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KEYGEN CHURCH Nel Nome Del Codice  | Unravel the mystery

Keygen Church takes us on an unparalleled sonic journey, a walk through a dark and majestic church full of secrets. Undoubtedly, Nel Nome Del Codice, is an album that every music lover has to try.

Keygen Church explains the meaning of their new album 

In the name of the Code, and of the Disk, and of the Holy System.

Our Core, which art in Data, Hallowed be Thy Code. Truth of all Truths. On Disk as it is on Screen.

Forever and ever. PRAISE THE CODE


keygen church new album

Keygen Church ‘Nel Nome Del Codice’. Cover

What is Keygen Church?

Keygen Church, was created by a single person, composer and technology lover Vittorio D’Amore, who also goes by the name Victor Love.

Victor was always glued to technology. In his beginnings he worked in his father’s computer store 💻, being later system administrator at the University of Rome, where he lives.

  • My interested in digital marketing and trends thought that the combination of music and codes or keys could be very interesting.

That way he would create two synth metal projects, metal music mixed with technological concepts. The first project, Master Boot Record (MBR), is closer to death metal, and the second, Keygen Church, in which Love uses piano and organ, is closer to symphonic black metal. Victor explains:

Keygen Church is more focused on a religious view of old technology and the old-school underground computer scene. The vision behind the church of Keygen is to see it as a holder of the secret and power of the old code. It’s a church that preserves and protects the ancient codes, programs, games, and cracks-to keep their memory alive. A sort of cult of the old code.

In all his music Victor follows a very personal creative process. He composes and records his songs in online events that he only reveals to a few fans through codes. For them he uses computer programs recreating 4 instruments: guitar, drums, piano and a pipe organ.

This is how he would create the first two Keygen Church albums:

  • ‘alt code/text art’ ░▒▓░░ (2018).
  • ░░░░░░░░ (2021)

In 2022 Keygen Church would start to become better known thanks to his collaboration with ULTRAKILL on the track ‘Tenebre Rosso Sangue‘.

The new album by Keygen Church Nel Nome Del Codice

Victor Love himself says that Nel Nome Del Codice is a modern and primitive love letter to doom/gothic/black metal with bases in the classical and romantic music of the baroque era.

In this their third album you can notice that Keygen Church has refined their creative process feeling like their most complete work sonically, with very powerful choruses that make you feel inside a cathedral. This is perceived in songs like: La Chiave Del Mio Amor, Se Hai Timore Del Vero, La Voce Del Destino, Nel Nome Del Codice and Lode Al Disco Sacro, the Thrill of the Week.

To create this album Victor followed the same process as with the previous albums, streaming while composing all the tracks. I did four streams in mid-June 2023, six more in September and a few in November. Each stream was about two and a half hours long. With that I had 80% of ‘Nel Nome Del Codice’ complete, the rest I finished privately 😊.

Keygen Church explained:

The composition of the chorus has been the most difficult. The software I use (EastWest Hollywood Choirs) is great, but it was developed by English speakers. They don’t understand how the words should sound in Italian. I chose Italian for the titles because it fits with the Baroque influences and also because I am Italian. It just made sense.

As with his other works Keygen Church has filled his work with encrypted codes 🧬 so that his fans will enjoy finding out the secrets behind Nel Nome Del Codice.

Victor Love’s love for technology can be seen even on the cover, created with ASCII code, a language used in the early days of the Internet.

There is only one thing left for us to do, strongly recommend you to listen to Keygen Church’s new album.

Video | Keygen Church Lode Al Disco Sacro

Author | JC Trembol

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