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He convinced us with his first album ‘Lighting Matches’ that he was one of the new British voices to follow, but his latest record, ‘Evering Road’, is going to enshrine him. You only need to listen to his single “A Little Bit of Love” to know that something big is coming. I have a new favourite song, what about you? 😉

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Tom Grennan Little Bit of Love


🎙Tom Grennan Evering Road

UK | 2021
  • For those of you who don’t know him, a little bit of biography:
    • Tom Grennan was born on June 8, 1995 (he is 25 years old in 2021) in London, United Kingdom.
    • He trained as a child to be a professional soccer player and played for Luton Town, but something told him that music was his true path.
    • At 18, a group of strangers assaulted him on the street. As a consequence, he was left with four metal plates and screws in his jaw.
    • He spent 3 years gigging in small pubs around London with his guitar until a representative of a record label saw him and offered a contract.
  • Tom would release 3 exceptionally good EPs between 2016 and 2017: ‘Something in the Water’, ‘Release the Brakes’ and ‘Found What I’ve been Looking For’, but he didn’t rise to fame until the electronic music duo Chase & Status proposed him to be the vocalist of “All Goes Wrong”.

Chase & Status ft. Tom Grennan All Goes Wrong

  • In 2018 he would give us his first long play “Lighting Matches, full of songs where he displays that characteristic raspy and deep soul voice (here the Amazon link to the album, believe me, it’s worth it).
  • We particularly like these two tunes from the album: Run in the rain and Sober.

Tom Grennan Evering Road | New Album in 2021

  • Do you know why the album is called this way? It is the name of the street in London where he lived with his ex-girlfriend.
  • Tom explained about the record:

This album has been such a therapeutic experience, it has helped me through one of the toughest times of my life.

‘Evering Road’ documents a transitional stage for me, where I felt I’ve learnt so much and grown into a new man, moving myself into a new calm and positive space.

Gospel and soul have been a huge influence on me during this album, for me it’s so emotional yet uplifting, and I wanted to translate this DNA through my music.

I’m just BUZZING for people to hear it. And hopefully it can be a lifeboat of sorts for at least one other person.

  • I mention previously that the album includes my new favourite song 😁 “Little bit of love. It is a tune inspired by Tom Grennan’s relationship with his little brother. It also talks about what he calls “toxic masculinity”, or what is the same, misunderstood masculinity used to impose yourself by force.
  • Look at this fragment of the lyrics. It’s just beautiful:

I’ve got voices in my head and there’s a deafening silence.
I’ve got voices in my head and I can’t lie.
I’ve been holding onto pieces, swimming in the deep end,
Tryna find my way back to you ’cause I’ve needed a little bit of love,
A little bit of love, I need a little love
Just like the air I’m breathing, these awful wounds ain’t healing.


New album Tom Grennan

Tom Grennan New Album in 2021 (Facebook Image)

  • Evering Road (in its Deluxe version) is made up of 15 tracks from Tom Grennan’s crux. It includes his recent hit duet with Ella Henderson ‘Let’s get home together.
  • The album has everything to reach number 1 in the British charts: deep songs, gospel choruses, superb production (she collaborates with the same producer as Liam Gallagher, Dan Grech-Marguer) and a broken voice that will be with us for a long, long time.
  • Of course we highly recommend it (links below), but if you are still undecided, listen to: It HurtsLove Has Different Ways (his favouirte song from the record) and Long Live You and I. Awesome! 😍
  • Here is another great track:

Tom Grennan This is the Place

Tom Grennan Evering Road (Special Edtion) | New release with 5 new songs

In September 2019 Tom released a Special Edition of his great album Evering Road, with 5 new tracks:
  1. Don’t Break the Heart
  2. By Your Side (ft. Calvin Harris)
  3. People Always Meant to Be
  4. Being Angry
  5. Little Bit of Love (Live from Abbey Road)
You must listen to Don’t Break the Heart‘, it’s another gorgeous tune by Grennan. You will fall in love with his voice one again 😍
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