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WARD THOMAS Music in the Madness | The best British Country band

Ward Thomas is the only British country group to have achieved a number 1 album in the UK. These twins did it by displaying sensitivity and good work, the same that they have applied in their new album, ‘Music In The Madness‘ which includes gems like ‘Loved by You 💝

Who are Ward Thomas?

Ward Thomas is an English modern country-pop duo, consisting of twin sisters Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas, from Hampshire, UK. They were born 2 minutes apart 👭

They are the first British country stars thanks to their 2nd album ‘Cartwheels‘, which took them to the top of the UK album chart.

They grew up in a very rural environment, surrounded by animals and music. Their parents played in a band, and they were part of all the school choirs. They soon discovered that their voices were a perfect fit and that Country was the genre they loved the most.

Their debut album, ‘From Where We Stand‘, was released in 2014, reaching #1 on the UK Country Chart. The second, ‘Cartwheels‘, would take them even further, to the top of the UK Albums Chart. The track Carry You Home” really deserves it:

In 2017 Ward Thomas released their first EP, ‘A Shorter Story‘, while the third album, ‘Restless Minds‘, would see the light in 2018, and the fourth, ‘Invitation’ in 2020. All of this has positioned them as the most important British Country group today.

best Ward thomas song

Ward Thomas ‘Loved by You’

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Ward Thomas (Facebook Image)

As twin sisters, you just have your whole life, like, from when you’re just born into this world. You’re literally linked from day one.

Catherine y Lizzy Ward Thomas (Ward Thomas)

Music in the Madness | El nuevo álbum de Ward Thomas

In 2023 Ward Thomas is back with their fifth album, ‘Music in the Madness‘, and their return to the stage.

Its title expresses how these twin sisters decided to create music as a balm against the crazy period the world went through since 2020: pandemic, Ukrainian war…

And it is true that this album has a certain healing power. The 12 tracks that compose it will comfort you.

Starting with the title track, ‘Music in the Madness‘, where the harmonies of their voices add to the optimistic message of the song:

Sing it out, full voice, stand up, make noise, we’re alive.

Next to You‘ continues with even more energy, incorporating backing vocals, hand claps and the best Country sound, which they also deploy in the following tracks until they reach ‘America‘ and ‘Joan of Arc‘, two of the best songs on the album 🤩

One of the sisters, Catherine, got married last year and became pregnant with her first child. These major changes have inspired their new music, particularly the last track on the album, “Flower Crowns” which speaks to the huge transition they are going through.

We couldn’t finish in any other way than highlighting what for us is the best song on ‘Music in the Madness’, ‘Loved by you’, it’s simply wonderful. The delicacy of Catherine and Lizzy’s voices is touching.

  • The track talks about having the strength to let go and believe in love again.
  • Ward Thomas joked that ever since they wrote it and showed it to his father, he had been desperate for it to be released into the world. Because his father wanted us all to be as thrilled as he was. Now, let’s enjoy it:

Video | Ward Thomas Loved by You


Late morning, sun in your hair
On the shoulder of the highway
Just one breath, from running scared
‘Cause no one taught me how to stay

And I said, “Maybe I should be alone”
You wrapped me up and drove me home
With you, it’s safe
With you, I changed
I’m finally brave enough to be loved by you

Dark shadows, deep in my mind
Hiding fears that I’m unworthy
Replaying the pain ’til I
Hurt myself before you hurt me

And I say, “You’d be better off alone”
You hold me close and let me know
You’re not afraid
You’re here to stay
Remind me I deserve to be loved by you

Your quiet light, your heart of gold
Showing up everywhere you go
Make it a blessing just to know you

Late morning, sun in your hair
On the shoulder of the farm road
Hand in hand, and I’m not scared
To be planning our tomorrow

I say, “I can’t wait to see it grow”
We laugh and walk each other home
With you, it’s safe
This life we’ve made
I’m forever lucky to be loved by you

WARD THOMAS 'Loved by You' LYRICS in Spanish

A última hora de la mañana, con el sol en el pelo
En el arcén de la autopista
Sólo un aliento, de correr asustado
Porque nadie me enseñó a quedarme

Y dije: “Tal vez debería estar sola”
Me envolviste y me llevaste a casa
Contigo, es seguro
Contigo, he cambiado
Finalmente soy lo suficientemente valiente para que me ames

Sombras oscuras, en lo profundo de mi mente
Escondiendo el miedo de no merecerlo
Reproduciendo el dolor hasta que
Me lastimo antes de que me lastimes

Y digo, “Estarías mejor sola”
Me abrazas y me haces saber
Que no tienes miedo
Que estás aquí para quedarte
Recuérdame que merezco que me ames

Tu luz silenciosa, tu corazón de oro
Apareciendo donde quiera que vayas
Es una bendición sólo conocerte

A última hora de la mañana, el sol en tu pelo
En el arcén de la carretera de la granja
De la mano, y no tengo miedo
De estar planeando nuestro mañana

Digo: “No puedo esperar a verlo crecer”
Nos reímos y nos acompañamos a casa
Contigo, es seguro
Esta vida que hemos hecho
Soy eternamente afortunada porque me quieres

Author | JC Trembol

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