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MAISIE PETERS You Signed In For This | Sponsored by Ed Sheeran, following in the footsteps of Taylor Swift

maisie peters

Maisie Peters is a name that will be sound a lot in the coming years because she has all the ingredients to become a Pop star: she writes songs with a bewitching youthful charm, she has the great Ed Sheeran on her side, and she has just released a very powerful first album, You Signed In For This. Time to discover Maisie!

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Maisie Peters John Hughes Movie

Who is Maisie Peters? | Brief story

Let Maisie present herself:

Hi, I’m Maisie, I’m a singer songwriter from a small village near Brighton, and I write songs trying to make big universal feelings as little and intimate as possible.

Sounds like a great way to describe herself to me, don’t you think, especially since she’s just that, a young British girl born in 2000, who started writing lyrics around the age of 12. 10 years later she’s really good at weaving the personal stories that floods her music.

  • As a teenager, she was a busker on the streets of her city singing Disney songs, though she would soon open her YouTube channel 📺, which would change her life.

In 2017 her track ‘Place We Were Madewent viral making her sign her first contract with Atlantic Records UK in 2018. That led to a more than worthy first EP called ‘Dressed Too Nice for a Jacket‘.

  • Her single ‘Worst of You‘ got over 100 million streams, accelerating her career.

At that time Maisie was turning 18 and moving to London alone.

Maisie Peters worst of you

Maisie Peters (Facebook Image)

Maisie confessed that it was very exciting and felt like the start of something amazing, but it was also very lonely as all her friends were away pursuing their lives at university.

She focused on music releasing her second short album titled ‘It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral‘, in 2019.

  • It was highly praised by critics who see in her the British Taylor Swift.
  • Tracks like ‘Adore You‘ confirmed it:

Enjoy more amazing new music and the stories behind 🧡

In 2020, in addition to accompanying ex-One Direction, Niall Horan on tour, Maisie releases ‘Smile‘, as part of the soundtrack for the movie ‘Birds of Prey’.

  • As if that wasn’t enough, he sets up an online book club called “MP Book Club” 📖

Already in 2021 Maisie Peters writes the soundtrack for the Apple series ‘Trying‘, raising her fame further, which leads her to sign with Ed Sheeran’s label, Gingerbread Man Records, which would help her create her first album.

Maisie Peters You Signed Up For This | Her first album

The album debuted at #2 on the UK album chart and was the best-selling album in UK independent record stores that week.

Let Maisie Peters tell us the story behind each song:

  1. You Signed Up For This: Although it was the first song, she wrote it last. With the album finished she thought she needed to introduce herself and wrote this tune.
  2. I’m Trying (Not Friends): Her song about resentment.
  3. John Hughes Movie: She composed it when she was 17, an age when she identified with the films of director John Hughes. They used to be movies about teenage love affairs, where both the good and the bad were magnified.
  4. Outdoor Pool: A teen melodrama where the boy you like kisses another girl.
  5. Love Him I Don’t: Maisie Peters’ favorite song because there is so much of her in the track.
  6. Psycho: She wrote it with Ed Sheeran just for fun, and it became the second single from the album.
  7. Boy: Originally written to describe “Fun boys”. 1 year later when she went to record it, she no longer felt it should talk about fun boys, but simply boys, so she left it at “Boy”.
    Maisie Peters new album

    Maisie Peters ‘You Signed Up For It’ (Facebook Image)

  8. Hollow: The broken heart tune.
  9. Villain: Inspired by Bruce Springsteen, Brandon Flowers, and their sound.
  10. Brooklyn: Recounts the trip with her twin to New York in 2019. All real facts.
  11. Elvis Song: Theme about nostalgia and some regret.
  12. Talking to strangers: Her classic love song.
  13. Volcano: Another of Maisie’s favorites in which she tells the boy that she would cry a sea for him and then drown him in it 😊
  14. Tough Act: A more mature tune about a relationship that doesn’t work, but without blame.

It’s time to enjoy Maisie Peters live:

Maisie Peters doesn’t stop, she has recently joined forces with Sarcastic Sounds, in ‘Song You’ll Never Hear‘. A lot of young talent united, we love it!

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