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Kelly Clarkson, who won the first edition of American Idol, returns to the music scene after her last album, released in 2017. Many years have passed, including a traumatic divorce, which she talks about openly in Chemistry.

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Kelly Clarkson Me

I’m sure we’ve all wanted to erase a part of our lives at some point. Like Kelly Clarkson, that’s where I’m too… What happens when we break into pieces? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Chemistry comes up with Skip this Part, a ballad that ends with a chaotic ending, like those voices in our heads that fully represent those moments when we are lost and trying to come to terms with the consequences of a relationship that has come to an end.

If I could escape all this hurt and this pain, oh, I would
What it’s gonna take to get me through this break is no good

In Mine, the first single from the album, we see a Kelly determined to get over her divorce. After 7 years of marriage, the singer sings to her ex-husband, hoping that he will find someone else who will give him hope, but who will then break his heart as he already knows how to do.

Sometimes we find a refuge and suddenly we find ourselves outside it, not knowing what is happening, with doubts, wanting to go back to that person… It’s hard to believe, but it’s all over and all we have to do is move on.

Go ahead and break my heart, that’s fine
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
Why am I missin’ you tonight?
Someone’s gonna show you how a heart can be used
Like you did mine

We continue this work with High Road, a song in which Kelly talks about her personal growth process, from her childhood to the present day.

  • She is no longer afraid to be who she wants to be, to show herself how she wants to be, with her fears, her insecurities, because no one needs such a big armour in her life.

Love makes us see everything in different ways and when it’s over… Life changes…

Me is another song that, in these circumstances, I can relate to. Like Kelly, I’ve never let myself feel, I’ve never let myself be totally happy… Do we need someone? The truth is that no one but ourselves can pull ourselves together and overcome the pain we feel.

Accompanied by a gospel choir, this is a song that you have to listen to, and it won’t leave you indifferent.

‘Cause I don’t need somebody to scold me
Don’t need somebody that hurts me
Don’t need somebody who feels weak standin’ next to me

Is it possible to be friends with an ex? Kelly is clear about it and her answer is no. Down to you is a very energetic song, it will make you realise that even if there are dark days, everything can be overcome. No one dies of love and no one can make us fall apart.

I can’t keep doin’ this to myself again
Crossin’ hearts that bleed, yeah
Saw this comin’, but I didn’t want it to end

Now I’m older, I’ve learned some lessons. I’m always pleasin’ someone, honestly, now I’m done.

Kelly Clarkson

Despite breaking up with someone and that trust that existed is no longer there, the chemistry between the two of you is never forgotten…

Chemistry is a ballad with which Kelly talks to us about that, and it is normal to miss that person who was part of our lives for so many years. However, the best thing to do is to let her go… with the same calmness and serenity that this song transmits…

Come on over, hold me closer
Fall into my arms, I’d never let go
Oh, our chemistry (Chemistry) cuts me deep
I stay away ’cause ’round you, my heart breaks

We jump right into an upbeat, sexy, electropop track about love being born. Written with Jesse Shatkin and Carly Rae Jepsen, Favorite Kind of High is about falling in love, that phase that puts us on cloud nine.

  • This track is the second single from Chemistry and, as you can see, it relates love to being high. Who hasn’t felt high when they’ve started to feel things for someone?

Take me home tonight, kiss me how you like
I’ve been waitin’ for you (Ooh)

We return to sadness and loneliness with Magic. When does the miracle of being happy again happen? It takes time, as Kelly herself admits… although she is not lacking in the desire to dream, to dream of love again…

And love and the way it makes you feel are magical…

With your eyes on me, I start to tremble
Always you, has been forever
Blurring lines I can’t remember
Fighting words I wanna tell ya

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Kelly Clarkson Chemistry (Facebook Image)

We continue with Lighthouse, another beautiful ballad from this album by the American singer. We’ve all had that person who has been a beacon for us, who has been our home….

But, suddenly, things come to an end and we don’t have that person to hold our hand anymore, as Kelly’s words reflect. If you’re sensitive, skip this track, because it’s sure to bring a tear to your eye…

It’s such a shame when your wants and needs, they don’t align
Which road to take? ‘Cause your hand’s no longer holdin’ mine
I guess that’s life, and sometimes you fight, and
Sometimes you walk away in order to survive

Is life like in the movies? No, because happiness is not just smiling… Happiness is many things and it is not just being what someone wants you to be, as Kelly sings in Rock Hudson, a title that refers to the famous and now deceased American film star.

No matter what they say, we are the ones who will put our pieces together, and in this song Kelly makes a clear reference to Piece by Piece, the song she dedicated to her ex-husband in one of her previous albums.

By the way, piece by piece
I found out my hero’s me

What happens when we think about the future, about all that is to come? Is it our mistake?

In Mistake, Kelly talks about those fears that we are left with after a break-up, the guilt, the feeling of complete loneliness and the shock that someone who needed space already had another person on their horizon?

In short, seeing how what once belonged to two is now nothing.

I wonder ’bout the way you’ll remember me
The night our home became just a house

We travel to the far west with Red Flag Collector, a country song where the Texan shows that she doesn’t care what anyone says about her. After so much pain, what do you think of this song?

Sure, you can have the towels
You can take my money
Drag my name ’round town
I don’t mind, I changed it anyway

We continue with a pop-punk song, in Kelly’s own words, I Hate Love. In this third single from her album, the Texan singer sings about how she hates love, and the truth is that she hasn’t had all the luck in this area.

However, she does so from a non-dramatic perspective and in collaboration with actor and musician Steve Martin, who is in charge of the song and who she actually names in the track.

Beatin’ my head against a wall
Little by little, you took it all
Love’s no friend of mine

We end on a high note with That’s Right, a song with tropical and Latin touches. Let him take the money, whatever he wants, and leave his heart alone. That’s Kelly’s last wish on this album, to let go of the bad stuff and stay with herself, to know herself, love herself and dedicate the time she deserves.

I was blue too long inside (Ooh)
Truth is that I’m tired of trying (Ooh)
Divin’ straight into goodbye (Ooh)
Found myself in ocean eyes (That’s right)

In Kelly’s own words, this album tells the full arc of what has been her relationship with Brandon Blackstock, the father of her daughters.

A love duel is long, and full of emotions that make our lives a real rollercoaster. Her carártis? This long-awaited work which, in my case, comes at a time like the one she went through 💔

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