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Alfred García’s new album, 1997, is simply fantastic, another step in the career of an artist with a very special sensibility. Discover Alfred’s story and everything about his music.
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Alfred García Just a Light

Who is Alfred García? | Brief biography

Alfred Garcia was born on March 14, 1997, in Barcelona, Spain. From a very young age, Alfred already showed interest in music and that led him to train in the subject, taking trombone lessons at the conservatory or learning on his own to play other instruments such as guitar, drums and piano 🎺 Before jumping to fame, Alfred was already clear that he wanted to lead his own projects and that’s why, besides starting his training in Audiovisual Communication at the International University of Catalonia, he began to shape his first musical works. In fact, the latter was not something new for him, being only 15 years old he already produced and published himself his first album, entitled ‘Beginning‘, which was followed by the single She looks so beautiful, released 2 years later. In 2016, at 19 years old, he decides to try his luck on television, at the program The Voice, but he was not selected. But as you know, when a door closes, a window opens, so is so that in 2017, Alfred takes part in the popular musical contest Operación Triunfo 2017 In this program he showed his essence, that of a boy with a trombone who wanted to dedicate his life to music. He came in 4th position, but he got a lot out of the program:
  • A courtship with the winner of the contest, Amaia Romero, with whom he sang ‘City of Stars showing a brutal chemistry.
  • Together they also went to Eurovision with the song Tu Canción, getting the 23rd position.
  • Shortly after Amaia and Alfred would go separate ways, breaking their relationship 😭

Alfred García 1016 | First album

With the title ‘1016’ Alfred paid tribute to the number he wore when he was selected to be part of Operación Triunfo. The album, which went platinum (40,000 copies), has 16 tracks, which Alfred García extended to 20 in a new edition called ‘1016 / Círculo Rojo’. The most outstanding song that defines Alfred’s style to perfection is De La Tierra Hasta Marte (From Earth to Mars)

Alfred García 1997 | New album in 2021

After a hiatus caused by some health problems, Alfred returned to the music scene in 2021 with his second studio album, ‘1997‘. With his year of birth as a flag, as Taylor Swift did in her day with her ‘1989’, Alfred slipped into the charts in a discreet 5th place, which was no problem for the singer. Because, do numbers really matter if the music is good? Composed of 12 songs in which Alfred pays tribute to life, ‘1997’ had Los Espabilados ‘ as the first advance, a song long awaited by fans of the Barcelona-born singer, which was also part of the series of the same name. The album talks about his life and everything that people don’t know about the artist.
There are two births. The birth of Alfred Garcia as a result of a television program, and now I want to explain everything behind an artist, a person born on March 14, 1997, who also claims that every day is March 14, 1997.
1997‘ begins with the brief ‘Jesus Gave Me Water‘, a gospel with voices like Mercedes Cortés Alfaro’s, sampled from a Roberto Fonseca’s record, because she was the first voice Alfred heard in a jazz record 🎷 In ‘Just a Light’ Alfred leaves aside that evocation of his childhood and transports us to other times with a sound that reminds us of many of his favorite artists. And for that very reason, it’s one of our favorites of the album! After that, ‘Praia dos Moinhos‘, a track that delights her fans, surely because it evokes those summer loves that we never saw again and those days bathed by the sea, the sun and good company 🏖️ ‘Mi Canción (My song)‘ is the first song in Spanish, with a pop-rock sound and in collaboration with La La Love You.  In ‘Toro de Cristal (Glass bull)’, Alfred Garcia tells us about the struggle against oneself. 
We saw in Praia dos Moinhos a kind of birth and Toro de Cristal is when we are first introduced to the devil and temptation. Because we ourselves are our enemy. Although it may seem a bit biblical, it is something that happens to all of us. 
Contigo (With you)‘ is the sixth track of the album, in it Alfred features Denise Roshental. This intimate track is followed by ‘Los Espabilados (The Smart ones)‘ and ‘Si Algún Día (If someday)‘, with the surprising participation of Albert Pla and Judit Farrés. In this song Alfred immerses us fully in the sounds of Mexican music and rancheras. The ninth track of this work has Kurt as the protagonist, who lends his voice in ‘Otra Liza (Another Liza)‘. Another epic track on this CD is ‘Someday‘, a piece with hybrid sounds that shows all the virtues of this artist, who does not hesitate to take risks and introduces very varied sounds in this work. In ‘For So Long‘, Alfred shows us a part of his childhood through a one-minute recording, in which we can hear him as a child singing happy birthday to his mother 🎂 ‘1997‘, a song with flamenco dyes that puts an end to this album designed for live performances and festivals. A work in which Alfred matures musically, experiments, takes risks and changes register, but not his essence.
I had no boundaries at the time of making this album. It is a project that starts from the indefinition, from the liquid. I didn’t want to get anywhere or define myself in any way, because I don’t know, I’m only 24 years old.
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