Will Young Crying on the Bathroom Floor | An exquisite album with 10 covers of powerful women

will young crying on the bathroom floor

Everyone does cover versions, but who does it only of left field female artists? Well, his name is Will Young, he’s been dazzling Brits with his melancholic voice for 20 years, and he’s just shapedCrying on the Bathroom Floor‘, an original album with overwhelming talent.

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Will Young Crying on the bathroom floor

William Robert Young, better known as Will Young, was born in 1979 in England and burst onto the scene when he won the first edition of the popular music contest Pop Idol in 2002.

Since then, he has spent the last 2 decades making great music. We are talking about 8 albums featuring hits such as Leave Right Now or Jealousy. His acting career blossomed concurrently, with roles on stage and screen and presenting gigs on TV and radio.

Will’s new album, Crying On The Bathroom Floor, came out in 2021, almost at the same time as his new book, To Be A Gay Man, becoming a breath of fresh air for all of us who love Pop.

Will, who took women’s studies in college, and is an avowed feminist, put a twist on the cover genre. For the first time in the industry, he has moved away from the greatest hits, paying homage to all those songs written by strong, authentic and challenging women, which are totally inspiring for everyone 👩🏽‍🦰 👩🏽‍🦳 👩🏿‍🦱

This reveals that Will is at the top of his game and, moreover, that he has excellent taste in music. His playlist ranges, from women who enjoy some popularity like MUNA, Robyn or Solange, to more niche artists like Clare Maguire and Sky Ferreira.

Among our favourites, Daniel, from Bat for Lashes. A track composed from a woman’s perspective, which Will has turned into an intense gay love song.

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Will Young has made the original tunes, mostly electronic, sound in a touching way, sometimes even sad. To do so, he makes use of more organic elements, with lots of piano 🎹

The complete tracklist is impressive:

  1. ‘Daniel’, by Bat For Lashes
  2. ‘Crying On The Bathroom Floor’, by Muna
  3. ‘Till There’s Nothing Left’, by Cam
  4. ‘Indestructible’, by Robyn
  5. ‘Strong’, by London Grammar
  6. ‘I Follow Rivers’, by Lykke Li
  7. ‘Everything Is Embarrasing’, by Sky Ferreira
  8. ‘Losing You’, by Solange
  9. ‘Missing’, by Everything But The Girl
  10. ‘Elizabeth Taylor’, by Claire Maguire


Will Young 2021 album

Will Young (Facebook Image)


Young explained of ‘Crying on the Bathroom Floor’:

I’ve always enjoyed singing other people’s songs. There is a liberation to it.

It’s how I feel when I approach a script. I have reverence for the piece of art and the artist who created it.

I wanted to understand what it might be like to sing their lyrics; a song about a boy called Daniel; crying on the bathroom floor, feeling like Elizabeth Taylor. This is not a covers album as such, well certainly not in the standard way. I wanted to bring songs from female artists who I admire into a new arena.

If there is one thing that all the tracks share is a deep emotion and a yearning quality.

Here is the complete album for you to enjoy, but first let me direct your attention to the wonderful track number 9, the cover of Missing by Everything But The Girl. I couldn’t tell you the number of times I was carried away by the song in the dark in my room when I was a kid. Hearing it again in Will Young’s voice has been a privilege ❤️

Will Young Crying on the Bathroom Floor | Complete album

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