CARLOS RIVERA Sincerándome | The most honest album from the greatest Mexican solo artist of today

carlos rivera sincerandome

The Mexican actor, singer and songwriter is a sensation in Mexico and abroad. Carlos Rivera’s new album, Sincerándome (Sincerely), was long awaited. The patience has been worth it, because it is a magnificent work, sincere, reflective and full of emotions and personal experiences. Discover them!

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CARLOS RIVERA Sincerándome (Sincerely)

Sincerándome by Carlos Rivera | Story behind

The Mexican Carlos Rivera returns with his seventh album, an album full of sincerity, as can be guessed by its name. Sincerándome is a reflective album, crowded with vital experiences that we will go through along its songs.

The album begins with the ballad that gives its name to this awaited work, ‘Sincerándome‘, which was born during his last tour. With this song, the singer opens up about the pressure to be a role model, to be perfect.

  • In fact, this need to be accepted by everyone has meant ups and downs in his life, so much so that in 2019 he suffered the consequences of those thoughts:

I would like to be much more lighthearted, but it is not easy to change if I was taught that I must always be the best, the hero, the person of honor 👼, and there are days when I have to pretend it.

In ‘Un viaje a todas partes (A trip everywhere)‘, Carlos Rivera joins his voice to that of his compatriot Melissa Robles. The song talks about love, about that person who came into his life and with whom he has been lucky enough to travel dozens of places. Carlos said that “it is an aspirational song, a love story where they dream of building a home together…“.

We continue diving into Carlos Rivera with La carta (The letter)‘, a song dedicated to his now wife, Cynthia Rodriguez. In its verses, the singer declares his love for her and expresses how important she is to him. A declaration of love that makes us understand why both decided to get married.

Carlos rivera y su mujer

Carlos rivera and wife Cynthia Rodriguez

Who is Cynthia Rodríguez and how did she and Carlos meet?

Cynthia Rodríguez is a Mexican singer, actress and presenter. Both artists met in 2005, during the recordings of the singing contest “La Academia”, although it was not until 2015 when the romance between them emerged, or at least became public.

After this high dose of unconditional love and romanticism, we jump to ‘Digan lo que digan (Whatever they say)‘, another of the singles in which Carlos defends the love story with his wife 😍:

It was born from pain, but that while writing it was transformed into a love song, a love that triumphs despite everything and everyone.

In ‘Empieza por mi boca (Start with my mouth)‘, Carlos Rivera opens up body and soul, and is willing to do anything with that special person.

Carlos changes the rhythm in ‘Alguien me espera en Madrid (Someone waits for me in Madrid)‘, a much more upbeat song with a sound with clear Mexican overtones. Carin Leon and Eden Muñoz join Carlos talking about traveling and leaving your homeland ✈️

Despite having traveled all over the world, Carlos Rivera talks about someone waiting for him in Madrid, a city he is deeply in love with. In Spain, he was the first actor to play Simba in the musical The Lion King.

The artist still lives in his native Mexico, although he loves to return to Madrid whenever he has the chance, as he explains:

Obviously Mexico is my country and I love it, where my people and my food are, but just coming to Madrid makes me happy.

At just 18 years old, Carlos Rivera embarked on the journey of a lifetime. He did so with his participation in the Mexican television contest La Academia.

  • He was first in the TV program and, since then, his career has been on the rise. He has never forgotten his beginnings, as he demonstrates with ‘Siempre estaré aquí (I’ll always be here)‘, a song about goodbyes, about leaving home…

In ‘Te soñé (I dreamed of you)‘, Carlos Rivera sings with Colombian Carlos Vives about dreams. Loaded with references to his culture, the song is upbeat and full of rhythm. In it, he talks about nothing more and nothing less than his homeland, Tlaxcala, a magical place that Carlos Rivera is totally proud of.

With ‘Mi niña linda (My pretty girl)‘ we find Sincerándome’ latest collaboration, this time with Argentinean Nahuel Pennisi. The song is about Liz, Caros’ older sister.

  • Liz has always been one of the great pillars in the singer’s life.

And after her brother, of course, comes her mother, to whom he dedicates ‘Eres tú mamá (It’s you mum)‘.

Carlos Rivera mamá

Carlos Rivera live

  • Along with these 10 songs, Carlos Rivera has also released acoustic versions of all of them, recorded in Casa Huamantla (Mexico), a very meaningful place for him.

This is a personal album, composed from beginning to end by the artist himself. Sincerándome is an album worth listening to if you want to get to know Carlos Rivera’s most intimate side.

The lyrics and each of my songs have everything from my own life, but they seek to identify with people’s everyday stories, that’s where my music has found its place, in people’s hearts.

Carlos Rivera

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