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ellie goulding higher than heaven

Ellie Goulding is back with her electro pop and unmistakable voice in the highly anticipated new album, ‘Higher Than Heaven‘. Are you ready to travel back to the 80s and give it your all on the dancefloor?

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Ellie Goulding Higher Than Heaven | Story behind

After the huge success of Brightest Blue in 2020, Ellie Goulding has made us wait three years for new material.

  • Higher Than Heaven was written in the aftermath of the pandemic with the aim of leaving behind all the nervousness and darkness that the disease brought with it.

That’s why the album is full of upbeat, danceable rhythms to take your mind off everything.

The Briton’s fifth album opens with Midnight Dreams, a song with an electronic beat that talks about how that special person makes us feel when they are near. In fact, according to Ellie herself, the song is about that dreamy state that occurs when we are in love.

The song is about the dream of love and fire and passion and infatuation. It’s about that all-encompassing feeling when love takes over you and you’re living in this dream world

We continue dancing with Cure for Love. Although she talks about past relationships, and one in particular that from time to time torments her, today our protagonist is going to enjoy herself and turn the page, forgetting her problems and her broken heart, which no longer needs a cure. Could this track be about one of her exes like Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran, Niall Horan, Calvin Harris…?

In By The End Of The Night, the third track on the album, we fly back to the 80s 🕺🏼 with an electronic pop rhythm typical of the era. In this track she refers to her relationship with her husband, the art dealer Caspar Jopling, with whom she wants to be with all the time, as if it were a new drug.

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Ellie Goulding (Facebook Image)

Like a Saviour was the fourth single from Higher Than Heaven and, as it could not be otherwise, it also has an electronic sound in line with the rest of the tracks that make up the album. In the almost 4 and a half minutes that it lasts, the song evolves from the most complete loneliness and fear, until the moment when the arrow of her saviour reaches her 🏹 and she manages to get out of the pit of darkness in which she was locked up.

Spinnin’ in your starlight
You got the power to change my life
You’re leadin’ me out of the dark
Like a saviour
Shinin’ in my soul

Love remains the common thread in Love Goes On. Like the beating of a heart or the sun that never quite sets, that’s the kind of love Goulding describes in this fun song, in which she also talks about how she struggles to put words to what she feels.

In Easy Lover, Ellie pays homage to Phil CollinsEasy Lover. In collaboration with rapper Big Sean, Goulding sings to her lover to be gentler and stop making her believe things that aren’t true.

It’s the least personal album [I’ve made], but I think it’s the best album because I got to just explore other things about myself. Ellie Goulding

We climb to the sky and reach Higher Than Heaven, which brings us back to that space where love is a sure thing.

Next up is our favourite track, Let It Die. A title that she had already used in a previous song and that tells us about heartbreak 💔

Very direct and with a mid-tempo sound influenced by R&B, Waiting For It is the most explicit song on this album:

It’s just a song about sex. There’s not really much else to it. I was giggling in the booth as it’s not really my thing to be singing, ‘Everybody talking ’cause we started something/We can fuck the world away.’ 

Near the end of the album, Just For You comes on. The song is about an ex that Ellie won’t forget, even though she’s trying to get to know other people.

We reach the last notes of Higher Than Heaven with How Long. With an R&B sound, it’s a perfect ending to the album, in which Goulding tells us that she thinks an ex misses her.

Higher Than Heaven is a sophisticated and joyful work, full of 80’s tinged tracks and electronic and dance music that you’re sure to love.

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