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EVLAY 333 | Debut album of the trendy Argentine producer

The producer behind multiple hits by Wos, Bizarrap, Nicki Nicole, Rauw Alejandro or Sebastian Yatra, comes out from behind the mixing desk to release his first full-length album ‘333’, his fetish number. There is a lot of life beyond reggaeton and hip-hop in Argentina.

Who is Evlay?

Evlay is the stage name of Argentinean producer Facundo Yalve (his stage name is his last name read backwards ‘evlay’ 😁).

Born in 1993 in Villa Caraza, Buenos Aires, he started in music as a soundman for his father. He learned guitar and started producing the bands at the church he went to.

  • His first band was called ‘Sentencia Previa (Previous Judgment)‘, with a punky style. Later he would create an instrumental music band, ‘Arcos y Flechas (Bows and Arrows)’.

Although he began studying psychology, he soon told his father that he wanted to study music production. With his support he threw himself into it and would soon start working in music studio as ‘3Música’, without getting paid.

One night in 2018, Facundo Yalve, who had already adopted Evlay as his stage name, met the Argentine trap singer, Dak1llah, showed him some beats that fascinated her. That same night they would record Dak1llah’s biggest hit ‘Act1tud‘.

  • In 2018 she would release her first single as Evlay ‘Flex’.

That opened many doors for him, meeting the popular Argentine freestyler WOS, to whom he would produce his first and successful album ‘CARAVANA’ in 2019, also becoming the guitarist of his band 🎸.

  • That same year he would also produce Nicki Nicole, CA7RIEL and Paco Amoroso.

In 2020, he released his first EP, titled “#1824”, with his newly created record label, ‘Caraza Record’. Both in honor of his home neighborhood, Villa Caraza, whose zip code is 1824, which he also has tattooed on his forehead.

He would return to produce WOS’s 2nd album ‘OSCURO ÉXTASIS (DARK ECSTASIS)’ in 2021, with which he won the Gardel Award for Best Producer, in addition to the Gardel de Oro, also receiving multiple nominations for the 2022 Grammys.

With all that momentum and the inspiration of his trips to Berlin where he made contact with the ambient techno bunker, he would publish in 2023 his first album ‘333’.

evlay STORY
what does evlay mean?

Evlay (Facebook Images)

Well here I present EVLAY_333, an album where I could capture everything I felt in these 2 years. It is the beginning of something new, something that I want to tell in another way leaving a little behind the console but being at the same time. Thanks to all who support me and continue to support me, those who support my dreams and above all to the music lovers and those who always want to kick the board a little more.


Evlay 333 | Review

At the beginning of November 2023, ‘333’, Evlay’s first album, was released, with 12 songs featuring artists such as Wos, Santiago Motorizado, An Espil, Ca7riel and even his grandmother Chela 👵.

All the bases of the album were created by Evlay, while the lyrics are by each performer.

Many of the sounds on the album were recorded by Evlay while visiting Europe. We can hear everything from trains, cars to the subway.

Evlay came to create more than 30 bases with different styles that interested him, leaving finally these 12:

  1. BEFORE THE START: Heavy distortion, tribal chanting and powerful rhythm to kick off a groundbreaking album.
  2. INVESTED: Takes his friend WOS, of whose band he is guitarist and producer, and Santiago Motorizado, the writer of the lyrics dedicated to Lionel Messi and the victory of the Argentine national team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, to areas not previously explored by both artists. Our Emotion of the Week.
  3. INFLEXIÓN: First single from 333 with fellow singer/songwriter An Espil, it perfectly introduces the ambient and eclectic concept of the album.
  4. ANTRO: This time with his friend Cata (CA7RIEL), introduces us to a gloomy atmosphere, like an old church at night. A hallucinating sonic journey born from Evlay’s trips to Berlin, whose techno and electronic music has influenced the whole album.
  5. SILLÓN VERDE: With the collaboration of Todo Aparenta Normal, Evlay presents us with an abstract theme with phrases like: “the air is a goddess when singing”.
  6. 333/C.H: Instrumental track with Antonio Algo that serves as a respite in the middle of the album.
  7. CHELA: 60 seconds in which Chela, Evlay’s grandmother, sings this nostalgic song that she sang as a child to Facundo de Jaime Torres, called “Naranjitay”.
  8. CABEZAS DEL TIEMPO: In an album full of collaboration, Evlay counts in this case with Tomy Sainz and Lisandro Aristimuño for a techno track that keeps repeating “son las cabezas del tiempo”.
  9. NO SIENTO MI SANGRE: As in the whole album, it gives priority to the music and the sound effect, using the voice, in this case of TAICHU, as another element to which it incorporates reverb and distortion to the fullest.
  10. PAPELITOS: The only track in which he mixes hip-hop and electronic music with the help of Neo Pistea.
  11. VASCO: With the fantastic soul voice of CATER1NAH singing in English Evlay creates another great progressive track that ends in a soft classical piano.
  12. 515: With Pedrito Paquale as a guest, 333 closes with a new instrumental and experimental track with a melancholic but powerful ending.

‘333’ is a great album that represents just one more step in Evlay’s career, who has declared that he is already preparing a new stage as a DJ, under the alias ‘BRICHTV’, which he takes from his mother’s surname and has already tattooed on his head. We’ll keep an eye out for it!

Video | Evlay, WOS, Santiago Motorizado INVESTIDO (INVESTED)

Evlay 'Investido' Lyrics

No sé de dónde viene
Toda esta gente
No la conozco
Quiero servirle

Espero al gran espíritu
Estoy señalando
Espero me ayude
Te quiero abrazar

Este lugar ahora es mi casa
Una lucha contra miles de enemigos
Que nunca va a terminar

Y nunca va a terminar
Y nunca va a terminar

Yo voy a hacer
Todo lo que digas vos
Voy a adorarte
Yo voy a adorarte

Fui investido
En un traje de oro
Yo voy a adorarte a vos
Voy a adorarte

Todo lo que soy empezó del lodo
Aprendiendo a gambetear en la boca del lobo
Corrí como un rumor en la boca de todos
Crucé los mares y dejé mi estela de oro
Y gira el mundo y de pronto parece a mis pies
Transpiran mis sueño’ buscando un lugar donde ser
Lo sé, el camino es largo pero no gana la sed
Y estoy dispuesto a creer, a crear los motivos que viajan conmigo
Y no me dejan caer

Haré que la gloria caliente tu cielo en invierno
Yo sigo intentando esta hazaña
En este nido de pirañas que a veces se viste de infierno
Donde los dedos se ensañan
Y mientras señalan piden mi destierro
Pero ni todas la guadañas apuntándome al cuello
Pueden torcer mi destino de hierro

Todo llega y hoy pareciera que así estaba escrito
Cerramos los ojos, apretamos los dientes y confiamo’ en la entrega
Profanar el Olimpo y volver a la tierra
Para hacer testigo al planeta
De una historia que va a ser eterna

Yo voy a hacer
Todo lo que digas vos
Voy a adorarte
Yo voy a adorarte

Fui envestido
En un traje de oro
Yo voy a adorarte a vos
Voy a adorarte

Evlay 'Investido' Lyrics in English

I don’t know where it comes from
All these people
I don’t know them
I want to serve you

I wait for the great spirit
I am pointing
I hope it helps me
I want to embrace you

This place is now my home
A fight against thousands of enemies
That will never end

And it will never end
And it will never end

I’m going to do
Everything you say
I’m gonna worship you
I’m gonna worship you

I was invested
In a golden robe
I’m going to worship you
I’m going to worship you

All that I am started from the mud
Learning to dribble in the wolf’s mouth
I ran like a rumor in everyone’s mouth
I crossed the seas and left my trail of gold
And the world turns and suddenly it seems at my feet
My dreams transpire’ looking for a place to be
I know, the road is long but thirst doesn’t win out
And I’m willing to believe, to create the motives that travel with me
And won’t let me fall

I’ll make the glory warm your winter sky
I keep trying this feat
In this piranha’s nest that sometimes dresses as hell
Where the fingers rage
And while they point they ask for my banishment
But not even all the scythes pointing at my neck
Can twist my iron destiny

Everything comes and today it seems that it was written so
We close our eyes, clench our teeth and trust in delivery
To desecrate Olympus and return to earth
To make the planet a witness
Of a story that will be eternal

I’m going to do
Everything you say
I’m going to worship you
I’m going to adore you

I was wrapped
In a garment of gold
I’m gonna worship you
I’m going to worship you

Author | JC Trembol

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