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benjamin ingrosso

With a life on stage, a family of artists and a lot of talent, it’s no wonder that at 23 years old, Benjamin Ingrosso is the hottest artist in his country. Even more so listening to his fantastic new album ‘En Gång I Tiden (Once Upon a Time)‘.

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Benjamin Ingrosso Smile

Who is Benjamin Ingrosso? | Brief Story

Born in 1997 in Stockholm, Benjamin Ingrosso comes from a well-known family in Sweden. His grandparents and uncles are actors, his cousin is part of the famous electronic music group ‘Swedish House Mafia‘, his mother, Pernilla Wahlgren, is also a singer and actress, and his father, Emilio Ingrosso, was a dancer 🕺🏽

  • Benjamin taught himself to play piano and guitar at a very young age, which helped him to participate at the age of 9 in a festival called Lilla Melodifestivalen. He sang Hej Sofia, a track that would give him his first gold record.

He spent his childhood on stage, something that although he chose, it was not easy, even more so with the pressure of a family of artists and seeing that unlike him, children his age only played in the park.

  • One of his first performances was with his mother, although he would soon perform by himself in musicals such as ‘Rasmus på luffen along with Markoolio (Rasmus in the air with Markoolio)‘.

He would go on to participate in musicals in Sweden, such as ‘Karlsson på taket flyger igen (Karlsson on the roof flies again)‘, making the leap to television to win the dance contest Let’s Dance.

who is Benjamin Ingrosso?

Benjamin Ingrosso (Facebook Image)

He would later take part in a reality show about his mother’s life called ‘Wahlgrens värld (Wahlgren’s World)’.

When he turned 18 he announced that he was going to dedicate himself entirely to his career as a singer-songwriter, releasing in 2015  his first single in English, ‘Fall in Love‘, which would lead him to his first record deal.

In 2017 he participated in Melodifestivalen, the contest in which the Swedish participant for Eurovision is chosen. He would do so with the song “Good Lovin“. He didn’t win but didn’t give up either and signed in for the festival the following year too.

  • This time he did win, becoming Sweden’s representative at the Eurovision 2018 final 🎤 His song, “Dance You Off“, was composed by himself, inspired by Spanish singer Julio Iglesias.
  • His performance was acclaimed, and he finished 7th.

Already in 2018 he released his first full-length album in English, ‘Identification’. A fabulous album, with huge Swedish Pop influences and catchy beats, which is a hallmark of the young Benjamin Ingrosso.

The album reached number 1 in Sweden thanks to the singles “I Wouldn’t Know” and “Behave“, going gold within 2 months 📀

  • Another of the album’s big hits is the wonderful Swedish-language track ‘Tror du att han bryr sig (Do you think he cares?)‘.
  • The album officially crowned him as a Pop star in his home country.

After that he released a series of singles in English: Happy Thoughts, Costa Rica, Shampoo, The Dirt, and the cover of Lionel Richie’s All Night Long, another number 1 for Benjamin in Sweden.

In 2020 he participates in a Swedish TV contest called Så mycket bättre (Much better). In it, several artists cover each other’s most famous songs. He again had the opportunity to sing in Swedish, which inspired Benjamin to start composing a new album in his language.

  • At the same time, Benjamin was recording a cooking show, touring Europe, and continuing to write for other artists, something he has always done.

Ingrosso said that for the first time in his life he was completely exhausted. He had to go to a psychologist and spend two weeks alone to get away from it all. He spent the 14 days sleeping, got his strength back and finished a magnificent album.

Benjamin Ingrosso En gång i tiden (Once upon a time) | His new album

In 2021 Benjamin Ingrosso released a double album entirely in Swedish, “En gång i tiden (Once upon a time)“.

  • It includes some of the songs he wrote as a child 👦🏽, with modern arrangements.
  • The album is a gem. The melodies and Benjamin’s voice sound cozy and deep.
  • Especially good are the tracks: Långsamt farväl (Slow farewell), Allt det vackra (Everything beautiful) and Det stora röda huset (The big red house), which he sings with Moonica Mac.

He has recently returned to singing in English, with the track that is among our top songs of 2021, Smile 😀. Benjamin explained about the track:

This track means a lot to me as I wrote it for my sister, the only person in my life who knows me.

Benjamin is one of Sweden’s most popular male pop artists with over 25 million streams on Spotify. He is also a very complete artist and considering everything he has already achieved at his age, he has a very promising future ahead of him, which we will tell you about.

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