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Celestal Cecilia Krull Out In Style

Celestal, Cecilia Krull | Out In Style (Dancing Mix)

Celestal is a French DJ who made a name for himself as a ghost producer remixing The Black Eyed Peas, Kylie Minogue or Shakira, among others.

His electro-pop sound focuses on catchy melodies, strong vocals and emotionally rich lyrics.

His new project “Out In Style“, together with indie artist Cecilia Krull, famous for her Money Heist song ‘My Life Is Going On‘, is a perfect combination, made even better in this remix:

Purple Disco Machine, Sophie and the Giants - In The Dark

Purple Disco Machine, Sophie and the Giants | In The Dark

German DJ Tino Schmidt, known as Purple Disco Machine, was delighted with his first collaboration with British indie band Sophie and The Giants, on the megahit ‘Hypnotized‘.

To present their new album ‘Exotica Deluxe’, he asked them for help in the elaboration of a track that talks about failed relationships, the marvellous and eighties ‘In The Dark‘.

Kasabian 2022


After a turbulent few years in which the band’s leader, Tom Meighan, was expelled for his conviction for assaulting his girlfriend. Serge Pizzorno took over as songwriter and leader of Kasabian, resulting in their new album ‘The Alchemist’s Euphoria‘.

SCRIPTVURE, is undoubtedly the best track on the album. Kasabian explains it like this:

Scriptvre is about changing the version of the story you’re telling yourself. It’s about rewriting the script you created yourself.

kany garcía alejandro sanz muero

Kany García ft. Alejandro Sanz | Muero

Puerto Rican artist Kany García has just released her new album ‘El Amor Que Merecemos (The love we deserve)‘. She wanted to include in it something she had been dreaming about for a long time, a duet with Alejandro Sanz.

Alejandro has supported Kany’s career on several occasions. This time it couldn’t be any different, especially when Sanz heard the song. Like us, he fell in love with this beautiful ballad about loving someone in silence.

Red Leather


Who is Red Leather? An artist from Reno, Nevada (USA), who recently overcame his drug addiction and moved to Los Angeles in search of a chance in music. He dresses in red leather, hence his name, and wears a hat that hides his identity. He went viral doing covers on TikTok.

How many songs has Red Leather released? His first single was released in May 2022 under the name ‘The only time it rains in Hollywood’.

What is Red Leather’s ‘The only time it rains in Hollywood’ about? The song is a heartbreaking portrayal of the lives of homeless people living on Hollywood Boulevard, a place where Red Leather himself has played many times to get some money.

Residente this is not america

Residente | This is not America

Saying ‘Residente‘ is saying rap with a social message. In this magnificent ‘This is not America‘, he complements Childish Gambino’s famous track ‘This is America‘, which criticises racism and the use of guns in the United States.

In this case, Residente attacks those who consider that America is only the USA, because as the song states:

América es desde Tierra del Fuego hasta Canadá (America is from Tierra del Fuego to Canada) 🌎

Against the current wildfire

Against the Current | Wildfire

If you are a video games lover, into League of Legends, and above all, if you like good rock, you’re going to love ‘Wildfire‘.

Composed to promote the European championship of the game, the new track of the American band is energy, fire and soul.

By the way, Against the Current already made it big in esports with their hit Legends Never Die 🎮

Provenza 2022

KAROL G | Provenza

Who is Karol G? A Colombian girl born in 1991 whose real name is Carolina Giraldo, although everyone knows her as ‘La Bichota’ and who is number 1 worldwide with her reggaeton.

What is Provenza? Apart from being the song of the moment, it’s a neighbourhood (sector) of Medellín, Colombia, which Karol G sings about with a melody that is simply fantastic.

22Bullets & Tia Ray - It Isn't Me

22Bullets & Tia Ray (ft. KSHMR) | It isn't me

When so much talent comes together, the result can only be the Dance song of the year 2022, ‘It isn’t me’.

On one side we have the Thai DJ of the moment, 22Bullets, he is joined by the most influential Chinese singer, Tia Ray, and if that wasn’t enough, KSHMR, the American DJ of Indian origin who has been releasing hit after hit for years, produces the track. There’s only one thing left to do… dance!

Thomas Rhett, Katy  Perry

Thomas Rhett, Katy Perry | Where we started

Thomas Rhett had no idea that Katy Perry would say yes when he sent her “Where we started“, inviting her to sing a duet.

But Katy, like any of us, totally identified with the song’s message, “falling in love is scary, but if you look at everything you’ve been through in your life, you know you’re ready“.

Fredi Leis 9000 heridas

Fredi Leis | 9000 heridas

When a song is written from the heart, you can feel it, can’t you?

Every time Fredi sings “tengo 9000 heridas por dejarnos y querernos (I’ve got 9000 wounds for breaking up while we love each other)” it makes my hair stand on end 🥺

He told us himself:

The song is composed and recorded in a pure and visceral way. A guitar and an imperfect voice carried away by the moment.

Sofi Tukker forgive me

Sofi Tukker feat. Mahmut Orhan | Forgive Me

Sofi Tukker is a musical duo based in Florida formed by Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern.

As an appetizer of their 2nd album ‘Wet Tennis‘ they have joined forces with one of their favorite artists, Mahmut Orhan, whose string arrangement, besides being beautiful, evokes the traditional music of their homeland, Turkey.

‘Forgive Me’ is about forgiving yourself for the worst thing you’ve ever done, and forgiving another for the harm they caused you, which is the ultimate surrender. It’s about loving someone so much that you will let them hate you if that’s what they need to do to move on, and hoping that one day, the person will come to forgiveness on their own.

Cruzando el Charco para mucho más

Cruzar el Charco | Para mucho más

After 10 years of growth, the Argentinean band Cruzando El Charco, returns to the scene with a song full of energy, ‘Para Mucho Más (For much more)‘.

As the band’s singer explains, the song narrates all the strength that the fans transmitted to him during the 3 weeks he spent hospitalized with Covid-19.

The video, which depicts a zombie apocalypse 🧟, is the first of a trilogy, how will it end?

Deaf Havana Going Clear

Eddie Vedder | Invincible

Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam’s frontman, from time to time pours his incredible creativitivy on his solo career. This is the case with ‘Earthling‘, Vedder’s new album in 2022.

Special mention to ‘Invincible’, a song that speaks of the wonderful human existence and that, as you can see in the video, NASA has decided to use to promote its mission to the moon, called Artemis I 🌚

Deaf Havana Going Clear

Deaf Havana | Going Clear

Deaf Havana is a band with 10 years in music that, after some turbulent times, decides to release their 6th album ‘The Present Is A Foreign Land‘.

They do it with 2 members less, only brothers James and Matty Veck-Gilodi are left, but with a clear vision. An alternative rock masterpiece, in which they address the issue of addiction in a very direct and honest way.

Going Clear is the name of this bone-deep confession 🦴

Funzo babyload

Funzo & Baby Loud | PISA EL ACELERADOR

In the 1st, and according to them, only album, INMORTALES (INMORTALS), the Spanish brothers Adrián and Juan Carlos (Funzo & Baby Loud), who are not even 20 years old, give voice to a generation, the so-called “Z”, and they do it with the latest rhythms impregnated with a very personal and different touch.

They will not make more albums, because their thing is singles 🔂 as PISA EL ACELERADOR (STEP ON THE ACCELERATOR), which in addition to a hypnotizing bass has an electric guitar that breaks your head. We are not surprised by their success, and the bright future that awaits them!

Train band 2022

Train | AM Gold

We admire the ability of this San Francisco band to make true anthems. After 5 years in silence we needed Train to release new material.

That’s right, in May 2022 AM Gold will be released, presented with this homonymous song that takes us straight to the dance floor conveying a fantastic message, love yourself!

Alok, Alan Walker, KIDDO

Alok, Alan Walker, KIDDO | Headlights

The most powerful Brazilian DJ of the moment, Alok, along with the British omnipresent king of the dancefloor, Alan Walker, and a voice that seems to have been born for this song, that of Sweden’s KIDDO, are the explosive combination of the mega-hit ‘Headlights‘.

There is no way to resist the rhythm of the track, nor its beautiful melodic line, accompanied by military-style drums that elevate the song even more, not to mention KIDDO’s rich and complex vocal tone. Let’s enjoy!

José Mercé Jamás Desaparece Lo Que Nunca Parte

José Mercé | Jamás Desaparece Lo Que Nunca Parte

The first single from José Mercé’s 20th album, ‘El Oripandó’ is flamenco, pop and above all, great.

For the first time in his career, he sings about such intimate subjects as the death of his son, and he does it under the production of the great Antonio Orozco.

We must always think that those who are gone are not gone, they are with us. In this case, oblivion does not exist, nor can it exist.

My son Curro is present in all this work and everything good that happens to me is because of him.

Red Hot Chili Peppers black summer

Red Hot Chili Peppers | Black Summer

Yes, they are back! with the album ‘Unlimited Love‘, presented with this magnificent ‘Black Summer‘, and with the return of their legendary guitarist, John Frusciante 🎸

It’s a pleasure to enjoy the Red Hot Chili Peppers again, their connection when composing and playing. They describe it like this:

Our only goal is to lose ourselves in the music. 

We spend days, weeks and months listening to each other, composing, freely improvising.

We long to shine a light on the world, to uplift, connect and unite people.

Sebastian Yatra 2022

Sebastián Yatra | Tacones Rojos

Fresh out of the oven we have the new album in 2022 by Sebastián Yatra, Dharma.

It is full of hits but we have to highlight ‘Tacones Rojos (Red Heels)‘, because as Sebastián himself wants, it will not only be a hit, but it will become a classic.

By the way, in his own words, the song was inspired by the rays of light that illuminate the morning as they enter through his window and have the ability to take you to a totally new, happy and inspiring place 🌞

rigoberta bandini 2022

Rigoberta Bandini | Ay Mamá

Dubbing actress, playwright and since 2020 indie singer, vindictive and viral, this is Paula Ribó González, whose stage name is Rigoberta Bandini.

She has been about to represent Spain at Eurovision 2022. Although she will not do it, her song ‘Ay mamá’ has already triumphed, for its rhythm, its pro-mom message and this verse that already remain for history:

Paremos la ciudad sacando un pecho fuera al puro estilo Delacroix (Let’s stop the city by sticking a breast out in pure Delacroix style)

the best songs of 2022

Baby Strange | Midnight

This young band from Glasgow (Ireland) debuted in 2013 with the song “Friend“. 3 years later they released their debut album ‘Want It Need It‘. They continued to push forward in 2021 with the EP ‘Land of Nothing‘ and their hit ‘More! More! More!‘.

They are predestined to go far with their dark and raw rock. This is evidenced by ‘Midnight‘, a bombshell with a sound and aesthetics somewhere between melancholy and warped beauty.

AURORA A Dangerous thing

AURORA | A Dangerous Thing

AURORA Aknes is a Norwegian artist who has been growing her “warriors and weirdos”, as she calls her fans, since 2012.

2022 is the year of her 3rd album, ‘The Gods We Can Touch‘, which includes this wonder, ‘A Dangerous Thing‘, and which deals with shame, desire and morality, all overlaid with Greek mythology.

music 2022

Francesco Renga | Quando Trovo Te

Francesco is an Italian singer-songwriter with 21 albums behind him, as a soloist and in his band, ‘Timoria‘.

He took part in the San Remo festival in 2021 with ‘Quando Trovo Te (When I find you)‘, but the song is so spectacular that we could not let it pass. In it he narrates the moment when that happy memory that we keep deep inside resurfaces in our lives.

Music 2022

hippymigué, Carlos Gómez | Mundos Bonitos

There’s no better way to kick off 2022 than with a track full of emotion.

hippymigué declares himself a converted rapper. Thanks to this conversion he now fuses flamenco with Pop rhythms, achieving authentic wonders like this ‘Mundos Bonitos‘, or ‘La Atalaya‘ that we already included in the best of 2021.

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