boom Room (Side A)‘.
  • The record was classic rock n’ roll brought into the 21st century.
  • The album includes 2 previously released tracks, ‘Get Higher‘ and ‘White‘, along with 13 original songs including: Don’t Feel Quite Right, Ma Cherie (with Kellin Quinn from Sleeping with Sirens), and Sick Boy Soldier.
  • Our favourite track is ‘Mr. Doctor Man‘.
Palaye Royale started recording their 2nd album in 2018, but they weren’t convinced by what they had on their hands, so they scrapped the whole album and rebuilt it again in 5 months.
  • The album was called ‘Boom Boom Room (Side B)‘.
  • It included huge tracks like Death Dance, and You’ll Be Fine.
  • They presented it on a world tour called ‘The Final Boom‘.

What is Palaye in the Park?

The band’s British fans organised a series of meetings in public parks, called Palaye in the Park 🎡

The band attended the first meeting in London by surprise, and fans in other countries have adopted the same practice.

Palaye Royale’s third album, ‘The Bastards‘, was released in 2020.
  • Five singles were presented with their respective videos devised, as always, by the band members: Massacre, The New American Dream, Hang on to Yourself, Fucking with My Head, Nervous Breakdown and the album’s best track, Lonely.
Remington, lead singer of Palaye Royale, explained about ‘Lonely’:
This song and video is extremely personal to me. As a child I was physically and mentally abused. Which caused me to become extremely depressed and suicidal. I always thought that I was the problem, that I must of done something so wrong to deserve that type of abuse from a person who was supposed to love me and didn’t see any other way out. It’s the reason I started wearing makeup because I thought if I looked like a different person ,I would become a different person. A person that stands up for themselves. I somehow made it out alive
The Bastards is a concept album about a formerly expressive society that has been subjugated by toxic politics.
  • The main themes were mental health, drug addiction and gun violence.
  • Proceeds from the single ‘Massacre, The New American Dream‘ were donated to gun violence charities.
  • The album is connected to a graphic novel called The Bastards Vol. 1, with art by drummer Emerson Barrett.
  • The album’s videos were based on images from Emerson’s own earlier graphic novel Neutopian.

What are Palaye Royale fans called?

They are known as ‘Soldiers of the Royal Council 🤴’. To the members of Palaye Royale they are family.

Palaye Royale Fever Dream | The new 2022 album

Palaye Royale’s new album, ‘Fever Dream‘, released in 2022, fully embodies the group’s identity and creative expression.  
Palaye Royale Fever Dream

Palaye Royale ‘Fever Dream’ album cover

  • For the first time the songs have a sense of hope and a search for the divinity that is contained in all the elements that surround us.
Palaye Royale spoke of the new album thus.
Making this record felt like getting back to when we first fell in love with music. This record is very much about self-belief and self-empowerment, and overcoming all the obstacles that life throws at you. It’s the first time we’ve really taken a hopeful approach in our music.
This is the full tracklist for ‘Fever Dream’ by Palaye Royale:
  1. Eternal Life
  2. No Love in LA
  3. Punching Bag
  4. Broken
  5. Fever Dream
  6. Line It Up
  7. Toxic In You
  8. Wasted Sorrow
  9. Paranoid
  10. Oblivion
  11. Lifeless Stars
  12. King of the Damned
  13. Off With The Head
Truth, honesty and anguish is what you drink from this intense album, whose flagship song is ‘Fever Dream‘.
Palaye Royale will be touring throughout 2022 and 2023 with their ‘Fever Dream tour‘. Unique opportunity to see this great band live!
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