ALLIE X Cape God album is not just Pop | Enjoy her evolution until the latest single, ‘Glam!  

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allie x

Canadian artist Allie X‘s style has been called gothic pop, synthetic pop, extravagant…. The truth is that nobody knows how to define it, which means that she has something unique and special. Come with us on a trip through Allie X’s discography, you will discover an unprecedent musical growth and her new song, “Glam!”.

Take a look at Lady Gaga’s biography and music, it will remind you of Allie X ⚡

Allie X Catch

🎙Allie X A journey through her music

Canada | 1985-2021
Allie X Official Website
  • Alexandra Ashley Hughes, or what is the same, Allie X, is a Canadian singer-songwriter who began learning classic piano and singing when she was young. She would complement it when she grew up with musical theatre 🎭
  • She started in the independent scene under the name Allie Hughes, recording the album ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’, without much success. The following years she would participate in Canadian TV shows and movies, but the music path seemed muddy.
  • In 2013 she made the decision to move to Los Angeles, modified her aesthetic and changed her name to Allie X.
  • There she would meet several producers and would release her single “Catch, which had a great reception, including a Tweet by Kate Perry. This led her to a great 1st album, CollXtion I.

Allie X Image Gallery

  • In “CollXtion I” we can see for the first time two Allie X’s identity signs: catchy Pop melodies and the use of the synthesizer. Examples of this are: ‘Bitch’ and ‘Sanctuary’.
  • Allie X, who has always taken good care of her fans, released in 2016 several demos for them to select the tracks they wanted for Allie’s next album.
  • She also published a free song called “Old Habits Die Hard”:

Old Habits Die Hard” is an expression of this action: laughing at your own weakness as it seduces you one more time. It’s a cruel reality when you believe you’ve overcome an addiction, just to find that it still has you by the throat. I tried to keep the language of the lyric conversational, because ‘old habits die hard’, the saying itself, has a jest in its undertone (like so many idioms do) that seems to justify/celebrate that self-destructive moment when you just…give up.

  • In 2017 Allie X finally releases “CollXtion II with an 80s touch and a clear progression in her music, certified by songs like Paper Love” and That’s So Us”.
  • The album includes our fave Allie X song to date, “Downtown”, of which she would do a dance version feat Della Casa years later. Allie said about the song:

Downtown is another surrender kind of lyric, it speaks to a time in my life when everything romantic was just about infatuation, and anyone that I spent time with or had these little relationships with just treated me poorly, and I liked it.

Allie X Downtown

  • Her growth keeps on with the 3rd album in 2018, “Super Sunset”. She added a thematic line to her record, something that she would repeat in the following album. In this case she deals with the image-obsessed Los Angeles society.

What does Allie X mean?

Allie comes from her real name Alexandra. The ‘X‘ has a different story behind, that she explains like this 🤔:

In mathematics, X is any possible variable. It’s an unknown quantity. Once it’s solved, it’s no longer X. With that in mind, X is the identity that I take on as I go through my journey of self-discovery. It’s these questions that I’m trying to grapple with in the public sphere. If I ever find that piece that I’m after or solve the equation, as it were, then I will no longer be Allie X.

Her consolidation album | Allie X Cape God

  • With ‘Cape God Allie X stands as a gothic queen and tells us about the opioid crisis in which North America has been submerged in recent years, inspired by ‘Heroin: Cape Cod, USA‘ documentary.
  • Songs like “Fresh Laundry” or “Devil I Know” may give the impression of happy tunes but tell very tough stories.
  • She also had the chance to sing with Troye Sivan, for whom she wrote several songs in her first stage in L.A. The track is called “Love me Wrong” 💔

New song in 2021 | Allie X Glam!

  • In 2021 Allie X would do an online show called ‘Cape God (The Digital Concert)‘ where we can enjoy her transgressive aesthetic and her magnificent voice.
  • She also re-released a song from 2013, which was leaked on the Internet in low quality and later included on a vinyl reissue of her first album.
  • We are talking about ‘Glam!’, a hit that talks about embarking on new projects with enthusiasm. Exactly what Allie did when she began the journey as her music alter-ego Allie X.

The trip has just started. We will continue to accompany her because, beware! Allie X’s outburst is yet to come 💣

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