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MAISIE PETERS The Good Witch | Life at 23 years old

maisie peters the good witch

With The Good Witch, Maisie Peters returns to the music scene after the release of her first album, ‘You signed in for this‘, sponsored by Ed Sheeran. With this work, the British artist demonstrates her power to transform and channel her emotions, while singing about music itself, heartbreak and about the normal life of a 23-year-old girl. Take a look at her 15 wonderful songs with us.

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MAISIE PETERS Lost The Breakup

Maisie Peters has all the components to forge a solid career, now with Ed Sheeran’s label, Gingerbread Man Records. Since her beginnings, she is in charge of writing her lyrics, just like other well-known singers such as Taylor Swift or Olivia Rodrigo, much closer to her generation and, therefore, to her experiences 🧙‍♀️

  • The Good Witch revolves around heartbreak, as did Sour, Olivia Rodrigo’s first album.

Peters, however, goes much further, with a surprising attitude and a way of looking at difficult situations from a calm prism, as she has commented in different interviews.

There’s not a lot of anger, hate or malice in it. In a way, that is what being a writer is. It’s about being the good witch and deciding to use your power for good, not evil.

The British artist’s sophomore effort opens with the title track, The Good Witch, a title that references mythology, with the reference to witches. What does she talk about during this quiet melody that picks up steam as the minutes go by?

  • With his youth, he tells how he still remembers that ex, and how he still has those manias that, for sure, that person one day threw in his face. And he does it from the calm that precedes the storm.

We continue with Coming of age, a danceable track that also deals with failed relationships. Specifically, about leaving and bravely overcoming a toxic relationship, a love that is neither healthy nor real, as Peters herself states in the first lines of the song 💔

Why did it take me ages to say it?
I wasn’t your cliché
Oh no, this is my coming of age
I wish I could’ve seen it

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Maisie Peters (Facebook Image)

Watch is a quiet song at the beginning but it gets louder in the chorus. On this occasion, the singer-songwriter talks about how she would like to talk about her career, about how well she is doing but, in the end, she always ends up singing about her ex, who seems to be doing very well and forgot her at the speed of light, hurting her ego.

In Body Better we continue with the aftermath of a breakup, and there is nothing worse than comparing yourself with your ex’s new partner. Could the relationship have been different, is she better than me? For three minutes, doubts and complexes about her body flood the lyrics of this track, released in January as the album’s first single.

It is irrational, embarrassing and painfully honest, and it is also one of my favorite things I’ve ever made and felt like the only true and right way to start this album off.

After the storm and whipping that comes with mourning the breakup of a relationship, the melancholy of a love that is no longer with Want You Back opens up. Despite how bad the relationship was, where infidelity was a reason to leave, Peters still misses that person, showing herself vulnerable and with mixed feelings.

With The Band and I we change the subject, and this song talks about the tour that the singer did with her band in 2022 throughout the United States, a real dream for her, from which she does not want to wake up 🌎

In You’re Just A Boy (And I’m Kinda The Man) Peters talks about how she prioritized herself after finding herself in a relationship that wasn’t moving forward and where she didn’t feel valued and is that, many times, losing is winning.

On Lost the Breakup, the album’s biggest hit and our Emotion of the Week, we continue in the same vein as the whole album, and that is that Peters was hurting and dealing with her emotions after the breakup.

If Body Better was me at my lowest, Lost The Breakup was me clawing my way back up and out. It feels like dressing up in sequins and going to a party with your best friends, like cheap champagne and smudged lipstick and burgers on the floor at 3 am.

We reach the ninth song of the album almost without realizing it. Wendy talks about how sometimes it is better to let go of something that hurts us, continuing with our lives. 🧚‍♀️

  • With a clear reference to Peter Pan and his desire not to grow up and Wendy, always so protective, the singer decides to take control of her life and stop being like her partner’s mother, a role that does not correspond to her.

Is all that glitters gold? In Run, Peters makes it clear that she is not going to be with someone with a lyric where she talks about lies, wounds and behaviors… As she says in the chorus: “Run as fast as you can when you meet a person full of red flags“. Quite an anthem.

We move on to a beautiful ballad about those missed opportunities and things left unsaid. Two Weeks Ago is the third promotional track on the album and is, for Peters, like a time machine.

BSC changes the pace again, describing how there are moments that bring us to the brink. However, and despite the fact that it’s bad, everyone seems to see the opposite in it.

We reach almost the end of the album with Therapy, a song that reflects how an abandonment can take you back to therapy. Full of harmonies, it will transport you to another era while you keep moving.

This song is about how sometimes it’s worse to be loved so well, because you can’t hate or blame anyone when when it’s over but yourself. It’s also about sinking into the worst version of youself.

In There It Goes she talks about her return to London after the painful time she spends after a breakup. Despite her youth, as the months go by she gets over that grief, meeting people, hanging out with her friends 🌻.

Not all dark moments last forever and she realizes that she hasn’t really lost anything. Now the world is in her hands.

The Good Witch ends with History of Man. With a sound reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s indie era, Peters talks about human relationships over the centuries.

But this is not all, Maisie Peters released at the end of 2023 a Deluxe version of The Good Witch with 6 new tracks: Holy Revival, Yoko, The Song, Guy on a Horse, Thruth Is and the fantastic The Last One.

It’s like the old saying goes: Don’t get on a writer’s bad side, for their revenge could become immortal.

Maisie Peters

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