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FOO FIGHTERS But Here We Are | In honor of their late drummer Taylor Hawkins

foo fighters but here we are

Dave Grohl, founder and leader of Foo Fighters, promised that if someone in the group died he would not release a new album, so why have they released ‘But Here We Are‘, following the death of his close friend and drummer of the group, Taylor Hawkins?

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Foo Fighters Rescued

The year 2022 was marked by the death of Taylor Hawkins, the lead drummer of Foo Fighters. The band was at that time on tour in South America, which was an even bigger blow for Foo Fighters members.

Although David Grohl, the band’s leader, had always said that without one of its members Foo Fighters would not exist or release more music, Taylor was much more than a drummer to him, he was a great friend and he could not think of a better way to pay tribute to him than to keep playing and make a full album in his honor. Thus would emerge But Here We Are.

  • Over the 10 tracks included in the album, David explores what life is like after the death of a loved one, in a superb blend of punk and melodic rock.

The album begins with Rescued, released as the first single, is a sample of vulnerability and courage. In the words of the vocalist himself, it is also a “brutally honest and raw” song that talks about the power of music to heal us. The lyrics talk about the suddenness of death and the emptiness it leaves in others:

It came in a flash
It came out of nowhere
It happened so fast
And then it was over

We carry on with Under You, where Grohl looks back again, this time to the many moments shared with Hawkins, who left at just 50 years old.


cómo murió el batería de foo fighters?

Taylor Hawkins

In Hearing Voices, with a more relaxed tone, he reflects the melancholy for the death of his partner and friend. Nothing hurts more than losing someone you love:

It’s quiet in my room
The silence is unfair
I’ve been hearing voices
None of them are you
Late at night I tell myself 
Nothing this good could last forever

On the title track But Here We Are, David Grohl sings from the deepest part of his gut for all those colleagues and friends who have gone before their time, something that seems to be recurrent in his life 😞

The Glass explores in a more acoustic tone the dichotomy between moving on and not being able to get over the death of someone.

I had a vision of you, and just like that
I was left to live without it, left to live without it
I found a version of love, and just like that
I was left to live without it, left to live without it

Nothing At All is rhythmic in the verses and powerful in the choruses. Grohl sings from the soul about the huge void that Hawkins left with his death. Although fully aware that his friend is not coming back, the singer demonstrates throughout the song that he still has to learn to be able to accept it and live with it.

On Show Me How, the group’s third single, David is joined by his daughter Violet, with whom he creates harmonies that bring true peace. Totally enveloping, this track talks about promises and, again, about the pain left in the group’s vocalist by the death of Taylor Hawkins.

We almost put the finishing touch to this album with Beyond Me, a song that gains intensity as the seconds go by. In this case David makes reference to his mother, Virginia Grohl, who also passed away in mid 2022.

Everything we love must grow old
Or so I’m told, or so I’m told
You must release what you hold dear
Or so I fear, or so I fear

The Teacher, the album’s fourth and final single, is also about Virginia Grohl and the hole she left in her son’s heart. At 10 minutes long, it is the longest Foo Fighters song.

  • Virginia, a teacher by profession, once retired published her first book, which included a series of interviews with mothers of famous musicians, like her son.

Virginia raised Dave alone, so their relationship was always very close, making her departure even harder for the singer.

You showed me how to breathe
Never showed me how to say goodbye
You showed me how to be
Never showed me how to say goodbye

Although The Teacher would have been the perfect ending, David still had one last message for Taylor Hawkins, may he rest in peace. That’s what Rest, which closes one of Foo Fighters’ best albums, is all about.

Loaded with emotion, raw lyrics and straightforward rock, But Here We Are marks a new chapter in the life of those who remain, namely Foo Fighters.

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