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best hits 2021

The Veronicas | Godzilla

These Australian twins named Lisa Marie and Jessica Louise Origliasso, started in music in 2005 and since then they have had many hits, including ‘Untouched‘, which is sure to ring a bell.

This year they are releasing not one but 2 albums. The first one, called like this track ‘Godzilla‘, is expected to be powerful. Guitars and synths blaring!

2021 spanish music

Shinova | Te Debo Una Canción

The Spanish band is skyrocketing with their latest album “La Buena Suerte (The Good Luck)”, released despite the pandemic with 11 fantastic tracks.

As the band explains, they started in 2008, between the sweltering heat of July, the sighting of a UFO and existential doubts. They have evolved a lot since then, but the essential remains, their love for music.

pop 2021

L.L.A.M.A, Ne-Yo y Carmen DeLeon | Shake

The young Andean L.L.AM.A composed this energetic and fun song because his goal in music is to make us happy. Even its name invites to it, Laugh Love And Music Always.

The great R&B artist Ne-Yo and Carmen DeLeon, a new rising star, join him to make this motivational and positive tune. If you have kids at home, play it for them, they will love it!

best 2021 music

YIRUMA | Kiss The Rain

This great South Korean composer is a master at the piano and has been proving it since 2001, in all his albums. 

His best-known work is “Kiss the Rain” which, despite being from 2003, has been re-recorded with orchestra this year. It sounds awesome and is one of the greatest tunes of 2021!

2021 greatest hits

Willie Jones | American Dream

How does a 26-year-old black kid from Louisiana put such a big spin on a genre like Country? The answer lies in his debut album ‘Right Now‘.

American Dream” is a shout against racism in America wrapped in masterfully written Country music. The video is not to be missed!

the best songs of 2021

SOEN | Illusion

The new album of this Swedish metal band is called ‘IMPERIAL 🛒and you are going to love it,

The single “Illusion”, even being the quietest track on the record, is as special as the voice of his singer Joel Ekelöf. 5 minutes of absolute enjoyment, that make it one of the best songs this 2021.

top 2021

Zahara | Merichane

Merichane‘ is a term used pejoratively as “the town whore”. It also means “the mouth of ten thousand men” which is how Cleopatra was known, for her supposed artistry in fellatio.

The song introduces Zahara’s new album, called ‘Puta (Whore)‘.

the best of 2021

Tiera ft. BRELAND | Miles

Country music is very much alive. The proof is Tiera, a young artist from Nashville who has just released her first EP, Tiera‘. She counts on BRELAND, another young talent who hit the charts last year with ‘My Truck‘.

music 2021 Tom Speight

Tom Speight | Everything's Waiting For You

This young British man has been releasing short discs (EPs) since 2006 with high quality songs. You will love the one we have chosen because of the positivism it conveys!

epica best tunes 2021

EPICA | Rivers

After almost 20 years on stage Epica managed to compose their most amazing album yet, ‘Omega (ΩMEGA)’, a collection of larger-than-life epic anthems which melodies will live long inside you.

hits 2021

Smith & Thell | Goliath

Lyrics, lyrics, lyrics, this Swedish duo are first and foremost extraordinary storytellers who dress their songs with catchy Pop melodies you can’t get out of your head. ‘Pixie’s Parasol’, Smith & Thell’s new 2021 album, is presented with “Goliath”, a song that reminds me why good Pop moves me so much 🎉

songs 2021 you can't miss

HAEVN | Throw Me A Line

You might think at first listen that this Dutch band makes music to relax, to find comfort, but HAEVN goes far beyond. Get ready to be moved by a captivating blend of melodies and lyrics that turn simplicity into beauty. It’s without a doubt, one of my favourite songs of 2021 and I’m sure it will be yours too.

new music 2021

RAYE | Regardless

RAYE had already a place in music writing for stars like Beyoncé, featuring in hits with David Guetta, Jonas Blue or Jax Jones, and releasing EPs, but she has just presented her 1st album, ‘Euphoric Sad Songs’. Spectacular Dance-Pop with a bittersweet story behind.

latest 2021

Jübel | Weeknd Vibe

Jubël plays sublime melodies steeped in summer tinges. They have just released their latest single ‘Weekend Vibe’ as a follow-up to a first EP, “Strawtown, which I had to buy instantly upon hearing it because it transmits good vibes from all sides 😉

2021 greatest songs

Javy Ramírez | La Frase

When Javy Ramírez said that he wanted to be a musician, everyone told him that only 1 in a million makes it. We can safely say that he is that 1. His 3 first singles ‘La Frase (The Sentence)’, ‘Tu Nombre (Your Name)’ and ‘Quién Robó Tu Luz (Who stole your light)are simply wonderful 🖤 Don’t miss his 2021 album, it’s out now.

new songs 2021

Tom Grennan | Little Bit Of Love

He convinced us with his first album ‘Lighting Matches’ that he was one of the new British voices to follow, but his latest record, ‘Evering Road’, is going to enshrine him. You only need to listen to his single “A Little Bit of Love” to know that something big is coming. I have a new favourite song, what about you? 😉

biggest hits 2021

EMELIE HOLLOW | Break It Right

Emelie Hollow should be listened to in silence, alone, in the dark. This way her sweet voice fills the space with beauty. She has a new album called “Half the Story”, where she tells us that there is no kind way to break someone’s heart.

mago de oz new tuen 2021

Mágo de Oz | Tu Madre Es Una Cabra

Mago de Oz will release their new album “Bandera Negra (Black Flag)” in 2021. It is an album loaded with hooligan rock and good energy, like the second single featuring La Pegatina “Tu Madre es una Cabra (Your mother is a goat).

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