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Lyrics, lyrics, lyrics, this Swedish duo are first and foremost extraordinary storytellers who dress their songs with catchy Pop melodies you can’t get out of your head. ‘Pixie’s Parasol’, Smith & Thell’s new 2021 album, is presented with “Goliath”, a song that reminds me why good Pop moves me so much 🎉

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Smith & Thell Goliath

🎙Smith & Thell Story and new album ‘Pixie’s Parasol’

Sweden | 2021
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  • Smith & Thell, the Swedish Pop-Folk group consisting of Maria Jane Smith and Victor Thell, is above all a duo of songwriters. Their way of expressing themselves is composing music, that’s why they tell life through their neat lyrics and catchy Pop melodies, which they rejuvenate with sounds from their  environment, such as the creaking of trees or the lull of the wind 🍃
  • Maria and Victor met one another as young teenagers at Helsingborg, their hometown in Southern Sweden. Since then and after taking their first steps in electronic music, they devoted most of their time to writing songs for major artists including Ava Max, Alan Walker or R3HAB (they featured secretly in ‘Lullaby’).

Among all songs composed for other musicians, their favorite tune is Freak” by Molly Sandén.

Smith y Thell

Smith & Thell Facebook Image

  • It was 2015 when Smith & Thell released their first single ‘Statue. It was considered by critics’ an instant classic. We fully agree, even more knowing the story behind the song, that Maria (Smith) unveiled:

Both my parents passed away when I was 14 years old. My life was upside down. “I needed love, but I got a doctor” was a reality and what we sing in the song. The doctor gave me antidepressants to get me on my feet again, but when I took them, as my doctor told me to, I became numb to my emotions for many years. Getting off the pills and coming out of it allowed me to get in touch with my real emotions and was what made us write “Statue [The Pills Song]” 💊💊

Smith & Thell Statue [The Pills Song]

  • This mesmerizing tune was followed by “ROW”, a fight song, and “February”, a dark self-critical ballad. Both are part of Smith & Thell’s first album, ‘Soulprints released in 2017. The record resonates and gives strength even when most topics seem a bit dark.
  • Our fave track from ‘Soulprints‘ is “Somebody Like You”.

Smith & Thell Pixie’s Parasol | New 2021 Album

  • This tune, called Forgive Me Friend‘, captured the Swedes’ hearts and, by the way, ours too, reaching the top of the lists. The same happened with ‘Hotel Walls‘, a song that celebrates life and was one of the most played in 2019 in Sweden.
  • In 2020 Smith & Thell won Best Songwriter Swedish Grammy. No wonder knowing that their music and lyrics are unfiltered sentiment 🧡


nuevo álbum Smith & Thell

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  • In anticipation of Smith & Thell’s new album ‘Pixie’s Parasol, they released ‘Goliath‘, a song that we are listening on repeat. They define it as an “anthem for the underdog”. It’s certainly one of our favourite songs of 2021, because of the magnificent vocal performance and vibrant rhythm.
  • Pixie’s Parasol‘ is a compilation of hits that have been on the making for over 3 years. Maria Smith and Victor Thell said:

For these three years we’ve grown up and become less like teenagers and more like adults. Our career took off, we’ve toured for months on end, we have gone from being a couple to becoming best friends, we’ve won a Swedish Grammy, and we have gone through the devastating loss of loved ones. All this while, the music has held us together, both as individuals and as a unit.

Songwriting is our diary, and life decides which songs are to be written. We can tell you that this is only the beginning of the album ’Pixie’s Parasol’.

  • We leave you with another thrumming beat track by Smith & Thell. Let yourself go to a Pop-Folk paradise:

Smith & Thell Nangilima

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