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Mago de Oz Bandera Negra (Black Flag) | New 2021 album with a lot of positivity

mago de oz bandera negra

Mago de Oz has released their new album “Bandera Negra (Black Flag)” in 2021. It is an album loaded with hooligan rock and good energy, like the second single featuring La Pegatina “Tu Madre es una Cabra (Your mother is a goat).

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Mago de Oz ft. La Pegatina Tu Madre es una cabra (Your mother is a goat)

🎙Mago de Oz Bandera Negra

Spain | 2021
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  • The members of the band decided to compose their new album, “Bandera Negra (Black Flag)”, through Zoom (video conference application) during the confinement by COVID-19. They wanted to convey a message of joy and positivism for the future.
  • Mägo de Oz says that, “Bandera Negra smells like saltpeter, like buccaneers with the only horizon being the infinity of the sea“.
  • The truth is that the album brings together the elements that have made the band a myth, from more commercial songs, to other rockers; with their unmistakable Celtic melodies, guitar riffs and metal vocals.
  • The first single, ‘El Cervezo, El arbol de la birra (The beer tree)‘ teases the good vibes that Mago de Oz will give us this 2021.
  • The album is made up of 14 songs that Txus di Fellatio (founder of Mägo de Oz) describes as pirate rock.
  • This is the complete Bandera Negra tracklist with commentary:
  1. La Isla De Las 7 Calaveras (The Island of the 7 Skulls) – Very nice Intro
  2. Al Abordaje (Boarding) – 8 minutes of good Rock.
  3. Resacosix En Pandemia (Pandemic Hangover) – Apology of partying and good beer 🍻
  4. Nunca Te Fallaré (I’ll never fail you) – Nice song, but just that.
  5. La Dama Del Mar (The Sea Lady) – Epic track with a great instrumental part.
  6. El Aplauso Herido (The Hurt Applause) – Rock song for Patricia Tapia, Mago’s female singer.
  7. Tu Madre Es Una Cabra Ft. La Pegatina (Your Mother is a Goat) – Party, party and party, I love it!
  8. Guerra Y Paz Ft. Carlos Escobedo (War and Peace) – Zeta with the singer of Sôber, great quality.
  9. Cervezo, (El Árbol De La Birra) (The Beer Tree) – To sing along with friends.
  10. Abrazos Que Curan (Healing hugs) – A mid tempo that suits the album.
  11. Quiero Que Apagues Mi Luz (I want you to turn off my light) – A ballad in favor of euthanasia with 2 voices.
  12. La Vida Pirata (Pirate Life) – 1 minute song to raise the tone again before…
  13. Bandera Negra (Black Flag) – Another 8 minutes of Rock in the best Mago de Oz style.
  14. Después De La Tormenta (After the Storm) – Farewell Outro.
  15. Que El Viento Sople A Tu Favor Ft. Saurom (May the wind blow in your favor) – Juglar Metal to finish the last and awaited album of Mago de Oz, Bandera Negra.
  • The cover of ‘Bandera Negra’, by the great Gaboni, is a work of art full of details. Let’s see if you can find a witch, a goat and an alien 👽
Mägo de Oz Bandera Negra
  • A group of 6 fans was invited to listen to the album together with Txus and Victor de Andres (singer of Mägo de Oz) and these were their reactions:

The album is fantastic, it still sounds in my head (Soledad).

It makes you laugh, cry, and really want to party (María V.).

I think it is the ideal album now (Sergio P.).

Remember, you have the complicated story of Mago de Oz and their essential playlist for you to enjoy.

Bandera Negra Single

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