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Nuevo album Ricky Martin Pausa

Ricky Martin Pausa | New album with revolutionary audio technology

ricky martin pausa

Ricky Martin returns in 2020 with the EP “Pausa (Pause)”, in collaboration with leading figures such as Sting or Residente, which also introduces a new immersive audio technology.

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Ricky Martin Simple (ft Sting)

🎙Ricky Martin Pausa

Puerto Rico | 2020
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  • Ricky Martin was going to release his new album and go on a tour in 2020, “Movimiento (Movement)”, but it happened to all of us, the virus upset his plans. Far from standing still, he decided to split the record in 2 parts, the first Pausa (Pause)’, quieter, which he released in 2020 and the second, ‘Play’, danceable, which is expected in 2021.
  • Pausa is an EP (short record) with 6 songs featuring great artists: Sting, Carla Morrison, Residente, Bad Bunny, Diego El Cigala, Farruko and Pedro Capo.
  • We highlight the song “Simple” with our beloved Sting singing in Spanish. Another tune that you will surely love is “Cae de Una”, ft. Pedro Capo:

  • You might have seen a version fo the album called “Pausa Headphone Mix”. It is a version specially produced to be listened to with headphones and which also includes a new song with Neha Mahajan, ‘Mi Sangre (My Blood)’.
  • Ricky Martin, joined the produce Jaycen Joshua and the music engineer Michael Seaberg, looking to create a new universal audio experience that was independant from Hardware. The result is a new audio technology called “Orbital Audio”.
  • Ricky Martin described it:

The sky’s the limit with this technique; it’s part of evolution. When people used to watch black and white television and all of a sudden there was color television, they never went back.

  • Jaycen Joshua added:

We acquired the ability to isolate individual sounds and be able to have those individual sounds orbit around your head simultaneously without taking the listener to a place of dizziness.

  • To bring the technology into other spaces such as films, videogames or mental health, in which Ricky Martin is keen on, they founded ‘Martin Music Lab‘ company. We will follow it and tell you how it evolves.

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