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Baby Strange | Midnight

This young band from Glasgow (Ireland) debuted in 2013 with the song “Friend“. 3 years later they released their debut album ‘Want It Need It‘. They continued to push forward in 2021 with the EP ‘Land of Nothing‘ and their hit ‘More! More! More!‘.

They are predestined to go far with their dark and raw rock. This is evidenced by ‘Midnight‘, a bombshell with a sound and aesthetics somewhere between melancholy and warped beauty.

AURORA A Dangerous thing

AURORA | A Dangerous Thing

AURORA Aknes is a Norwegian artist who has been growing her “warriors and weirdos”, as she calls her fans, since 2012.

2022 is the year of her 3rd album, ‘The Gods We Can Touch‘, which includes this wonder, ‘A Dangerous Thing‘, and which deals with shame, desire and morality, all overlaid with Greek mythology.

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Francesco Renga | Quando Trovo Te

Francesco is an Italian singer-songwriter with 21 albums behind him, as a soloist and in his band, ‘Timoria‘.

He took part in the San Remo festival in 2021 with ‘Quando Trovo Te (When I find you)‘, but the song is so spectacular that we could not let it pass. In it he narrates the moment when that happy memory that we keep deep inside resurfaces in our lives.

Music 2022

hippymigué, Carlos Gómez | Mundos Bonitos

There’s no better way to kick off 2022 than with a track full of emotion.

hippymigué declares himself a converted rapper. Thanks to this conversion he now fuses flamenco with Pop rhythms, achieving authentic wonders like this ‘Mundos Bonitos‘, or ‘La Atalaya‘ that we already included in the best of 2021.

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