Sebastian Yatra Dharma | Love, heartbreak, punishment, reality, what is Dharma?

sebastian yatra dharma

Dharma is the Colombian’s third album, a heartbreak album sung with optimism. We tell you all the secrets behind Sebastian Yatra and Dharma.

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Who is Sebastian Yatra? | Brief biography

Sebastián Orbando Giraldo, better known by his stage name Sebastián Yatra, was born in 1994 in Medellín, Colombia. When he was 5 years old, his family moved to Miami, where he began studying music and composing his own songs at the age of 12 📝 Even then it was already apparent that his dream and aspiration was to start a music career. Dream that will be fulfilled a few years later when he released El Psicólogo (The psichologist), a first track that came accompanied by others like Para Olvidar (To forget)orNo Me Llames (Don’t call me), released in 2015. Despite the fact that by then he was already working hand in hand with renowned artists such as Cali y el Dandee or Juan Magán, the burst of his career did not come until the following year with Traicionera (treacherous). His success started growing like foam, cemented in strong collaborations as in ‘Ya No Hay Nadie Que Nos Pare‘, with which years later would be his partner, Tini Stoessel 💃 In 2018 came his long-awaited debut album, ‘Mantra’ and a new collaboration with Tini in Quiero Volver (I want to fly)’. In the video the chemistry that existed between the two of them was palpable, despite the fact that its lyrics referred to the relationship that Tini had with Pepe Barroso, an ex-boyfriend. Shortly after, in 2019, comes his second album, ‘Fantasía (Fantasy)’, featuring big latin artist such as Reik or Camilo. Yatra has already established himself, at 27 years old, as one of the artists of the moment, with appearances in films, series and with several awards and nominations 🌟
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Sebastian Yatra Dharma | New album in 2022

January is behind us and with its end came one of the most anticipated albums by Sebastián Yatra’s fans, Dharma. Why that title? The Colombian’s third studio album is called ‘Dharma’, a word that Yatra discovered while reading ‘Sapiens: From Animals to Things‘, by Yuval Noah Harari, a term that, according to Yatra himself, means and represents the opposite of the much-used karma ☯︎

When we speak of karma we refer to the punishment we pay for the things we do wrong in this world. When we talk about DHARMA we refer to all the nice things that come to us for the things we do with love in this life.

On this occasion, Yatra brings us 17 tracks, including some of his biggest hits such as ‘Chica Ideal’ or ‘Pareja del año’. In short, an album full of songs from different genres that will make you dance, cry and, above all, enjoy music. Do you want to know everything about it? Stay with us! 😊

Dharma opens with a beautiful half-time track called Básicamente (Basically), which gives way to ‘Dharma‘. In collaboration with Rosario and Jorge Celedón, it has one of the most beautiful lyrics on the album:

Creo que tuve que haber hecho algo bien en otra vida, para que aparezcas en esta cuando la daba por perdida.

I think I must have done something right in another life for you to appear in this one when I thought it was lost.

Dharma is a sensational mix of Latin music, vallenato and rumba, with a very clear message: Live and enjoy the moment with the person you choose 🥰

We continue with ‘Modo Avión (Flight Mode)‘, a song in which Yatra talks about how he would like to have a second chance with that person who left his life and whom he still loves. Do you think it has something to do with the end of his relationship with Tini? 

In ‘Quererte Bonito (Loving You Beautifully)‘, Yatra joins his voice with Venezuelan Elena Rose in a soulful ballad with touches of Mexican music and a bridge with a fantastic piano solo. Yatra explains:

It is a song that we wrote with a lot of clarity and consciousness. We were kind of vibrating very high that day and when we got together it was like our energies blended and something very special happened.

The fifth position of the album is occupied by ‘Tacones Rojos (Red Heels)‘, a song about a mysterious girl who dances reggaeton in red heels and makes Yatra fly. It makes him cry but he doesn’t stop loving her.

Undoubtedly the biggest hit of the album, destined to become a classic, which Yatra has covered with John Legend 👠

And now a gossip! In the video of the song, Sebastián Yatra shares screen with the Spanish Clara Galle, one of the actresses of the moment with whom he seems to share much more than the dance in the video 😉

After this shot of energy, we get to ‘Amor Pasajero (Passing Love)‘, a cumbia in which the Colombian sings again to heartbreak and to love.

And we change genre again, this time to reggaeton, with ‘Regresé (I came back)‘, a song where Yatra, Justin Quiles and L-Gante again make references to the relationship between Tini and the Colombian artist.

We reach the halfway point of Dharma with ‘Si Me La Haces (If You Do It To Me)‘, another reggaeton, this time in collaboration with Lenny Tavárez and Mariah.

sebatian yatra pareja del año
Time to bring out the tissues and listen to ‘‘Tarde (late), another song about a relationship that ends and hurts very deppy… The video was shot in Venice. With an upliftyin rhythm, but with the same breakup theme, comes one of our favorite tracks, ‘Melancólicos Anónimos (Melancholics Anonymous)‘. As if it were a conversation in the purest ‘Alcoholics Anonymous‘ style, Yatra confesses his sorrows in a therapy from which he concludes that nothing lasts a hundred years.
I wanted to narrate the conversation you have with your psychologist when you leave a relationship from beginning to end, from when you’re at your worst to when you’re doing very well.
In ‘Las Dudas (Doubts)’ Sebastián Yatra teams up for the second time in his career with the Spanish superstar Aitana, after ‘Corazón Sin Vida (Heart without live)‘. A punk tune that is going to rock you. We find a new and radical musical change in ‘Adiós (Goodbya)‘ 💔 Composed by the great Pablo Lopez, the song talks about the sadness of saying this word to the person you love, but also the beginning of something new. Yatra explained:
Last year was a very difficult year, an unexpected year for all of us, including me. We had to say goodbye to people, dreams, ideas and things that we thought were going to happen in our life and in reality did not happen, it was actually the opposite.
The last of the unreleased songs on Dharma is ‘A Dónde Van (Where do they go?)‘, in collaboration with Alvaro Diaz, Yatra ends with a cheerful song with a flamenco vibe. By the way, Sebastian gives us a present in Dharma including 4 of his greates hits in recent years: TBT, Chica Ideal, Runaway and Pareja del Año 🎧
I wrote this album with all the lessons that this last year has left me… this great process of life that I have had, to really follow my heart and do the things that I want to do, that are born and that are natural to me, not to create so many obstacles for fear, to follow my spirit.
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