FLAVIO | You have not heard a voice like this

When someone has talent, it can appear in multiple ways. In Flavio’s case, it emerges when writing, as in his book ‘Yo con yo mismo‘, when playing the piano, and above all, when singing. His deep voice sounds spectacular in ballads like ‘Quiero que seas feliz‘.
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Flavio Quiero que seas feliz (I want you to be happy)

Who is Flavio? | Brief bio

Born in Murcia (Spain) in 2000, Flavio Augusto Fernández Nicolás, following in the footsteps of his musician grandparents, joined the children’s choir, although he reserved weekends for chess tournaments ♟️ He soon took up the piano, which he has been studying for more than 15 years at the conservatory. With guitar and trumpet he preferred to learn on his own. In 2019 he uploaded his first video to social networks, although his life would really change when he was chosen for the 11th edition of the musical TV contest Operación Triunfo, in which he would reach a 2nd position. In his words:
It has been a big change because of the number of followers and people who know me, but above all because of the learning on an artistic and personal level.
  • From the contest, in addition to popularity, he won his partner, Samantha, also a contestant.
pareja Flavio

Flavio and Samantha


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Flavio Flavio | His first album

Still in 2019 and within the contest, Flavio would publish his first single ‘Calma‘. With jazz and urban touches, the song talks about a relationship that doesn’t work out where each one decides to go their own way. Flavio would sign a contract with Warner Music Spain releasing in 2020, ‘Yo con Yo Mismo (Me with myself)’, a piano ballad that tells the story of a boy trying to fend for himself.
  • That would be the title of his book published in 2021. A poetry book written in prose ✍️ that also includes anecdotes from his childhood, photographs from the notebook he used in the contest, songs and stories.
Aware that in today’s music industry if you release an album and no song is known beforehand, it will most likely be lost in oblivion, he decided to release several singles: ‘Ya (Already)‘, in collaboration with Daniel Sabater, ‘Dejarse Llevar (Letting go)‘, and ‘Cuando Haya Terminado Todo (When everything is over)‘. With all of them he obtained good positions in the digital platforms. We especially enjoy ‘Sobran las palabras (No need for words)‘: Another of the songs with which Flavio has surprised the public, is ‘Los de arriba (Those at the top)‘, a rap that conveys a message of equality, against particular egos. With all these songs behind him he finally releases in 2021 his first album, named after him ‘Flavio’. As Flavio himself admits:
The only thing that all the songs on the album have in common is my voice.

Flavio Quiero que seas feliz | New music in 2022

The album ‘Flavio‘ reached the 2nd place in the Spanish sales chart, taking him on tour in the summer of 2021. Already in 2022, Flavio focused on what he does best, displaying his fantastic deep voice in a ballad that touches the heart, ‘Quiero que seas feliz (I want you to be happy)‘.
  • In it he expresses his regret for a love that ended and that he wants to get back any way he can.
  • The song begins with a slow rhythm, which as the song progresses grows and grows, unleashing all the passion she carries inside 💗
Although Flavio’s goal was to be a piano teacher, his course has changed, and although he still has a long way to go, he assures:
I’m clear that I’m going to get there no matter what it takes.
While he delights us with more music, we leave you with our favorite track from Flavio, ‘Mi otra mitad (My other half)‘:
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