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Letter To You BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN new album in 2020 | Back to band ROCK

Letter to You bruce springsteen new album

Critics, die-hard fans and the general public, like me, for once agree. Letter to You, the new Bruce Springsteen’s album in 2020 is wonderful and a perfect piece to add to the story of all Bruce Springsteen albums.

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🎙Bruce Springsteen Letter to You

USA | 2020
Bruce Springsteen Official Website
  • If you ask me to define The Boss’ new album, I’d say it is band rock. Letter to You is the return to the studio of Bruce Springsteen with The E Street Band.
    • Where there was chemistry, there still is and they only needed 5 days to record the album.
  • Bruce said that it is not easy to compose songs for a band, but in this album the muse visited him. We couldn’t agree more!
  • What an album he’s crafted! and it was not an easy task after the beautiful record Bruce released in 2019, “Western Star”, from which we highlight the song “Stones”, a heartbreaking plea against lies that erode any relationship.
  • Bruce Springsteen described the songwriting process for us:

All the songs from the album came out of a guitar a fan gave me, in perhaps less than 10 days. I just wandered around the house in different rooms, and I wrote a song each day. I wrote a song in the bedroom. I wrote a song in our bar…

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