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As you know, Trembol presents 1 new and exciting song every week. Music of all genres, languages, and countries. As the year is over we have compiled the 53 best songs of 2020.

Let’s put good music and a big smile on this 2020!

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📋 Tracklist 53 Best Songs 2020 〖 Artist | Song | Description in 4 words | Country 〗
  1. Alex Palomo 1 Día (1 Day) | Young Promising Talent | Spain
  2. Robin Schulz ft. Alida In Your Eyes | Dance Hit | Germany
  3. Destiny All My Love | Eurovision song | Malta
  4. Of Monsters and Men Visitor | Indie Rock | Island
  5. Marta Soto Podrás Contar Conmigo (You can count on me) | Young Promising Talent | Spain
  6. Movin Sunrise | Machine Music | United Kingdom
  7. Diodato Fai Rumore (Make Noise) | San Remo | Italy
  8. Holly Humberstone Falling Asleep at the Wheel | Young Singer-songwritter | United Kingdom
  9. Derbi Motoreta’s Burrito Cachimba El Valle (The Valley) | Alternative Psychedlic | Spain
  10. Der Astronaut Back To The Moon | Our favourite | Germany
  11. Miley Cyrus Midnight Sky | Long live the 80s | United States
  12. Beyond the Black Human | Ghotic Rock | Germany
  13. Austra Anywayz | New Wave Canada
  14. Topic & A7S Breaking Me | Stylish Dance | Germany
  15. Cami & WOS Funeral | Young Promising Talent | Chile
  16. Nea (Felix Jaehn Remix) Some Say | ‘Eiffel 65 – Blue’ Sample | Sweden
  17. Paloma Faith Better Than This | Good Pop | United Kingdom
  18. Jason Derulo Take You Dancing | TikTok Dance | United Kingdom
  19. Patrick Fiori & Florent Pagny J’y vais (I’m coming) | 2 Great French artists | France
  20. Efecto Pasillo ft. Sinsinati Similares (Similar) | Pop bands fusion | Spain
  21. Michael Stripe & Big Red Machine No Time For Love Like Now | Very true | United States
  22. Kylie Minogue Magic | Tireless Kylie | Australia
  23. Murilo Huff & Henrique e Juliano Desejando Eu (Me wishing) | Live from Brazil | Brazil
  24. Biffy Clyro Space | Must-listen song | United Kingdom
  25. дора Втюрилась (She got into trouble) | Russian Young Talent | Russia
  26. Monica Naranjo Autómata (Automaton) | Electro-pop power | Spain
  27. Machine Gun Kelly Bloody Valentine | Cool Hip-hop | United States
  28. Tommee Profitt Noel, he is born | Epic Carol | United States
  29. Ray LaMontagne We’ll Make It Through | American music with soul | United States
  30. Katy Perry Not The End Of  The World | Cool Pop | United States
  31. Bad Bunny Maldita Pobreza (Damn Poverty) | Finally good trap | Puerto Rico
  32. Palaye Royale Lonely | Very Dark | United States
  33. Aitana ft. Marmi Tu Foto del DNI (Your ID card photo) | Long live Autotune | Spain
  34. Kaleo I Want More | Happy tears | Island
  35. Jubël Someone | Good Vibe | Sweden
  36. Alesso feat. Liam Payne Midnight | Gorgeous Dance Song | Sweden and United Kingdom
  37. Alejandro Fernández Te Olvidé (I Forgot you) | Mexican Ranchera | Mexico
  38. The 1975 If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know) | Renovated Brit Pop | United Kingdom
  39. Lindsey Stirling ft. Kiesza What You’re Made Of | Fiddle to the heart | United States and Canada
  40. Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco Lonely | Honest truth | United States and Canada
  41. Jessie Ware Save a Kiss | Great and Elegant | United Kingdom
  42. Delta Goodrem Solid Gold | Empowerment | Australia
  43. C. Tangana Demasiadas Mujeres (Too Many Women) | It’s never enough | Spain
  44. Tiwa Savage & Sam Smith Temptation | Classy relax | Nigeria and United Kingdom
  45. Kodaline This Must Be Christmas | Other kind of Carol | United Kingdom
  46. Chica Sobresalto Fusión del Núcleo (Core Fusion) | Music Future | Spain
  47. Bruce Springsteen Ghosts | Band Rock | United States
  48. The Weeknd Blinding Lights | Worldwide No.1 | Canada
  49. Lady Gaga & Elton John Sine from Above | Let’s Dance | United States and United Kingdom
  50. Mustafa Ceceli & İrem Derici feat. Sinan Akçıl Çok Sevmek Yasaklanmalı (Loving Too Much Should Be Forbidden) | I love this music | Turkey
  51. Dua Lipa Physical | Another Worldwide No.1 | United Kingdom
  52. Welshy Arms Learn to Let Go | Next favourite song | United States
  53. Mickey Guyton Black Like Me | From the depths | United States

The Best 2020 Music  20 🎙️  Outstanding Songs


Nigeria and UK | 2020
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Temptation” is subtle and soft music with Afrobeats that give the song a magic touch. Perfect to chill out along with the rest of songs from our Relaxing Music Playlist
  • Tiwa Savage is a Nigerian artist who began her career doing backup vocals for George Michael and Mary J. Blige. She participated without much success in the The X Factor in UK, no matter that she ended up being the first Afro-American woman wining MTV’s “Best African Act” award.
  • Sam Smith had teamed up with another famous Nigerian singer, Burna Boy, in his single ‘My Oasis’, only one month before.
  • Tiwa Savage sings in English and Yoruba (a dialect from Western Africa).

DUA LIPA 🎙️ Physical

UK | 2020

RAY LaMONTAGNE 🎙️ We’ll Make It Through

USA | 2020
  • An American singer-songwriter who makes your hair stand on end. Ray LaMontagne released in 2020 his latest album “Monovision(which we highly recommend), with this intimate song that is magical.
  • After the hard year we’ve lived through, you are bound to find comfort in the brilliant humanity of Ray’s music.
  • The song says:

I know you’re scared, can’t see the light
Got to believe it’s gonna be alright
Lean on me and I’ll lean on you
And together, we’ll get through
We always do

Delta Goodrem Facebook Image

Delta Goodrem 🎙️ Solid Gold

Australia | 2020
  • The great Australian singer who became famous worldwide in 2003 with her “Innocent Eyes”, has continued to reap successes since then and in 2020 she released Solid Gold”, a song full of energy and good vibes.
  • Delta described it:

It’s an empowering song about reminding someone of your worth and strength; a song you sing along to with your mates and jam out to in the car with all the windows down


  • The singer later revealed the song was inspired by her recovery from nerve damage to her tongue, which caused loss of regular speech function.

    PATRICK FIOIR & FLORENT PAGNY 🎙️ J’y Vais (I’m Going)

    FRANCE | 2020
    • 2 superb French singers, Patrick Fiori and Florent Pagny join forces in this powerful and moving song.
    • Patrick Fiori started being known thanks to his role in the musical Notre Dame de Paris, and in 2020 he was releasing his 11th album, which includes our “J’y Vais”.
    • 10 years is the time Patrick Fiori waited to offer Florent Pagny the right song that would unite their voices.
    • The tune takes us on a search for the child within us, who always guides our steps.

    Murilo Huff Facebook Image

    Murilo Huff & Henrique e Juliano 🎙️ Desejando Eu (Wishing You)

    Brazil | 2020
    • Murilo Huff is a Brazilian composer who, at 25, has already reached tremendous success with more than 197 million views on YouTube and 148 million streams on Spotify.
    • He has already released the second part of his album Pra Ouvir Tomando Uma (To Hear Taking One)”, after which he has released this wonderful single in 2020 sung with the Brazilian stars Henrique e Juliano, “Desejando Eu”.
    • Live music always sounds better and in Brazil they know it very well, almost all albums are live, like Murilo Huff’s song.

    DIODATO 🎙️ Fai Rumore (Make Noise)

    ITALY | 2020
    • Diodato won the prestigious Italian festival San Remo in 2020 and was going to represent Italy in Eurovision 2020, canceled due to COVID-19. I think he would’ve won as well with this passionate song.
    • “Fai Rumore (Make Noise)”, is a song written for his ex-girlfriend and the silence that their breakup left in his life. Who hasn’t felt that sensation!
    • The tune belongs to the fourth album of this amazing singer-songwriter Che vita meravigliosa”. Pure feeling.

    Paloma Faith Facebook Image

    Paloma Faith 🎙️ Better Than This

    UK | 2020
    • Paloma is worth knowing. Eclectic and with a kind of retro style, she is starting to find hard to keep track of all her number 1 in the UK.
    • Better Than Thisis the first single of her fifth and new album Infinite Things, which she describes as:

      It’s love songs for people who are there to stay. That enduring love. Warts and all. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a love song like that, actually.

    • There are songs that really touch inside. Listen to this tune carefully and I’m sure you will feel like that. It’s gorgeous! 🖤
    • By the way, if want to listen to more Paloma Faith, visit our Workout Playlist


    JASON DEURLO 🎙️ Take You Dancing

    USA | 2020
    • Da, da, da, da, da, da’, I can’t take this melody out of my head, so I decided to infect you 😷, if you weren’t already!
    • Mr. Derulo, has managed to reinvent his career, based on very danceable songs, usually spicy and with many falsettos; thanks to TikTok.
    • After “Savage Love” success, he brings us a tune with video-choreography included, to keep ruling on social media.
    • The song serves its purpose more than enough, as Jason Derulo himself says:

    In these times, we all need a song that’s going to uplift us. Hopefully Take You Dancing can be a light in these trying days

    дора (Dora) 🎙️ Втюрилась

    Russia | 2020
    YouTube, Instagram, VK
    • дора (Dora), is the artistic name of Daria Shikhanova, a young (20 years old in 2020) singer and composer born in Saratov (Russia).
    • She calls her music “Cute Rock”, and truth is that this song Втюрилась fits that definition perfectly 😺
    • Did you know that she chose her name because as a child she loved ‘Dora the Explorer‘ cartoon?
    • If you want more of her music, we recommend “Пошлю Его На…. (Send it…)”. We predict her a great career.

    CAMI 🎙️ Funeral

    Chile | 2020
    Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
    • 2020 is the year of emergence of this young Chilean artist, known thanks to the program The Voice, a good debut album, “Rosa (Rose)”, and several successful collaborations: Un Millon Como Tu (with Lasso), Codependientes (with Jose Madero).
    • Cami brings a lot of character to her music, and that is reflected in her new album, “Monstruo (Monster)”. A folk-rock fusion in which the song that we have selected, “Funeral”, with the Argentine rapper WOS, stands out.
    • Cumbia, salsa, and pop in a combination that is one of the best songs of 2020 💃

    Background Image | Cami Image from Facebook

    Kylie Minogue DISCO Image from Facebook

    KYLIE MINOGUE 🎙️ Magic

    Australia | 2020
    • The Australian who has sold more albums in history is back with her 15th studio record, can you believe it!
    • At her amazing 52, she releases “DISCO”. A return to the 80s, as many artists are doing (Dua Lipa, ABC, The Weeknd)
    • Did you know that because of the COVID-19, he had to record almost the entire album at home and had to learn how to use the recording software? It’s never too late to start anything, and the proof is this wonderful single, “Magic” 🔮




    Germany | 2020
    • We bring you some high-quality gothic metal. Beyond The Black is a band formed in 2014 that has reached maturity with their latest record Horizons.
    • The lead singer, Jennifer Haben, said they have put ‘blood, sweat and tears on it’. You can see it reflected in their theme “Human” and specially in the video.
    • If you want more, you can see their Wacken 2016 concert, the largest Heavy Metal festival in the world 🤘

    Holly Humberstone Image from Facebook

    HOLLY HUMBERSTONE 🎙️ Falling Asleep At The Wheel

    UK | 2020
    Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
    • This young promising British singer became known when she toured with Lewis Capaldi. She has just released in 2020 her first EP (Extended Play – Short Album) “Falling Asleep at the Wheel”.
    • Holly Humberstone confessed Apple Music:

      …I find having conversations really hard, putting things into the context of a song makes it much easier…

    • Holly loves adventure stories: The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc. Don’t be surprised if we see some of that in her next tracks 🔮

    ALEX PALOMO 🎙️ 1 Día (1 Day)

    Spain | 2020
    Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
    • Alex Palomo is a young Spanish talent who has learned how to play multiple instruments in a self-taught way. Like the guitar he’s been playing in some bands.
    • He rose to popularity in The Voice Spain, where Luis Fonsi, said of him:

      …I heard magic, a voice with spectacular nuances and something that cannot be taught …

    • He has released 2 singles in 2020: Quema (It Burns) and the one we’ve selected for you “1 día (1 day)”, a sweet and simple song that is love at first sight, you’ll see.

    Biffy Clyro Image from Facebook

    BIFFY CLYRO 🎙 Space

    UK | 2020
    • Biffy Clyro, a Scottish group formed in 1995, releases their 8th album, “A Celebration Of Endings”. From powerful songs like “Instant History” to this wonderful ballad “Space, this record is full of great music.
    • Biffy Clyro also featured on the UK COVID-19 benefit single that we talk about in “Foo Fighters Times Like These”.
    • If you did not know the group, now is time 😊




    Island | 2020
    • Surely you know this Icelandic indie-pop band, because of their worldwide hit “Little Talks.
    • They have already completed 10 years in music. To celebrate it they have released this brilliant song, “Visitor”, which they recorded just before the pandemic. February in Iceland, they must have been cold ☃!
    • The song talks about looking at ourselves from the outside in a moment of radical change.

    MOVIN 🎙 Sunrise

    UK | 2020
    • Have you ever listened to a “Makina” song? It’s a Spanish blend of happy hardcore. Electronic music that is fast and bouncy. It’s also extremely popular in the North of England and Scotland.
    • The British Nath Belton is the name behind Movin. A great tune with a happy melody that is bound to make you dance. Thrill, how we like it!
    • The song is used in a new TikTok viral challenge.

    DER ASTRONAUT 🎙 Back to the Moon

    Germany | 2020
    • There are really weird shows on TV, but “The Mask Singer” takes the cake. Popular artists sing with a mask and the audience votes for their favourite. Der Astronaut won in 2019.
    • The astronaut is the German singer Max Mutzke, who has released this awesome single. Max took part in Eurovision 2004 with the song Can’t Wait Until Tonight.
    • Other famous masked singers, of which we talk about in Trembol are K-391 and Alan Walker.

    Background Image Der Astronaut Website

    Background Image Miley Cyrus Photo Facebook

    MILEY CYRUS 🎙 Midnight Sky

    USA | 2020
    • 80s are back, that’s great news for a music industry riddle with reggaeton.
    • Miley Cyrus Midnight Sky live show in 2020 MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards) is the happy proof.
    • Furthermore The Weeknd or Dua Lipa are fostering that trend, the same as 80s mythical bands like ABC, that have return with new and fantastic material.
    • Miley Cyrus joined Dua Lipa at the end of 2020 to give us another hit “Prisioner



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