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REVOLVER Adictos a la Euforia | The return of a Spanish Rock master

After more than three decades of a career defined by good work, honesty and connecting with the public’s emotions, Carlos Goñí tells us that Revolver’s new album, Adictos a la Euforia (Euphoria Addicts), is his most personal work. Find out everything about it!

What is ‘Adictos a la Euforia’ about?

In Carlos Goñi’s twelfth studio album, or in other words, Revolver’s, we find 9 magnificent songs that sound like the band’s early years, much more rock than in their last albums.

  • Adictos a la Euforia (Addicted to Euphoria) is a declaration of intentions, an album that invites us to look at things from a positive perspective 👍
  • The frontman, Carlos Goñi, is a master at telling stories, moods, metaphors, that’s what we find in Revolver’s new album, a sonic journey full of rock and lyricism.
Adictos a la euforia

Carlos Goñi (Revolver frontman)

The albumn tells a story as true as it is absurd, to the point that it could have been written by Berlanga and Azcona. Everything for air in exchange for a minute of glory, for a magical moment that takes us to that world of euphoria that none of us would like to leave and that we all dream of reaching. But of course, there is always a price: the one that each one of us is willing to pay. No more, no less.

Carlos Goñi (Revolver)

Carlos Goñi hates doing playback, which has kept him away from television for many years. Everything would change in 2021 when he was invited to the program ”Dúos Increíbles (Amazing duets)‘. A musical contest 100% live.

Adictos a la Euforia (Addicted to Euphoria) | A very personal record

It has been almost 5 years since Revolver’s last album, Capitol , released in 2017, although in 2019, as is customary with Carlos Goñi, he delighted us with a new acoustic album, his Básico IV.

Revolver has not stopped giving concerts all this time, because Carlos Goñi finally found a band made to his measure.

With this impulse and the feeling of being in a great personal moment, he started telling stories again, leaving his soul in it:

Years go by and the only precept in which I don’t change one iota is to do everything as if my life depended on it.

There are fantastic songs on the album, among which we must highlight:

  • 🔥 Al infierno sin papeles (To hell without documents): Carlos said that he is grateful to life for giving him the necessary wisdom to write a song like that. We are especially moved when he sings “Porque cuando ganar se convierte en alivio en vez de satisfacción, perder rima con ordinario y el diablo se juega los cuartos con dios (Because when winning becomes relief instead of satisfaction, losing rhymes with ordinary and the devil takes his chances with god.)“.
  • 🥳 Adictos a la Euforia (Addicted to Euphoria): A nostalgic theme, brimming with youth and the desire to live without fear of anything.

  • 💍 Anillo de Boda (Wedding ring): It is one of the best songs of Revolver. That’s how Carlos Goñi feels, who tells us in the song that the mistake is not that something is over, the mistake is not to start.

Video | Revolver Al Infierno Sin Papeles (To Hell Without Papers)

Author | JC Trembol

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