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rhodes friends like these

Friends Like These’ exudes passion from every pore, as does everything RHODES composes. Throughout its 10 songs Rhodes tells us about his experiences of the last few years, both the good and the bad.

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Who is RHODES?

David Rhodes, born in the UK in 1988, is a British singer-songwriter whose passion for music comes from his father who played the guitar, something that David would copy since he was 10 years old practicing every night 🌚

  • His father would also encourage him to start singing years later.

He started playing guitar in some bands without much repercussion. When he came of age he moved to London and began to compose.

Always’ was one of the first demos Rhodes recorded, with the good fortune that it began to be played on some radio stations. This led him to play in bigger venues for audiences of around 2000 people.

  • Rhodes recalls that his hand was always shaking 😖, but it all allowed him to build up stage experience.

His debut EP, ‘Raise Your Love‘ was released in 2013, followed by another short album under the title ‘Morning‘. In 2014 Rhodes completed his first UK tour, before his first full-length album, ‘Wishes‘, in 2015.

  • It included his biggest hit to date, the duet with Birdy, ‘Let It All Go‘.

Since then Rhodes released several singles including: ‘Not Alone’, alongside Kygo, ‘Your Soul‘, featuring Felix Jaehn, ‘Sleep in a Rose‘ in 2017 and the collaboration with DJ Alle Farben on ‘H.O.L.Y.

In 2020 he would drop a new EP called ‘I’m Not Ok‘ with 4 unreleased tracks.

We reach 2023 when Rhodes releases his fantastic new album ‘Friends Like These.

Rhodes biografía

Rhodes (Press Image)

Rhodes Friends Like These

The idea for title comes from the saying “with friends like that, who needs enemies?“, but Rhodes transformed it into a positive message

My close friends are all over this record and if it wasn’t for them it wouldn’t exist

The album is musically diverse and quite chaotic. It is a celebration of realization, friendship and hope. Born, in Rhodes’ words, from late night thoughts and dreams or conversations with very close friends about personal traumas and trying to move beyond the feelings we can’t face alone.

Rhodes wrote nearly 100 songs during the pandemic dealing with topics such as fatherhood or the toxicity of his label executives, from whom he ended up parting ways.

He was finally left with 10 songs, which make up ‘Friends Like These’, a great quality sophomore album, where we highlight:

  • Good to You: An orchestral pop ballad with an undercurrent of sadness, that of thinking that he is good for nothing if he is not good for his partner.
  • Friends Like These: The track captures the feelings of friendship and what it means to be close to loved ones.
  • No Words: Nothing you say can bring back your love.
  • Drink to This: It’s a song of hope, of lying under the trees and letting your tears dry on the sleeve of the person you trust.
  • The Love I Give: A song to light your inner fire and fight to love again.

Following the release of Friends Like These, RHODES embarks on a Europe-wide tour in 2023 opening a beautiful new chapter in his life.

Top 10 Songs by Rhodes

We have prepared for you a playlist that includes what for us are the 10 best songs of RHODES

To me the songs represent friendship, the chaos of it all and the twists and turns on the winding road that led me to where I am today… I always saw music as a refuge and an escape.


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