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battle beast circus of a doom
Circus of Doom is the sixth and long awaited new album by the most in-form power metal band of the current scene, Battle Beast. Their singer, Noora Louhimo, surpasses herself releasing the best metal album of 2022.
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Battle Beast Circus of Doom

Why is ‘Circus of Doom’ a memorable album? To understand it, we have to unravel the CD song by song 💿 Circus of Doom begins, unsurprisingly, with an epic track that gives the album its name. Although at the beginning it may seem that this is a calm track, the Finnish band does not take even 10 seconds to put all the meat on the grill.
  • Noora Louhimo’s incredible voice is accompanied by wonderful backing vocals. She confesses that this is her favorite track:
Well, the whole thing started when Janne, our keyboard player, he did these circus-themed songs. And the one I love on the album is the opening track, Circus of Doom. I just love the dynamics and the dramatics and the orchestras, and the choirs and the way that I could bring something new vocally to our audience. I think it definitely represents the whole album.
Good rock continues with Wings of Light, where guitars and brass precede an amazing symphonic bridge.
  • The melody of the chorus sticks in your head, you’ll see:
Take me back to the memory Play me song and the melody Praying for you to cover me With your wings of light
Then comes ‘Master of Illusion’, another single with an infectious rhythm. Keyboard to start, guitar solos, great vocals and lyrics that talk about the greed 🤑 and selfishness of human beings, who destroys everything they touch.
We continue with another fantastic cut which video you will find at the end of the article, ‘Where Angels Fear to Fly’, which opens with almost 40 seconds of pure instrumental to set the scene for Noora gorgeous vocals. If we talk about singing at the top of our lungs 😙 Eye Of The Storm, is undoubtedly the best song. If you don’t believe me, listen to how the song concludes. Roussian Roulette is not far behind either. With a circus-like beginning, is characterized by an electronic and party sound, with spectacular guitar solos and percussion always at its highest level. But if you really want to enjoy the chords of the electric guitar, then ‘Freedom’ is your song, perfect for the classic heavy fans. With ‘Road to Avalon‘ we are approaching the final stretch of this album. On this occasion, we find ourselves in front of a melody that takes us back to the 80s and 90s.
battle beast 2022

Battle Beast

More past decades sounds in ‘Armageddon‘, another great song that also offers us the best of percussion and guitar in the album. We put an end to Circus of Doom with ‘Place That We Call Home‘. A power metal song full of power with choruses that make your hair stand on end. This is our favorite part of the lyrics:
Have you stood in the first morning light?  Have you walked on the shores of the holy? Few are the ones gone to sail o’er the flaming seas Where the moon lights the day, the sun lights the night The shine of the stars guides your journey Shake loose the shackles that bind, claim your destiny Just to be free
Without a doubt, this album represents a huge leap in Battle Beast’s sound, making it the best Power Metal album of 2002. As Noora Louhimo explains, the band never stops evolving and they also get along like a family, so we have a lot of Battle Beast ahead of us!
I think the most important thing is that, as a band, we have found the right way of doing things, our music and being a band.
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