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Bruno Mars is back in the business in 2021, but this time he is not alone but accompanied by Anderson .Paak. Together they form Silk Sonic, but this raises many questions: Why are they releasing an album together, why do they call themselves Silk Sonic, who is Ricky Regal, will Silk Sonic remain togeether? We tell you all about it 📣

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(Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak) Silk Sonic Leave the Door Open


🎙Silk Sonic Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak

Estados Unidos | 2021
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  • This is the way Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s project, Silk Sonic, starts:
  • The voice you hear in the video belong to the legendary Bootsy Collins (‘I’d rather be with you‘ is his most famous track). He was one of the funk pioneers and a master of electric bass.
  • He is an idol for Mars and Anderson as one of those artists that set the foundation of being a superstar, that’s why they asked Bootsy to host their project. You’ll find him narrating through “An Evening with Silk Sonic, which will be the album’s title, putting that connection thread among all the songs.

Where does the name Silk Sonic come from? It was Bootsy Collins who proposed it. Bruno and Anderson loved it because they were a little stuck with their ideas (Robocop Funk, A World Gone Pair, Turkish Gold o Turkish Prison) 😩

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Silk Sonic Facebook Image

  • Many of you may be wondering, How did Bruno and Anderson come together? Bruno Mars explained it this way:

It happened naturally, the only way it could work out. It came together organically. Anderson is one of the best musicians I’ve seen perform in my life. We both love music and have the same inspiration.

  • Bruno y Anderson met on tour in 2017, they connected and started going together to the studio. Anderson invited Bruno to the recording of his 2019 album (Ventura), and it was kind of a snowball that led them to form Silk Sonic.
  • Surely you know Bruno Mars, his songs and biography, but maybe you weren’t following Anderson .Paak’s career. That will change after you listen to his most famous song:

Anderson .Paak Come Down

  • The entire Silk Sonic project has been carried out in top secret. When asked about it, Anderson commented:

I wanted to tell everybody, but Bruno was all the time stopping me. He wanted our music to speak for us rather than let rumors or critics judge what could our collaboration be.

  • They released the first single “Leave the Door Open” without announcing the album release date, but it was finally November 2021 when we could enjoy the full record, ‘An Evening with Silk Sonic‘.

Who is Ricky Regal? Ricky Regal is Bruno Mars alter ego. Well, it’s actually Bruno Mars’ clothing brand in collaboration with Lacoste 🐊

Lacoste gave Bruno Mars complete freedom to design his own brand clothing line. Bruno thought that if he were going to wear those clothes, it would be very weird to have his name on them, so he decided to mark his designs with Ricky Regal label.

Their most ambitious song | Leave the Door Open

  • Leave the door open‘ is soulful, melodic and anticipates a great album. Bruno Mars said:

It’s like a statement piece, it wraps up the whole body of the album. Not to mention that is probably the most ambitious song they have ever worked on. It has tempo changes, modulations…. We tried to sing our asses off to build something we are proud of, after all the records and tours we’ve both been through.

Silk Sonic Skate | A Summertime Jam single

Skate‘ is the next teaser for Silk Sonic’s album, specially designed for the summer. Bruno and Anderson described it as “Summertime Jam“.

In the video they keep the same soulful and fun vibe of ‘I’ll leave the door open‘, combining their voices in a great way. Enjoy it!

The Album | Silk Sonic An Evening with Silk Sonic

Composed of 8 tracks, if we discount the intro, ‘An Evening with Silk Sonic‘ takes us back to the sounds of Motown, to the years when music kissed you when you listened to it.

Along with the 2 singles that introduced the Silk Sonic duo to the world, ‘Leave the door open‘ and ‘Skate‘, the album brings us tracks to jump on the dance floor like ‘Fly As Me‘ or ‘777‘, and others to melt us like ‘Blast Off‘, with a wonderful electric guitar solo, or ‘After Last Night‘ featuring Bootsy Collins and Thundercat.

If you want to hear Bruno in all his splendor, ‘Put On a Smile‘ is the perfect track.

Finally, the third single, ‘Smokin Out The Window‘, very classy!

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