Joel Adams Papercuts | He defines his music as a soap opera, I reckon it’s 1st part of a great saga

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Joel Adams used to say that he would like the world to feel big, like it did when we were kids. Feelings like that begin to surface in his music, which I’m telling you, you’re going to love, especially the fear of breakup that he relates in ‘Papercuts.

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Joel Adams Papercuts

Joel Gonçalves, who uses his mother’s maiden name as stage name, Joel Adams, is a young singer and songwriter born in Australia in 1996.

Joel became popular in 2012 singing Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney’s The Girl is Mine for the X Factor contest. It is amazing the resemblance of his voice with Michael’s, especially at the beginning of the song.

That led him to debut his first single, Please Don’t Go, in 2015. To his surprise the song snuck into the charts halfway around the world being one of the most listened to songs in 2016 (150 million streams).

Joel Adams Please don’t go

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He wrote Please Don’t Go, which is his greatest hit so far, for a school music assignment that he totally forgot. Only a few minutes before performing it in class, he grabbed a guitar, sat on the steps outside class and came up with the song 🙃

  • Thanks to it, Joel was named one of the most influential artists under 25 in 2016 by Spotify.

Getting so high at that age was an overly complicated status to keep, so he stepped on the brakes and started to dedicate more time to songwriting. He first released Die for You in 2017, and then in 2018 Fake Friends, featuring Ryan Tedder.

  • Kingdom and Christmas Lights followed in 2019

Joel Adams’ 1st EP (short album) 

In 2020 Joel released his debut album called like him, Joel Adams. It included 5 superb tunes:

  • 🌏 A big world
  • ☕ Coffee
  • 🛏️ Bed alone
  • 🔪 Slipping of the Edge
  • 😘 Someone to love
Joel Adams biography

Joel Adams (Facebook Image)


The album was well received. That allowed Joel to continue publishing new songs such as Sick World, which acoustic version reflects the dark and sad tone he wanted to give the cut:

We need to find ways to come together and not to necessarily agree with each other but listen, understand and respect each other’s views and opinions.

And here we are in 2021, when Joel’s angelic vocals are turning more robust, but he still retains that endearing personality and above all, his passion for music, which is reflected in his 2 best songs to date:

  • Papercuts: ‘Probably one of the deepest songs I’ve ever written‘, he says. It’s awesome 😻!
  • Goodbye: ‘One of my favorite and most personal songs‘, he claims.

Joel qualifies his music as a soap opera 📺, but to us it seems more like a good movie that is still developing and will have more parts very soon. In fact, his song ‘Gentleman‘ hasn’t been released yet, but Adams has already stated that is his favourite. We’ll surely tell you about it!

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